Lots of linen

jeans againjeanspinkish

All three tops are made with linen to some degree. The first two are from Etsy shops with medium weight linen. The last one is a cotton/linen blend cardigan and light enough to wear on 80-something degree days without getting too warm. The first top (green) is my second item from Knock Knock Linen and it’s just as good as the first one. Their medium weight linen is super soft and comfortable. There was zero break-in period with that shirt as compared to the second photo with the short sleeve from Not Perfect Linen. It’s taken several washes now for that one to finally soften enough to be really comfortable.

I’ve bought several linen items this summer and most of it in medium or heavy weight so I can transition them better into a cooler weather wardrobe. I realized I’m not a huge fan of layering clothes, so clothes that can breathe and be a bit heavy work for me so I can wear them year round.

I’ve also been wearing my long Chimala jeans a lot more and getting used to the wide legs. Wearing a nicer shoe makes them look a bit better.

I’ve been reading the Swedish Death Cleaning book and I’m almost done with it. It’s a short read and basically boils down to common sense and not much else. I like the idea of death cleaning to make the process easier for those who have to take care of everything after I’m gone. However, the book itself I haven’t found all that instructional. In fact, I’ve found it a bit boring and have been more or less skimming sections of it. It’s like a series of old granny stories and the lesson at the end is to clean up after yourself or keep in mind everyone else. The author’s memory lane type stories become a bit tedious to read through after a while, despite them being very short in general. She also seems to contradict herself where in one chapter she’ll say to give something up irregardless of how loved the item was because no one no longer wants it and then in another chapter saying she kept something because she thought someday one of her grandchildren will need it, etc…. There are not clear and absolute directions like in Marie Kondo’s book. It sort of meanders to doing whatever you can to reduce one’s clutter, whenever you can… if you want…. I kinda wish the book had been more extreme. The only part in it that was clearly for shits and giggles and gasps (that made me eye-roll) was about very personal items. She mentions that if grandpa had a panty fetish and grandma had too many dildos, try to cut those down before one leaves the earth so as not to put the rest of the family/friends in shock after death. Otherwise Magnassun’s general rule of decluttering was very similar to Kondo’s: if no one likes it and it’s not worth trying to make others take it then get rid of it. The only real thoughtful idea I’ve gotten from the book so far is to contact charities and estate sales people who can value the belongings and sell them.

If something else jumps out at me in the last couple chapters I have then I’ll mention it, but otherwise the book has been a bit of a snoozer. It’s not very long and yet I’ve only had the patience to read a little bit at a time.



Knock Knock linen top – Y’s pant – Frye Carly Chukkas

This shirt is very wrinkled. Granted, it’s a linen shirt so keeping it crisp after ironing is nigh impossible. I’ve even worn it several times and put it right back on the hanger in my closet, so it has several office day’s worth of wrinkles on it even before I put it on today.

However, something felt more comforting about this shirt being so wrinkled. It felt softer – probably due to multiple wears – but I wasn’t overly bothered by how wrinkled the shirt looked and am even tempted to not iron it after washing it. Is that office appropriate? Well, considering what I can get away with I’d say yes. It’s a medium weight linen so the wrinkles look softer than if I wore a gauze or lightweight linen. In any case, I felt like I was wearing PJs today at work. The pant is lightweight wool and even though I can iron it, I never do simply because the wrinkles rarely show and mostly because it’s one less thing I get away without ironing and it won’t look bad.



Knock Knock Linen top – Land’s End cardigan – Won Hundred Pant – Frye Carly Chukkas

The weather turned and it is now properly chilly out. I am needing more layers for inside the office and out. I was comfortable enough in this outfit and the chukkas helped keep my ankles warm.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 5.48.10 PM

These gorgeous Clergerie boots will also keep my ankles warm and I am extremely tempted by them. As long as the ankles are covered, I’m good.

Bright Lights

I feel like my outfits have had a sort of running theme this week, but I’m not sure how to put it into words. I’ve been comfortable each day, which is good considering the craziness that’s been going on at work.

Monday: Everlane top, Won Hundred pant, Nisolo shoes. Yep, I am wearing the Nisolos again. They sat in the box in the basement for my “Eventually I will get around to selling these…. some day” area. Once I got the shoe stretchers I thought: screw it, do it. So I stretched them out over the weekend. While the heel portion is definitely better the toes, even while widened, still cramp just a tiny bit. I may try stretching them some more this weekend. I can wear them all day and not be uncomfortable, but they could be better. I also want to change out the shoe laces, which are a weird beige-taupe-green color that seems odd.


Tuesday: My favorite stand-by outfit – Yesstyle linen shirt, YY pant, Nisolo shoes. No matter what I feel put together in this outfit even though the top is more casual than should be appropriate for work. (I get away with it and no one complains.)


