This is fine.


I’ve had a lot of thoughts swirling in my head and originally thought this post might be the longest post I would ever write. Then I uploaded photos from my camera and realized I had better things to write about. All of the swirling thoughts disappeared and what became important was right in front of me. So I’m just going to talk about these photos with a few random thoughts thrown in for good measure.

The above photo is my messy desk now. Every day I seem to have less space on it. Actually since this photo is over a month old, there’s even more stuff on my desk now. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about here. In this photo is a mug of cappuccino. I start off every work day now with a homemade cappuccino of coffee from my favorite roasters and unsweetened almond milk. I put in a teaspoon of sugar. It’s my new ritual after I’ve logged in for the workday. It’s one of the most comforting things I do daily during the week now. I usually use the spoon to stir the foam down a bit as I drink the coffee and then use the same spoon for my oatmeal + blueberries + honey breakfast.

blossoms and bokeh

These blossoms are already gone from the tree outside our dining room window, but I’m really glad I got to capture them this year. It was a beautiful day outside. In fact, the majority of all these photos in this post are from April 28th.


Even the weeds and annoying plants in my yard are beautiful.


When the dandelions started popping up everywhere Z would pick up the puffs on our neighborhood walks and blow them or have me blow on them. Now, we sneeze too much due to allergies to even think about doing that. I’ve had two sneezing fits while writing this entry.

lily of the valley

I got to capture these fleeting beauties on the side of our garage that faces a fence. We hardly ever go to that side of the garage since it’s next to the properly line and there’s not much there. But these lilies of the valley grow back every year and sometimes we’ll get wafts of them through open windows or when Z is doing car work outside.


This azalea bush was 1000x larger than it is now. It took over that whole side of the garage and hid the lilies from us the first two years we lived here. When we chopped the bush down we realized there were lots of pretty flowers in the back and now I keep this bush trimmed down. I’m also not a huge fan of azaleas in general. They can be pretty, but they’re everywhere and can be very unruly if not cut back regularly.

Mr Bento

This was the day I walked Bento on a leash in the backyard! I did not renew my wordpress plan so I’ve got the basic one again and therefore can’t add videos, but if anyone would like to see me walking Bento, let me know and I can email the quicktime video Z took on his phone. It wasn’t far, but after so many years of trying to get him to go outside and walk he finally did it on his own!

All of these things we got to experience because we are at home. We have more time now to enjoy them. Z power washed the siding of the house that was getting moldy and cleaned the windows. He also washed and waxed my car! I’m still very much working every weekday so I don’t have as much time as Z to do things. Some days are more busy than others. On the days that are less busy I keep an eye on my email while playing Animal Crossing. Last week was a bit brutal and this week already feels like hell even though it’s a short week. I had two rather stressful conference calls today – Wednesdays are the worst. That being said, I still have time each day to take a few walks in the neighborhood as long as the weather is decent. I do a morning walk after the first round of work emails (if there are any) or before I need to start a project. It helps clear my head. I try to walk around noon and then mid afternoon as well, but usually some work stuff builds up by then. I’ll also try to take an evening walk, but am starting to transition those into my running time since the weather is getting warmer and it’s easier to run in the cooler evenings.

When I drove to work during springtime in the past I always lamented I couldn’t be at home taking a walk in the neighborhood or go to a park – after leisurely waking up without an alarm clock and eating a nice breakfast. The cool morning air, the silence, and the emptiness is comforting. I’ve been able to experience that now (generally – I still have to use the alarm clock so I clock in for work at a decent time) and I can honestly say: I’m fine with this.

Am I fine with the general state of affairs in this country? Fuck no. Of course not. There’s plenty going all sorts of wrong right now, but that’s not what I wanted to focus on. I have more time for myself, for my husband, my cats, my own well being and not going bonkers in the office or dealing with sexist, racist assholes I can’t stand there. Sure there’s stress every time I see Z leave the house with a mask and gloves to go grocery shopping and quite honestly going to a park nowadays is more if not just as dangerous as going to a store. Aside from that, which is the new “normal” at the moment, I realized I’m very fortunate right now to be able to enjoy all of this extra time at home while I can – so that’s what I mean when I say this is fine.

