Winter hardships


This is the time of year when greenery is rare (except indoors) and warmth is fleeting. Since I’m not taking any outfit photos I chose a few I took last March at Longwood Gardens to cheer up this post. They are more or less visual breaks in an otherwise completely random post of thoughts.

I’ve only been wearing one pair of jeans with a regular rotation of 4 or 5 sweaters. Winter = no fuss, uniform wear. I feel the need to purge in winter because the weather forces me to look at only what’s easy and warm. Everything else is extraneous. I know I’ll feel differently when the weather warms up, but I am considering more of a uniform in general for the whole year.


We’ve ordered new cabinet doors and will soon have to paint the main cupboards before the doors arrive. I’m not looking forward to the huge task of prepping the whole kitchen for painting, but I am wanting to have the end result sooner than later.


Getting back into a consistent exercise routine is so extremely hard in winter. It’s hard when I’m near my menstrual cycle. It’s hard after being out drinking with friends. It’s hard after an awful day at work (especially several hard days in a row). It’s hard when I’ve eaten something off and my body doesn’t want to do anything because it’s revolting against me, which seems to be the case more often than not. How did I get to be so sensitive to so many foods? I drag myself on the treadmill at the least. Today I managed to do a few sets of chin-ups as well.


While I was stuck at home during the massive snow storm yesterday, I thought to myself: this would be a good day to buy those pants I want from PdC. I’m still nervous about buying something so expensive, but at the same time I know I can afford it and I do want them (along with three other items I found on sale).

So as I lingered on the site, after pacing around the house a bit, I sat down to put it in cart. Now.


Ok. Right now.


Me: What was that?
Z: I think a tree branch fell…. on the garage.
Me: *runs to window and sees all sorts of tree debris in yard*
Z: Come up here and look.

I went upstairs because the guest room window looks down on the garage roof and sure enough a large branch fell down, broke and was pinning down an electrical wire.

Z went outside to check the garage, but the garage door wouldn’t open over a foot off the ground. He looked in the windows and the branch punctured a hole in the roof and offset the garage door mechanism. The car (new Mustang) and his motorcycle seem to be fine. What worried us the most was the electrical wire being pinned down because it was the one that went from the pole at the far corner of our yard directly to our house.

Z: immediately calls insurance company.
Me: immediately calls electrical company.
Z: calls roofing companies and his dad, who is the VP of a construction company.

We couldn’t do anything about it at all because it was still snowing heavily and we had no way of safely getting on the roof to take the branch down. I don’t even think Z could’ve moved it if he had been able to get up there. The branch was large and broke into two pieces when it hit the garage. One part pinned the wire and hung off that and half on one side of the roof and the other part of the branch that was bigger punctured the other side of the roof.

We made whatever calls we could and just had to hope for the best. All companies we called about roofing and garage doors were closed and the electrical company has ten million other people to deal with – not one person whose electricity hasn’t gone out….yet. But hey, they added it to their service calls that they’ll get to…eventually. I wasn’t expecting much at all but at least the service center woman was really nice. I know they are still dealing with fallout from the storm that hit last Friday. Some people still didn’t have electricity and then this storm hit.

So I won’t be buying the pants just yet because we need to know how bad the damage is for all of this first. Our deductible isn’t too high so that’s one good thing so far. Also, after Z shoveled the driveway for the third time he ended up talking to our neighbor (also shoveling) whose yard the tree is technically in. I had immediately thought: hmmm, their tree our damage… but I wasn’t going to be a jerk about it. Z came in and said our neighbor was more than willing to call his insurance company since the tree is in his yard and he felt slightly responsible. The tree is old and he was planning on having it looked at this spring to be trimmed or removed completely. The canopy of the tree mostly hangs over our property. It would be really nice if our neighbor put it on his insurance claim because we actually just got notice our rates lowered recently. However, this might bump the rates back up. Z mentioned that if they decide on removing the tree, we could help out a little because it is very expensive.

So while we survived the storm, we didn’t come out of it completely unscathed.

If I were superstitious I would say I was being told not to buy those pants, but I don’t get spooked that easily. It’s simply an emergency situation that will have some financial consequences happened and I’ll need to wait a little longer. Technically, I can totally still buy the pants no problem, but I want to know what the costs for fixing the roof and the garage door will be first.

I hate wait


Today was another mild day weather-wise. I ran errands after work so I came home to darkness, hence the bad lighting in today’s OOTD photo.

Now starts the waiting game with tomorrow’s weather. We’re expected to get anywhere from 3-12 inches, depending on the weather source. The amounts have fluctuated all day and I’m sick of hearing people predicting how much they expect to get. It’ll basically be: look out the damn window in the morning to decide.

Ever have those days where you have things you need to get, or so you thought, but when you get to the store you realize you don’t need any of it or even half of it? I had one of those moments today at Target after work and still felt a little guilty about the $30 I spent on shaving supplies, underwear, dental floss and cereal.

I’ll be honest, I really want a snow day tomorrow because I feel like my stress levels are getting crazy for no reason. I used to be able to run off my stress, but I can’t do that right now.

Winter is still hating on us

Friday’s forecast: Lots of rain with some spitting chances of snow for maybe an hour, but the temps were supposed to go back and up and everything stay just rain with howling wind gusts up to 40-60 mph.

did not expect thiswhat the shit

What the shit just happened?

We ended up with almost 4 inches of snow inside of 3 hours. The wind lasted a lot longer than anticipated. This all happened Friday and there are still people in my neighborhood – Sunday evening – with no power. As I’m writing this I can hear a generator at a neighbor’s house. It’s been running on and off for the past 48 hours.

As I drove home Friday, which was quite the ordeal in itself, I ended up coming in the back way to my neighborhood and saw a huge green-blue flash of light about 7 houses down from mine. A power line went down and a flock of birds went shooting across the street. This neighborhood was built in the 1950s so all power lines are above ground. I was expecting to come home to no power, but surprisingly ours stayed on. We are on a different grid and have been very fortunate our power has stayed on the whole time. I tried writing this post Friday evening, but constant brown-outs shut down my computer, so I decided not to bother. As we ate dinner, the dining room light flickered above us several times and we hoped it would last. We’ve been lucky so far.

The entire weekend starting Friday afternoon has been nothing but the grumbling sounds of power lines going down around us (really freaky and terrifying) and fire trucks and police scrambling to get to downed lines.

It took me an hour and 10 minutes to drive home Friday afternoon. The roads were awful, traffic was insane and my usual route was detoured due to downed power lines everywhere. My commute is normally 15-20 minutes.


Also, I wore this and a rain jacket on Friday. A rain jacket. I was freezing when we went out for our business lunch. It started snowing around 11 am and we left at noon. By the time we got back around 1:30 the roads were a mess. People started bailing out at work around 2 pm.

Saturday morning I spent with my parents and then crashed all afternoon. I’m not sure if I’m fighting something or if my body just decided to shut down, but I really needed the rest.

This entire week is supposed to be cold. I still can’t get over how weird this winter has been.