Wednesday: Another easy one. My favorite old black top and Rachel Comey Menace pant with Dries Van Noten shoes. The Dries shoes are amazingly more comfortable now they’ve been stretched. The leather has a lot more structure to it than the Nisolos and isn’t nearly as soft, but I can tell that in time these will be favorite go-to shoes in the same way my Frye ones are now. Also, I’m panicking about having to replace this top. It’s a fast fashion one and it’s a staple and I love it but it’s super beat up and there are white-ish pit stains from deodorant under the arms. I may see if I can oxyclean those out.


Thursday: Feeling very “what is the point of this day” and it was so incredibly nice outside I was cursing every moment I had to be indoors. Knock Knock Linen top, YY pant, Frye shoes.


Tonight Z and I are going to head to our old stomping grounds in the city for dinner (a dive sushi place in a half-basement cafe on a corner that we love) and then see Interpol play.

It’s been a weird week, but a productive one. Last weekend after reading Archana’s post, I binged on buying plants and have 5 new ones I’m not sure I can take care of, but damnit I will try. I’ve already moved one several times to get better lighting for it.

Also, I forget where I read it, but someone I follow recently talked about going without deodorant and I realized that the older I’ve gotten the less deodorant I need to use. Or maybe I’m just not nervous sweating like crazy as much as I used to? I dunno, but I tried an experiment this week where I’ve not gone with any deodorant at all this week. I normally wear antiperspirant, which I think is even more damaging to fabrics and maybe even myself, but it’s what I’ve always done and never questioned. Verdict? Well the weather was mild this week so it’s not been too much an issue and any stress sweating I did at work didn’t leave me smelly although I panicked a bit on Wednesday because I felt wet under my arms and thought for sure I’d stink to high hell. Nope. After work on Monday and Tuesday I attacked the flower bed out front that had been taken over by crap grass and even with sweating up a storm that way I still didn’t smell bad. I do know I can have stinky sweat but maybe it’s not as bad now? I’m really confused on it or maybe I need to wait until the 90 degree weather hits next week to know if going without is ultimately a good idea. Also, I’ve not worn overly tight clothing, which would definitely be a good litmus test for this.

This is for posterity

Work, personified this week:

Wesley whimpering = me.

Also, why is dealing with clients akin to that scared feeling of having a tooth pulled in the frightening manner of putting a string around it and waiting in anxiety for someone across the room to slam the door?

Thursday: Knock Knock linen top, YY skirt, Frye shoes.


I’ve been so much about shoes lately and yet all I want to wear are these Frye ones because they are the most comfortable. They are also the most beat up.

Friday: Grana tank top, Everlane button down, Rachel Comey Lure pant, Jil Sander shoes.


I ended up leaving work early because something upset my stomach. I had felt off the night before and when I woke up I was nauseous and only got worse throughout the day. I’m not sure what it was, but hopefully I’m over it now. I ended buying take-out from a Japanese place for dinner since I was craving udon noodle soup. It did not disappoint although I was terrified the clams in the soup might set me off. Luckily they didn’t, but I didn’t eat them. Do food allergies only work if you directly eat the item in question? I thought that since they were cooking in the broth the soup base itself might be questionable then. The terror of it making my condition worse didn’t stop me from enjoying the soup though. Have I mentioned Stubborn is my middle name?

yuki and bento

Yuki and Bento. When I was taking photos off my camera I saw these and realized Z had taken some random photos again. I can see why he took it though – this is a rare moment where they both are in the same space and not fighting. They generally tolerate each other and only in dire situations (aka winter) will they curl up together to sleep, but even that is limited. Normally, Bento chases Yuki and she screams bloody murder. There have been several instances of Z and I walking into a room after hearing a commotion and seeing them rolling across the floor in a mass of hissing and screaming claws and limbs.

Archana‘s post about house plants rekindled a little flame I’ve had going in me since we’ve moved into this house. When I lived in Oklahoma I always had lots of house plants. The weather is much warmer there and cold seasons don’t last too long. My running joke about that state was there are two seasons: summer and January. I used to be the Plant Mom and friends who had plants that were dying always gave them to me to care for. However, that’s changed since I’ve been living on the east coast where there are still only two seasons: rain-forest-humid-with-a-side-of-sun and Antarctica. The summers here are ten times more humid that I ever expected they would be and then the winters are so dry Bento is trained to wince when we pet him between November and March (Yuki freaks out from the static and runs away). This house does get a decent amount of light, but the drastic temperature changes make keeping house plants extremely difficult. But I do miss having lots of plants like I used to and will try to make more of an effort to keep them alive.