What is fine for you right now?

State of the plants

elephant plant

This weekend was supposed to be full of house cleaning and eating at a wonderful tea house and then wandering a beautiful greenhouse with it’s own arboretum and me using my gift card on some hanging pots and a princess philodendron.

None of that is happening because I am horribly ill. Like clockwork my throat got sore the moment I got home from work as if to say: You want a nice weekend? HA! Here’s another dose of shit stress! Be sick!  Between the drastic swinging of the democratic primaries, the COVID-19 freak outs, general work stress and my boss proposing more upcoming trips, the general malaise I feel from tapering off my meds and the generally dour news from mom,  my body decided: NOPE. At first I thought I was getting strep throat again, but I’ve not had a fever so it’s mostly due to weird allergies. We’ve not had much of a winter this year at all so people are getting sick all over the place. The weather ranges from 30F one day to 55F the next so allergies and pollens are all whacked out. It was 34F with rain when I got home on Friday and today it’s 60F and sunny. Ugh.

So instead of being out where I want to be I decided to take photos of my plants again. I’ve added a few more because I have a problem with buying plants and the Flower Show this year had some really interesting kinds I’d not heard/seen before.

serissa flore-plena

Serissa flore-plena – Double Snow Rose: This is a miniature rose plant that’s usually used in bonsai. I didn’t realize that until after I bought it (and a few others) and kinda freaked out because I’ve never had good luck with bonsai. There were two little white roses open when I bought it and many more have opened or are budding and about to open. No idea if I can keep this beauty alive, but for now it’s gorgeous.

serissa mt fuji

Serissa Mt Fuji – Variegated Snow Rose: This is a variegated version of the plant above, but smaller so it’s not grown any buds yet. The white on the leave got me. I’m a bit of a sucker for variegated plants.

pilea microphylla variegated

Pilea microphylla – Variegated Artillery plant: This is a type of miniature pilea that has green, pink and white marbled leaves. It’s ridiculously cute!

The above 3 plants are technically used for bonsai or miniature (fairy) gardens. I’ve not had plants like this before, so we’ll see how well I can keep them going.

plant topkokedamawatering

Kokedama – Japanese moss ball plant: I think the ivy-like plant on top is a hoya but I’m not exactly sure. I’d read about kokedama’s online and thought they were really neat sort of plants. There’s also a display of them at one of the nurseries I like visiting. It’s generally known as a “poor man’s bonsai”. It’s a moss ball with a plant stuck on top of it. To water it, you soak the moss ball in water for a while (online says 10-15 minutes but the guy who sold it to me said I can leave it in water all day at work and take it out when I get home). Then you squeeze the excess water out of the moss ball and let it drain somewhere for a bit before putting it back on whatever display it was on or in a hanging device, which I think is the most common. Mine came in a tiny Japanese pottery bowl. It’s very strange to squeeze the water out because it really feels like a sturdy sponge and I freak a little seeing the moss bits fall off, but apparently that is all normal. I don’t think I can keep this one in the kitchen window sill for much longer because I don’t want the sun to scorch the moss too much.

study junglesatin silver pothos

I moved some plants from the kitchen window sill to my study to make room for the new little plants. Now, my entertainment stand in the study looks a bit jungle-like. I plan on repotting the lemon-lime philodendron and the satin silver pothos in slightly larger hanging pots and put them up in the study. But those plans were dashed away from me this weekend. I’m really happy with how both of them look, especially the satin pothos.

jade stalks

My jade plant is 3-ish years old now and starting to get it’s woody stalks. This makes me incredibly happy. Over Xmas I visited a friend of the family and she has a jade that’s over 70 years old. It’s huge and gorgeous. She said it was gifted to her grandmother and has been passed down. The friend is 70 years old now, which would mean the plant is actually a fair bit older than that, but she’s not sure how old exactly. I find old plants fascinating. There were jade at the Flower Show that were in the 50-70 year old range and bonsai that were 90 years old.

pileabrazil phylo

My pilea coin plant is still hanging on. Sometimes it doesn’t look great and I think I might be killing it, but then it bounces back. I never know with that one.

