Achilles Tendonitis is annoying


Shirt: Yesstyle. Pants: Everlane E2 Wide-leg Crop. Shoes: TOMS.

I originally had on a sleeveless shirt, but then changed into my linen long sleeve and I’m glad I did. I was freezing the office this morning. It was 57F when I left the house this morning. It feels strange with the weather being this cool this early.

I don’t have anything poetic or exciting to say about this outfit. I like it and was completely comfortable. I did notice a string from the bottom hem of the pants midway throughout the day and had to cut it off or it would unravel the entire end. Considering I’ve not worn these pants all that much and I don’t do anything other that sit or walk in the office in them, I’m a bit disappointed.

I know the title of this post has nothing to do with outfits, but I spent half of my day researching Achilles tendonitis problems and the issues with recovery. Apparently, it’s not nearly as easy to get over as my so-called specialist said it would be. I mean, I’ve been in the boot twice already and I’m still having issues. So I watched a lot of videos and read a lot about the complications of recurring or chronic tendonitis problems. It takes a really long time to heal properly. Many accounts I read on message boards were of people dealing with it for multiple years…. great. There’s also different kinds. The easier one to get over is midpoint tendonitis and the harder one to get over, which is the one I have, insertional tendonitis is lower on the heel and can form calcified lumps or bursa lumps on the back of the heel. Oh hey, guess what – I have a lump. It’s not huge. It’s actually very small so technically I shouldn’t need surgery.  I may, however, have to get back in the boot for a much longer period of time. FML.

I’ll try a few other things first and see how well this brace I’m wearing helps me out before I give up and break out the moon boot again.



Shirt: Fantasy Linen. Skirt and duster: Yesstyle. Shoes: TOMS.

This outfit make me look much longer than I am, but I’ll take it. The shirt is horribly wrinkled, but, you know – linen. That’s what happens when you wear it.

The weather is going to be gorgeous this weekend so the hubs and I plan to do yard work on Saturday and then a hiking trip with friends on Sunday.

I got a small brace for my ankle. It stabilizes the ankle, but does allow for some movement. So while it’s not as cumbersome as the “moon boot” I had on before (that’s what the hubs called it), I am still keeping it in place most of the time I wear it so my ankle has a little more time to heal. We’ll see how well this works out for a while.

Comfortably mixing styles


Tee: J Crew. Pants: Everlane. Shoes: TOMS. Cardigan: Land’s End.

I’ll admit my outfit today was inspired by a photo I saw of Yohji Yamamoto wearing a tee with wool pants that I think he designed. It was a comfortable looking mix of rather formal looking pants with pleats that draped nicely and a rumpled white tee he had tucked in to the pants. I knew I’d be cold since the weather has chilled a bit so I grabbed my old standby cardigan. If I wanted to dress this look up a little then wearing the Nisolo shoes would’ve been better, but I went with the TOMS for comfort.

Last night the hubs and I went out to eat Indian food with friends. It’s hard to find good Indian food out in the suburbs. There was one restaurant walking distance from our house, but it closed. We only got to go once and cursed ourselves for not having gone more often because it was really good. The one we went to last night was rather good. Their tiki masala and korma were a little too creamy and basic for my liking, but I enjoyed my lamb madras, which was spicy curry with coconut milk. I ate far too much and had a bad food hangover today. I didn’t even eat breakfast until 11 am today and that only consisted of one hard boiled egg. I had some Indian leftovers for lunch and a yogurt. I eat at my desk at work for convenience and was glad no one was around to see my sweating while eating my spicy leftovers.



Shirt: Banana Republic. Pants: Brass Clothing. Shoes: TOMS.

Another blue and black outfit. To many in general, this is a perfectly good and put together outfit – however, maybe I should’ve tucked in the shirt. But this particular outfit is quite possibly the most mainstream one I’ve done. What I mean by mainstream is – it’s a very typical outfit for women to wear. In fact, on some days last winter there have been at least 3 women in the office wearing this exact outfit in some manner on the same day. It’s that common, or mainstream, of an outfit. The variations of this outfit range from the shirt being denim (like mine) or chambray (in slightly lighter hues) or the pants being pitch black skinny jeans (the most common) or jean-like pants that are also skinny. Shoes range from black ballet flats to brogues to boots – usually black, but sometimes the boots are brown. I was perfectly comfortable in this outfit but aware I was wearing a very typical outfit and that, by default, made it feel boring to me.