Too old for concert trenches

Yesterday I took a day off work so Z and I could spend it together to hang out. He bought tickets for Radiohead a while back and we decided to make it a day in the city and then head to the stadium at the end. We had a nice brunch and went to a museum showing an exhibit about gaming history and had all sorts of consoles for people to interact with. After a quick dinner at a pub down the street from the museum we went to to the stadium, waited in line for an hour and secured a decent spot about 30 feet from the stage for the night.

The show itself was great. Radiohead mostly played Kid A, In Rainbows, A Moon Shaped Pool, and OK Computer songs – most of which were the more low-key kind. There was a nice mellow tone throughout the show, which was an interesting change for me. I’ve seen them 5 times and this was the most chilled out setlist I’ve seen them play. I’m glad I got to see it.

However, I realized I’m getting old enough to really dislike everything that comes with getting floor tickets for a stadium show. Being surrounded by pot smokers, getting bumped into a million times during the show by that guy/girl who flails like a fish out of water, aka “dancing”, and being engulfed by the general smell of a specific contingent of concert goers who have next to no idea what the word hygiene means. Every once in a while I’d get a blast of refreshing, cool AC air, but then I’d cringe because Eau d’Hipster-Who-Hasn’t-Bathed-In-A-Week would shortly follow. Waiting in line to get in, standing your ground in the GA area and then dealing with all that mess mentioned above for so many years of shows has worn me down. I know that some people love it and will live it to the end or as long as they can stand, but I think this may be my last one.

Monday: Knock Knock Linen shirt, Won Hundred pant, Frye shoes.


Tuesday: Rosen linen shirt, Uniqlo pant, Jil Sander shoes.


Wednesday: (skipped/forgot to take photo while on my day off).
Thursday: Yesstyle linen top, YY pant, Frye shoes.


I was exhausted today so I wanted to wear an outfit I’m super comfortable in, hence this repeat. I wear this combo a lot and it just works for me.

We got home around 12:30 and I crashed in bed at 1 am. I’m so spoiled by my routine that going to bed this late wrecks me anymore.

Rain and waiting

I’ve been counting down the days, hours, minutes, seconds to when my senior comes back in the office and takes back his disaster of an account…. I’m very much at the end of my tether here. However, there’s a lot of chatter about how I’m going to be helping out with many more accounts. I’m ok with that, but I’m in no way ready to be the point person for the elephant in the company that is this monster account. I’ve been given so many NEED THIS NOW lists I’m starting to not GAF and say to the client: PICK ONE DAMNIT! I CAN’T DO THEM ALL!

Monday: Everlane top, YY pants, Eileen Fisher shoes.


After washing and ironing All The Things this weekend I was glad to put on my old fave YY pants again. No matter what I reach for these whenever possible.

Tuesday: YY top, Rachel Comey Menace Pants, Frye shoes.


My shoes are a little darker now they’ve been properly cleaned, conditioned and polished. They are still pretty beat up, but they look much better than they used to. They are also the most comfortable shoes I have right now and they don’t aggravate my ankle so I reach for them often.

Wednesday: Knock Knock Linen top, new Y’s pants, Frye shoes.


I’ve bought yet another pair of pants from Yohji Yamamoto. These went on sale at Totokaelo and I had a discount I could throw on top of it so they were less than $200, which is a steal for new YY items. They are lightweight wool and extremely comfortable – like PJs comfortable. I didn’t realize they had a drawstring, but I’m glad they do because otherwise they’d be big in a similar way to the Pas de Calais linen pants. I don’t mind the hip hugging aspect of them, but I like that I can cinch them up more with the drawstring. The low hanging back pockets are fab and the wool is perfect for wearing out in warm weather but give the perfect amount of cover needed for the blasting AC in the office. These are runner up for second favorite pair of pants. I wore them last night when I went out for last minute groceries and found myself lounging about in them when I got home. Z also commented on how “cute” they look and said the back pocket placement definitely gives the pants a good look.

I’ve been so busy this week I’ve started having bad dreams about losing POs or not knowing how to do something in our computer system. I tend to have more dreams like this when the stress gets really bad. Luckily – hopefully – this will be the last week of it for a while.

All the same

Tuesday: Yohji Yamamoto top, Won Hundred pants, Eileen Fisher mules.


This is the last of the new-to-me three YY items I’ve bought recently. Nothing overly ground breaking. A simple cotton short sleeve mock neck top. Not only am I starting to embrace more white in my wardrobe (at least for summer anyway…), I’m really enjoying buying second hand items like these. I could’ve easily gotten something similar that’s brand new and easily cost 1/3 of the price I paid for this top. However, it’s the quality that makes this worthwhile. This cotton is like the black tank and my turtleneck. I love it.