Shaggy, my huge, messy brazil philodendron is still going strong. I’ve made so many baby plants from this one. The blend of neon and dark green on the leaves is always fun to look at.


Lastly (for this post, I do have many more plants) my baby monstera is still growing. Little ones like these don’t have the holes in their leaves. It’ll probably take a couple more years before they show up.

Next weekend we need to paint the cabinets before our new doors show up. Z said we can go to the nursery then, but I think we’ll be too tired so it may be a while yet before I go get that princess philodendron.


Lately a theme of upgrades permeates my life.

My flight to Miami this week was upgraded to first class on a large plane. I had a seat that nearly lay completely flat. After two glasses of merlot with dinner I laid down and slept. It was the best beginning to a business trip ever. I even worked out in the gym at the hotel that night.

tinted moisturizer

My tube of Dr. Jart Day Tint is empty, which put me in panic mode when I looked online to reorder because I kept running across the word “discontinued”. I’ve used it for many years. I think this was my fourth tube? I dragged myself to Sephora scoping out tinted moisturizer and saw the Laura Mercier. I didn’t want to drop nearly $50 on it when I wasn’t certain if I’d like. Bless the Sephora business model that allows customers to get samples of damn near everything in the store. I got a little container to try out for a few days and ended up hooked. Higher SPF, less greasiness by the end of the day plus the light coverage never looked like it melted away. Looking it up made me feel a bit derpy. It’s apparently a holy grail product for a lot of women. Consider me a convert. I’ve now got a new daily tinted moisturizer with better SPF.

new driveway

Miffed by the fact that the pavers called while we were on vacation and grumbling that we’d probably have to wait until spring, I was confused when I couldn’t park in my driveway when I got home from my business trip. Apparently they called late Tuesday and showed up early Wednesday. I got home that night to a completely torn up and blocked off driveway. It was finished yesterday. We have much more room now!

porch posts

The 6:30-7am early construction mornings continued today with the contractor who showed up to replace our back porch posts. The post in the back of the photo was so rotted the guy said it’s good we did it before the snows because we’d most likely have a problem. Half of the old post was rotted through. I could put my fist in the hole before. Now we have new posts with vinyl coverings.

More upgrades to come in the future. I’ve also added some plant additions – because I have a problem with collecting them…

dead bouquet

A few weeks ago I cleaned up most of the flower beds – as seen in previous porch post photo. There are usually many more plants there in the summer and I trim them all down each autumn. As I cleaned up I noticed several plants showing pretty dead leaves or seed pods and gathered them up to make a dead autumn bouquet. RIP hydrangea bushes that gave me the dead flowers because both were torn up in the driveway repaving.

polka dot plant

Last weekend Z took me on a special surprise trip. We first stopped at a cute tea house where we both had amazing breakfasts and pots of delicious tea. I had apple crisp green tea and he had an amazing English breakfast that tasted much better than any other I’ve ever had. Afterwards we went to Otts’s Exotic Plants. It’s a huge nursery with its own arboretum with a two-story waterfall. The amount of variegated plants made my head spin and while Z just wanted to surprise me with a pretty nursery visit, he may have made a monster out of me because I’m already planning what to buy on my next visit. Pink princess and Red vine philodendrons! Hello!

string of beads

For the most part, I “behaved” this trip. I bought the pretty little tricolor polka dot plant above and several planters I’d been needing.

