Fake Friday

fake friday

Everlane sweater – Grana Jeans – Frye Carly Chukkas

The necklace above was the first gift Z gave me when we started dating. I don’t remember what it was for, but I know he got it from an online store of a friend of mine at the time. I’m not sure what this says about him or me, but my boss said it looked like it could be used as a weapon. I think this confirms he’s terrified of me to some degree. (I always call him out on not getting stuff done and waiting until the last minute.)

I’ve been upping my exercise a bit. I guess I should say I’m changing it up as well. I need to address a few issues with the tendonitis in both my legs, but other than that I’m feeling a bit better now that I’m focusing more on getting back into shape. There is something very uplifting about feeling stronger – even if it means feeling the DOMS in my  ams and lats from doing so many chin-ups and push-ups lately.

Short Week

short week

Christophe Sauvat sweater – Y’s pant – Frye Carly shoes

Monday – or in the case of last week – Fake Wednesday. In any case, it’s nice to have a short week.

I don’t really remember much from that Monday. I know I was comfortable in this outfit and I’ve worn it before. I think I tucked in the sweater and it looks good tucked or not.

After ordering several things from TRR – a last push of shopping before I officially start the ban in 2019 – I ended up returning most of the items. I’d not returned stuff to TRR before and while I understand their return policy, $11.95 is a bit steep. I can send it regular post and only be charged what the postage actually is, which may be cheaper. Note to self (not that I’ll be buying anything anytime soon): Try to never have to return anything to TRR.

Over the weekend I went to DSW to look at snow shoes. I tried on ALL the shoes. I left with none of them.



Acne Studios sweater – Yohji Yamamoto suit pant – Frye Carly Chukkas

I am so glad I waterproofed these suede shoes. Granted, they aren’t the warmest, but waterproofing them has helped immensely. While walking in to work, post snow storm with lots of snowy, slushy puddles everywhere  – I thought I stepped on a solid spot only to see my shoe be nearly submerged halfway up my foot. However, because of the waterproof spray I put on them, the water bounced right off and I stepped indoors puddle-foot-free and dry. Yay!

I plan on waterproofing the rest of my leather shoes this weekend. I have spray-on and cream style. It’s been a while since I cleaned a few of my leather shoes anyway so maintenance is necessary.

I really love this sweater. I know, Totally Random Comment, but it’s true. Z and I went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant (where we were married) and Z joked that even he could wear this sweater. And he totally could and his more form-fitted sweater might fit me better than this one, but damnit I love this big, fluffy, slightly itchy lambswool sweater, which also repels water rather well.

Too early for this ****


Helmut Lang silk shirt – Everlane sweater – The Row pant – Frye Carly Chukkas – Yuki cat bombing my photo, taken by Z.

I left work early due to snow. Technically, this was a week ago because I’m a week ahead on my photos. OMG snow already! UGH. I live in a hilly area so driving home in snowy weather is a survival sport. I swear when I leave work I scream: WITNESS ME! (Mad Max Fury Road reference – bonus because my haircut makes me look like Imperator Furiosa). It sucked because what is on an ideal day a 20 minute drive in to work – took me an hour to get home due to road closures (the main one I take) and cars driving super slow and sliding like idiots all over the road after two inches of snow fell.

In any case I got home early (yay!) and got on the treadmill because many of my steps during my day are taken while storming through the shop floor, checking on part orders and then walking back to furiously write emails about updates and issues and then panicking and taking a walk around the parking lot. Only now said parking lot is covered in snow and it’s generally too cold to do so outside. Grrr… my daily walk-breaks are routine at work and I’m a bit out of sorts now because I can’t get that fresh air break and move around. Z asks why I don’t just walk laps around the shop floor and well… that’s because it’s literally packed to the gills with machines, tools and odds and ends and the floors are super slippery and I have to wear special non-slip shoes when I’m on the shop floor. It’s not an ideal place to take a leisurely walk. That in itself is some kind of survival sport. I see the shop floor like a potentially deadly Rube-Goldberg machine. For those curious as to why, just look up CNC machine videos on Youtube.

So earlier this week I mentioned getting more sweaters and I’ll admit, I’ve already broken my non-promise to stop spending money on clothes. I ordered some items from TRR and I’m about to order more items – mostly sweaters – from a fast-fashion site. Boo. Hiss. I’m awful. Start the lynching! Why am I doing this!?!