The greatest difficulty this week has been dressing for two kinds of weather, daily: Office and Summer. The office is freezing and I occasionally have to go outside to thaw out from the AC chill. So far, this summer has been stifling hot with so much humidity it’s hard to breathe outside. So I’m frozen indoors and turn into a puddle outside.

Thursday: Everlane top, Issey Miyake pants, Eileen Fisher mules.


Friday: 45rpm top, Grana jeans, Jil Sander shoes.


Looking at this outfit, no one would know it was 90F outside. That’s how bad the AC chill in the office has me covering up. It’s ridiculous.

Saturday: Knock Knock Linen top, Grana jeans, Adidas shoes.



After the Friday night thunderstorms, the weather chilled out and Saturday was gorgeous. I’d hurt my back somehow exercising and was cursing myself for doing so because Saturday would’ve been perfect for doing much needed yard work. Instead, we drove out to our favorite orchard and bought several pints of blueberries and apricots. We always get lots of blueberries and freeze half of them so we have some to eat throughout the winter.

Afterwards, we went to a nice restaurant for lunch and then headed to the Bowman nature preserve. It’s a gated area people pay a fee to get into, but it’s got lots of hiking trails and has lots of information on local wildflowers and plants. They sell local plants they grow in the area and have a full visitor center with an education center and mini natural history museum. The hiking trails are short, but really nice and being in a completely forested area makes hiking there much more comfortable in the summer.

We hadn’t planned on going here, but I’m glad we did and our Saturday spent outside was more enjoyable this way than weeding than the yard.


Saturday I went to work and checked on a couple guys who were working on prototypes for me over the weekend. I figured that if the parts are going to be late, then I’d rather know what’s going on with them than be surprised Monday morning. By Monday only one part was done, so we shipped it and finished the others today. Luckily, my client is ok with it all. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.

Sunday I spent almost all day working in the yard. We have huge holly bushes out front that attract a lot of bees in early spring. I really don’t like how big they are, but don’t want to pay to have them taken out entirely. So I trimmed them down almost to the ground, weeded one of the two flower bed areas with the bushes, and put down mulch. It’s ok if they come back and if they do, I’ll be sure to keep them trimmed and short. I also want to put a couple other plants around them. I’m hoping to weed the other area soon-ish. Our front yard looks a bit weird now with only one side mulched and nicely weeded while the other side looks like a disaster area. I wore a sleeveless shirt Sunday and was in direct sunlight most of the day. Despite putting on a little sunscreen in the morning… you get the idea. I burned the shit out of the back of my arms and shoulders.

Monday outfit: Knock Knock Linen shirt and Won Hundred pants and Lems shoes. I needed a soft top for my burnt arms and back. This worked out well.


I went to the orthopedic doc today for a follow up. Recovery is slow going, but it’s going. I only have two PT sessions left. Because they are so expensive, I won’t get a script renewal for them. Not that I don’t like going, but paying $100/week is racking up my credit card bill fast. The guy I work with is great and he’s given me a lot of ideas on things I can do at home to improve. It’s been interesting how my Physical Therapy has been more like having a Personal Trainer. I’m wrecked by the time my hour is done. My hips are sore, my knees wobbly, and I look like I just ran a marathon, aka a sweaty disheveled mess. Due to all the strength training I do during my sessions I’ve pretty much cut out all home exercising with the exception of walking/running.  In fact, I got some new trainers today and I’d like to go for a run, but that might really be pushing it after PT….

Tuesday: linen top and Yohji Yamamoto pants and Eileen Fisher mules. I needed something easy again. I’m really feeling sore now from my burn.

These YY pants are one of the best clothing purchases I’ve ever made. I’m glad it’s not as hot today so I could wear them. They are solid wool, although the weave makes them tolerable to wear in slightly warm weather. The high today is 80 and I’ve been perfectly fine in them. I love how these pants balloon out at the hips and taper in. I get some high-water looking action when I sit and I like that too. I love the deep side pockets and the high waist with the notch in the back that you can’t see at all in the photos. These were the very first YY item I bought and have brought me down the rabbit hole. I’ve bought so much more YY since then and have more on the way. I’m also really glad I’ve been buying used items. Even though they are still pricey for being used, I’m ok with that if they are in good condition. I can’t afford full price, but I think it’s a bit better to buy these items used than just buying new for the sake of having something new from a designer. Isn’t it also a testament to the talent of the designer to make clothes that are timeless regardless of when they were made? I think these pants are from the early 90s but I’m not sure. In any case, these are forever pants.


Look at how red the back of my ears are! I had no idea they looked that red!