My once nearly dead string of beads is back and it looked amazing over the summer, but it’s starting to look a little dull now that daylight savings and cold weather have hit. I got a hanging planter for it and hope it’ll survive this winter better than the past.

philodendron brazil

I loved the amount of wall planters at Ott’s. One side is flat with a hole for a hanging device. Several cuttings of my philodendron brazil lived in a stemless wine glass for a long time. The massive roots are now planted on my bedroom wall so I can see it when I wake up.

philodendron swiss cheese

I couldn’t resist the philodendron swiss cheese plants also at Ott’s. There were so many of them I had to take one home. Figuring out where to put this and my Monstera when it gets bigger may prove challenging.

african violet

Lastly I got a wee African violet plant. My last one died so I thought I’d retry with this tiny one.

dark mystery pilea

While the contractor worked on our posts this morning I was out early to Target and Lowe’s. How can the parking lot at Target at 10 am be just as full as at 1 or 2 pm?! Maybe it’s our location since it’s always swamped. Next door to Lowe’s I was sidetracked by plants – as always. I was looking for plant stands, but apparently they’ve all been put away for the season at both places. I knew I should’ve bought the one I saw at IKEA two weeks ago! Instead of plant stands, I came home with decorative pillows, a candleholder, and the above Dark Mystery Pilea (that’s the actual common name for it). I instantly fell in love with the dark leaves.

elephant plant

This elephant plant spoke to me as well. The last one confused me greatly as to what it needed and died. Since this was on sale and is much smaller I thought I’d try again and see if I can figure it out this time.

kitty spooning

What better way to end a post than with kitty spooning?

Plants saying hi


I took these photos nearly a month ago and the status has changed a bit. Also, I excluded some photos because I should just take new ones. The above pilea glauca aquamarine has been a total pain for me. It’s constantly dying and I’ve tried everything I can think of to keep it going, but I still find several new dead stems each week. These may just be one of those plants that I cannot get my head around.

ficus & ivy

The hanging spiderwort plant (also known as Wandering Jew) has been pretty much halved and I’m going to have around three more plants to make from what I took off of it. Below is my fairly new ficus lyrata plant. There are two branches in this one and it seems a little crowded, but I’m keeping an eye on it. It’s grown several new leaves since this photo.

flowering prostrata

My little peperomia prostrata (string of turtles) is twice this size now and still in the same little owl pot. It’s been flowering like this for several weeks now.


This string of pearls is also twice the size it is above and is now in a terra cotta pot instead of the green plastic one above. It’s on the kitchen window sill and the pearls are hanging over the sill so much that I’m afraid they’ll get in the way of cleaning soon so I’m going to hang it up once I decide on the right hanging pot for it. I’m really proud of bringing this one back from the brink of death. It looks better now than when I originally bought it.

rubber plant

The above ficus elastica (rubber plant) is doing well. It’s grown a few leaves since this photo. I’ve always been nervous about these sort of plants – similar to the ficus lyrata, but they seem to be ok in my house. Granted, neither have survived a winter in my house yet, so TBD…

silver satin pothos

I love this silver satin pothos. The leaves are slightly fuzzy to the touch and look velvety. This has also grown quite a bit.

This is only a smattering of the plants in the house. I also bought a small monstera because I was afraid to commit to a large, expensive one in case I killed it. So I’m starting slowing with a little one that doesn’t have the token holes in the leaves yet. I also got a lemon-lime philodendron that’s doing well. The neon pothos I had over a year ago didn’t last, so I thought I’d try with a philo and so far so good.

It was my birthday this past week and aside from the Zelda: Link’s Awakening game I knew I was going to get Z surprised me with a gardening bench for the back porch. We put it together today.


A Sunday

Bento feetRandom thoughts interspersed with random photos I’ve taken.

Yesterday Z and I went to a friend’s pool party. She has it every year – going for 5 years now. It’s a birthday pool party for her (she and Z were born on the same day so she’ll say happy birthday to him when everyone else is singing to her). I spent 3 hours in the pool talking to a friend. I only talk to him at the pool party each year and we always catch up on what we’ve done over the year. He’s a shrink (for children with disabilities/ trauma) and I told him what’s happened in my family. His compassion and wit have always been welcome so I felt fine talking to him about everything and it is why we always go back to talking to each other each year. I asked if he’d gotten a new watch because he’s got an obsession with buying watches. He showed me the latest one and then told me about his current death metal craze where he’s screaming  lyrics in a closet with a guitar and a dirty litter box and his wife dancing all happy around him just to annoy him. I laughed almost the whole three hours while getting prune-like in the pool.


