Clothing spirits

The weather has warmed up considerably. It's rather annoying actually. Going straight from cold weather where we need the heat to hot weather when we need the AC has been jarring and my sinusitis isn't too happy about it. I've been rather miserable over the past week, but that hasn't stopped me. I've been attacking… Continue reading Clothing spirits


Back to the minimalism fold

I've never truly considered myself a "minimalist" because of how much I know I've spent in the past. While I've constantly kept a very small collection of... anything really, I've also been guilty of that wasteful tactic: one in - one out. That's not really minimalist. It's a compulsive consumer pretending to be a minimalist… Continue reading Back to the minimalism fold

Winter MVP

Temperatures sunk this past week so wearing warm, bulky clothes ensues. Last autumn I bought a pair of ivory cords from Banana Republic and I wore them constantly. They are in constant rotation again this year because not only are they within the aesthetic I'm going for, but are also warm while providing a lot… Continue reading Winter MVP

2022 : Closet Inventory- Entire Wardrobe

Inspired by someusesomewear's post about her wardrobe inventory, I've jumped on the wagon to showcase my own. My wardrobe vastly changed from the days when I started this blog (and have since deleted nearly all of it). After seeing her post I copied this experiment for one specific reason: a bird's eye view of my… Continue reading 2022 : Closet Inventory- Entire Wardrobe