I know there’s comfort in familiarity, but when it comes to clothes I want to be in the unfamiliar territory. Perhaps that’s not the right word – I’m not sure what word I’m looking for, but I want to wear clothes that speak more to me as an individual. Being in the workforce where such outfits aren’t acceptable is tough, but I’m lucky that I can experiment due to how relaxed my office is about attire. The boss could care less if you showed up in PJs or not, and there have been a lot of house slippers seen around the office in winter time. I’m glad I can change my style in an atmosphere where most others just don’t care, or if they do they don’t say anything and leave me be. It’s only here where I can look at my outfits and realize what I’ve worn is either a bit, miss, or flat out blunder of the worst kind. It may take a while before I can figure out where I’m going with all of this.



Tank top and pants: Grana. Shoes: TOMS. Cardigan: Land’s End.

Other than my shoes, I’ve not work black at all this week. That’s… unusual for me. Seeing all the photos on my computer really shows me what colors I like and apparently I just wasn’t feeling black at all this week.

I got notice of some clothes I ordered will arrive on Monday and I’m really excited to get them. It’s nice to have a game plan of sorts when it comes to the kind of wardrobe I want to cultivate now and getting the pieces to make it come together makes me happy. This will no doubt be a very slow process, but that’s half the fun of it, right?


Mostly repeat


Shirt: Fantasy Linen. Jeans: Grana. Shoes: TOMS. Cardigan: Calo Rosa on Yesstyle.

Other than the jeans, I wore this exact same outfit on Monday. It’s that comfortable. I’m rather proud of how well I sewed up the arm holes so this shirt would fit better. They are technically a triangle piece inwards that meets with the original line of the shirt.

A Small Wardrobe had a great post today about dressing for your future self. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. What sort of clothing do I want to invest in? Since starting this blog and looking at my outfits, I realize there are several areas of my wardrobe I need to work out. I am starting to think in terms of what items would I spend the money on to keep for as long as humanly possible. Clothing with natural fibers would most likely last the longest. Also, I think the style of clothing I’m gravitating towards now will help in the longevity of my wardrobe as well. Close-fitted clothes get dirty quickly due to sweat and pit stains, especially in the summer. By wearing more clothes with natural fibers that have a looser fit I can wear them many more times before having to wash them. I think I’m finally on the track I want to be with what style and kind of clothing I want to invest in that’ll be with me in the future.

I’ve spent a lot of money on clothes this summer – there’s still many more items I’ve recently purchased on the way, but I have been considering the longevity of the clothes I’ve bought and their value to me. They are clothes I’m willing to put effort into keeping, instead of just discarding after a couple  years.

I overheard a couple guys in the office talking about clothing recently. One of them mentioned a brand that sells at Target and he seemed proud to say that the shirts from that brand lasted him at least 3 years. Somehow, that seems very short to me, but I can’t pinpoint to a lot in my wardrobe that’s even over 5 years old. Maybe I’ll go through the clothes I have to see which ones have lasted the longest and figure out why.


outfit w- cardiganoutfit

Shirt + Pants: Fantasy Linen. Cardigan: Calo Rosa on Yesstyle. Shoes: TOMS.

I did steam these clothes to get out wrinkles last night, but after wearing them in the office throughout the day they ended up still quite wrinkled. But that’s the beauty of linen clothes. This is the big shirt I mentioned a while back I bought in the same order as the pants. The shirt I don’t think was made quite right because the arm holes were so big my elbows would get caught in them, so I sewed in the sides a little with my sewing machine. It’s still huge and it’s meant to be oversized, but I do still like it. I didn’t adjust it well for these photos. This outfit was like wearing the comfortable PJs in the office all day. It didn’t help that I hardly slept last night and had a hard time staying awake. Being this comfortable in an outfit was almost to my detriment.

I got lost down a rabbit hole of eBay finds today. I’d almost forgotten all about a Japanese brand that I fell in love with years ago and would follow all the time – but I never bought anything from them because they are so expensive. 45rpm had the most amazing lookbooks and I coveted most of what they had available, especially their denim and indigo dyed fabrics. Their ad campaigns now are rather generic and no longer show beautiful outdoor scenes with their clothes that I fawned over so much before, but the clothes are still quite beautiful. Anyway, I found some items on eBay through sellers for very reasonable prices. It’s very tempting to go hog-wild.

Full skirt


Shirt: Everlane. Skirt: Fabric Sense on Yesstyle. Shoes: TOMS. Necklace: Swarovski. Cat: Bento.

I really like this skirt. It’s very soft and fluffy. The fabric is rather thick and I had to lift it up when going up and down stairs due to it being so long. I even rolled the elastic waistband once to shorten it a little. It would be absolutely perfect if it had pockets.