I took two pairs of shoes to a local cobbler. One pair needed the soles replaced entirely. While the sole part was well done I wasn’t overly thrilled with how he handled cleaning my shoes from the salt and water spots. I kinda feel like he made them more obvious. The other pair of shoes needed to be glued back together with a good polishing and those look ok. He put a couple stitches in the bottom of the heel so if the glue comes apart again they will still stay together. I just hope the stitching doesn’t cause the shoes to get leaks in the bottom now if I’m out in rainy weather. If I need to go to a cobbler again sometime soon I might try out a different one.


I’ve recently replaced all of my old nylon underwear with silk. It was expensive but considering how long underwear lasts me I wasn’t too bothered by the price. The old nylon underwear was from Target and I’d bought it probably 6 or 7 years ago at least. There were pills all over them, elastic strings sticking out of them and some of the stretch was gone. The old bras were getting dimpled in the padded cup area and generally looked very sad. The new silk bras have removable padding and they have a triangle shape instead of cups, which looks more natural and are much more comfortable in general. The silk panties do feel a little like baggy granny style, but I’m really enjoying them because I’m tired of the lower rise underwear I’ve worn for so long. Also, this is the first time in 30 years I’ve had matching underwear; colors are taupe, medium grey and black.


I’ve been having a pinkish moment. I still don’t like straight up pink, but I’m leaning more towards mauve and taupe, which have pink accents. The cotton-linen cardigan I wore this week was labeled “pink beige” from the site I bought it from (same site as the underwear). I just consider it mauve. Also, I recently bought some shoes that said they were “light grey” in the description, but they actually look like they have a pinkish tone to them. At first this startled me, but I’m liking them a lot as an accent to darker outfits.


I am by no means a minimalist nor very good at being sustainable. I am taken too much by whimsy and influenced easily. That being said I am trying to take little steps. I bought cleaning cloths for cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen. Each room has different colored cloths and some have little more texture on them for scrubbing than others. I’m using these now instead of paper towels to clean. I’m also getting away from standard detergents and using more natural based cleaners. I’m nowhere near a vinegar and baking soda natural standard but again – little steps. My mom always used the same wash cloths she’d clean her face with for cleaning the bathroom and wiping down the shower with her bath towel and throwing it all in the laundry at the end of the week. I was doing that, but realized I felt something dirty about doing that. I like items to have specific uses so no, I’m not going to use my facial wash cloth to also scrub the grime in the bottom of the tub. That is a different cloth with a different purpose.

Lastly, I just tried replanting my spiderwort plant and I might’ve destroyed it! It hadn’t been watered so the plant starting tearing up from the roots. I’m terrified now so I left the plant in the same pot and gave it water and am keeping all limbs and fingers crossed it survives.

A Saturday

fluffy pancaketoe clawscoffee tablepearls and jade

The summer heat is draining.

The front flower beds look post-apocalyptic from overgrown weeds. Yet I refuse to go out in the hot and humid weather to pull them. I’ve never liked hot weather and retreat into dark and cool corners.

I’ve started collecting sweaters and socks for cooler weather. Finalizing my “wants” list for a challenge I’m setting up for myself. Linen clothes and silk underwear have been ordered – the waiting game begins.

One of my plants died recently and it made me incredibly upset. I’ve grown quite attached to some of them and tried everything I can to make them happy and grow. Unfortunately, I did something rather stupid with the plant that died without realizing it until after it was too late. Part of me wants to go run and replace it with another one to make grow again, but part of me says, “You’ve got how many others to take care of? Stop it and step back!”



Holidays always throw me off. It doesn’t help that I’m not feeling very well today.  My stomach has decided it doesn’t like anything so that makes eating a bit problematic. I’m hoping I’ll be better by the time I have work tomorrow. I don’t want to be in recovery mode and exhausted at work.

Saturday I did manage to get a lot of yard work done. I finished cleaning up the front flower bed, put down mulch and Z installed a light in my Japanese lantern he bought me for my birthday last year. It’s almost been a full since since I got it and we are just now putting a light in it! We also bought some other pathway lights for the front. They do look nice, but I’d rather them all be Japanese lanterns, which would make for an expensive front area for the house. I’ll save up for them one at a time.

I’m always playing catch-up on previous week outfits, so I won’t even bother with what day I wore things. I do post them in the order of the week though.

YY outfit: top and bottom by Yohji-sama, Nisolo shoes.


Yesstyle chinese shirt, YY pant, Lems shoes.


Everlane top, Won Hundred pant, Adidas shoes.


Today’s outfit is lounge-schleppy. Old, stained Everlane top, sweatpants from Grand Teton Nat’l Park, Fog Linen slippers.


It’s funny that Gretchen posted about plants and I’d been thinking of doing the same. Maybe I’ll try to do some plant updates. There’s a caladium and schefflera in the photos above and I’ve got a dracaena plant on the desk where I’m writing.

On the coffee table I’ve got an elephant bush, which seems to be ok, but it’s not as full as when I first got it. There’s also a “dry” terrarium that gets a spritz of water occasionally and my little jade plant.

elephant bush

Japanese Aralia also in the living room in the dark corner where it gets lots of shaded indirect light. It seems happy there after I read about it. I make sure to water it a lot and mist it with a spray bottle.

japanese aralia

Croton in the dining room where there’s direct western sunlight towards the end of the day. I’m hoping that’s enough light to keep the colors vibrant on it.


String of pearls also in the dining room. I don’t think I’ve watered this since I bought it several weeks ago, but it doesn’t seem to need it. The top is so full of pearls the soil is still the slightest bit damp from the nursery where I got it. There’s also growth on it so I guess it’s happy. I was planning on hanging it today and even have the macrame hanger for it, but Z wants to get the right kind of hook to hang in plaster since our house is old.

string of pearls

I have two cacti and another jade plant on the window sill in the kitchen. They get direct east sunlight and seem to do well there. There’s also two pothos plants upstairs where there’s less light.


Bonus photo of this little shit (Bento) being cute. He’s such a demonic little terror and has been on the rampage, beating the crap out of Yuki all weekend.


This is for posterity

Work, personified this week:

Wesley whimpering = me.

Also, why is dealing with clients akin to that scared feeling of having a tooth pulled in the frightening manner of putting a string around it and waiting in anxiety for someone across the room to slam the door?

Thursday: Knock Knock linen top, YY skirt, Frye shoes.


I’ve been so much about shoes lately and yet all I want to wear are these Frye ones because they are the most comfortable. They are also the most beat up.

Friday: Grana tank top, Everlane button down, Rachel Comey Lure pant, Jil Sander shoes.


I ended up leaving work early because something upset my stomach. I had felt off the night before and when I woke up I was nauseous and only got worse throughout the day. I’m not sure what it was, but hopefully I’m over it now. I ended buying take-out from a Japanese place for dinner since I was craving udon noodle soup. It did not disappoint although I was terrified the clams in the soup might set me off. Luckily they didn’t, but I didn’t eat them. Do food allergies only work if you directly eat the item in question? I thought that since they were cooking in the broth the soup base itself might be questionable then. The terror of it making my condition worse didn’t stop me from enjoying the soup though. Have I mentioned Stubborn is my middle name?

yuki and bento

Yuki and Bento. When I was taking photos off my camera I saw these and realized Z had taken some random photos again. I can see why he took it though – this is a rare moment where they both are in the same space and not fighting. They generally tolerate each other and only in dire situations (aka winter) will they curl up together to sleep, but even that is limited. Normally, Bento chases Yuki and she screams bloody murder. There have been several instances of Z and I walking into a room after hearing a commotion and seeing them rolling across the floor in a mass of hissing and screaming claws and limbs.

Archana‘s post about house plants rekindled a little flame I’ve had going in me since we’ve moved into this house. When I lived in Oklahoma I always had lots of house plants. The weather is much warmer there and cold seasons don’t last too long. My running joke about that state was there are two seasons: summer and January. I used to be the Plant Mom and friends who had plants that were dying always gave them to me to care for. However, that’s changed since I’ve been living on the east coast where there are still only two seasons: rain-forest-humid-with-a-side-of-sun and Antarctica. The summers here are ten times more humid that I ever expected they would be and then the winters are so dry Bento is trained to wince when we pet him between November and March (Yuki freaks out from the static and runs away). This house does get a decent amount of light, but the drastic temperature changes make keeping house plants extremely difficult. But I do miss having lots of plants like I used to and will try to make more of an effort to keep them alive.


Someone call Spring, it forgot it’s due date.


Today is the first day of spring. We are expecting 5-8 inches of snow. We are not amused here and ready for this winter business to go away.

white shirt

This was Monday’s outfit with the new white shirt I bought. It got dirty, as expected, but I was right in how sturdy the material is and it can take a beating. I was a bit self conscious of the collar hitting my chin and possibly getting makeup on it, but it wasn’t as big a problem as I thought. Overall, I am glad I bought it.


Tuesday’s outfit: wearing the new Pas de Calais linen pants. These are extremely comfortable. It’s like wearing PJs because the linen is so soft. It’s also very thick. The weave of the linen gives it a herringbone look close-up, which I found really interesting and wondered if that had anything to do with how soft they are.

These are a size small and I wavered back and forth a lot on whether or not to return these for the extra small. These are a bit big in the waist, but there are side cinches to tighten it. When I do that, it bunches a little at the waist and so that made me wonder if I really am an extra small in size. I wore the pants on and off over the weekend and decided I’ll stick with the small and I’m glad I did. I cinched the sides when I first put them on, but ended up loosening them throughout the day and realized these are more mid-to-low rise kind of pants. They are meant to be worn a little slouchy. I can wear them at the waist cinched, but I ended up feeling more comfortable in them loose. These are the lowest style pants I have and since it’s been so long since I’ve worn lower rise pants I felt a little weird at first, but was completely fine by the end of the day. The small is in fact the right size for me because of the room I have in the thighs and hips. An extra small would be a bit snug there and I prefer the looser fitting. Once I got used to it and realized just how these pants are meant to be worn I was perfectly fine and do believe they are worth the price. Of course, I got an email from the PdC shop the following day about a basement sale of 60% off all items for this Friday. However, I think it might be only for in-store purchases and since the store carrying the brand are too far away from me (in NY) then I don’t feel too bad.

One other thing, the pockets are very low in these pants and are kinda weird. They bunch up oddly when I sit down because the pockets bulge out right at my hips when sitting, but I also got used to that. The side pockets aren’t so much for practical purposes as for just throwing your hands in, but there is a good sized back pocket that’s perfectly usable.


Over the weekend I bought some house plants. Waaaaaaaayyyy back when in college – don’t ask how long ago – I used to be the Plant Rescuer. Whenever friends had plants that were dying they’d give them to me and I’d take care of them and the plants would spring back to life. My apartment was full of plants. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the environment I was in then or not (I lived in OK at the time), but now I can’t save a plant to save my own life. Keeping plants since I’ve moved to the east coast has been quite the ordeal. Every place I’ve lived in has at least a ten degree temperature extreme on almost any given day. Currently, during the winter lows in this house can get down to 62F and up to 70F when the heat kicks on. If we wanted to keep the house more temperate we’d be paying a billion dollars in electrical bills. During the summer, the house still ranges from 68 to 80F. On top of that, the difference between the bedrooms upstairs and the basement is anywhere from 10-15 degree difference constantly. I know not a lot of plants can handle that kind of temperature swing on a 24 hour basis so keeping plants alive here has been challenging. I’ve had a little luck with succulents (barely), but I’m hoping having a pothos, which is almost impossible to kill, will help me gain my green thumb confidence back.

Lastly, kitty photos of Bento and Yuki because they were being cute and quiet (for once).