A. Because I have plans to go on a full on clothing shopping ban in 2019.
B. (This is a long, bullshit excuse so bear with it…) I love sweaters and since I did the KonMari thing and threw out several, I’ve been trying to make up for that since then (seriously, KonMari-ing my wardrobe was a mistake I’m still making up for) and I know the brands on the fast-fashion site (Yesstyle) I plan on buying these items from will not disappoint. I’m buying for the long haul – meaning they will last me a really long time so no I don’t feel bad about it. These sweaters will not only last this winter but many more to come. That is my goal.
C. I can’t find the styles of sweaters I like anywhere else. I’ve tried several second hand places and sometimes the shit I find on TRR makes me wonder: who da fuq would buy that if it was $5 let alone $150 or $525!?

Plans for this weekend? Hanging plants! I’ve gone full-on bonkers for taking care of plants now and I’ve begged Z to get the right anchoring thing-a-majiggies for plaster ceilings we need for hanging plants indoors. I have a nursery I love and have had a horrible habit of driving to Every. Single. Weekend. to just look at plants. I think one of the guys there who sees me all the time may think I’m lonely or something.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good long holiday weekend (hopefully) in the US.


Forgetting days


Yesstyle linen top – Yohji Yamamoto pant – Land’s End cardigan – Frye Carly Chukkas

I forgot I took my camera to work and had to adjust the white balance for taking photos in the shop. When I got home I hadn’t put my setting back so the lighting for this photo isn’t the best.

I wasn’t feeling all that great and needed to wear safe outfits, so I went with an old standby and threw on the cardigan for extra warmth. I then realized I kinda wanted another cardigan to wear at work and remembered last year how I didn’t always like how this one went with outfits I wore. This doesn’t look bad, but I think a cooler toned cardigan would’ve looked nicer.

Sometimes the work week and weekends move by so fast I forget what happened when.

Hitting the work self-destruct button


Banana Republic top – Uniqlo pant – Frye Carly Chukkas – handmade (by me) lace scarf

Work has been utterly bat-shit insane lately. It’s all to do with a client that is not mine, but is affecting product for my clients, which is annoying to me. It’s been an all-hands-on-deck situation, but it really shouldn’t be considering how big our company is now. That is the part that pisses me off. Once smaller client derails everything when it should only be a tiny blip on the radar compared to the rest.

I’d like to say that is my work rant for the week, but I have a feeling another one is coming very soon.

Did the Thing


Everlane sweater – Yohji Yamamoto skirt – Frye Carly Chukkas

This is the outfit I wore when I voted. I know, I’m a week late to the party on this. I have my photos staggered over a week in advance, which helps me keep posts each day. I take a weeks’ worth of photos and then set up my next round of posts. It’s the only way I’d keep up with this blog right now. I know I don’t write much on my posts these days and that’s because sometimes I look at these photos and think: wait, what was I doing then… Most days really are nothing much to mention.

However, voting day was something different. I decided to vote before work, so I went out in the rain and drove to the nearby high school, which is my designated place. There were guys standing outside handing out flyers promoting a total fucking asshole whose signs I’ve seen all over my neighborhood. Even in my half asleep state I heard said asshole’s name and walked past the flyer people, saying “no thanks.” I don’t need another piece of paper – another piece of trash – another fucking promotional item for a piece of shit I can’t stand.

After voting I saw the same woman sitting at a table that I saw during district elections. She volunteers each time. I think she’s been in cancer remission and each time she’s there she has an enormous dog with her. I walked over to say hello and once again she complimented my haircut. She has short hair as well and this time I gave her the name of the salon I go to. I think last time I spoke to her the salonist I had at the time left her work and I stopped going there. I was happy to give her a name and a place this time. Anyway, the woman insisted I take a sticker, which I normally don’t. I know many are all about showing off that they voted because it is important and while I definitely believe it is important I’ve never been one to draw attention to myself in that way so usually I declined the stickers. However, by the end of our conversation I ended up taking a sticker.

When I got to work I had my jacket on and then sat at my desk for a while so most people didn’t notice my sticker until later and then asked me, surprised “when did you vote?” Some people even smiled and were glad to see I voted and said they were going right after work.

Z works with political canvasing groups all the time at his job. It is his job. It’s their entire platform. They work with non-profits, charities, political canvasing groups, etc…. Unlike most, instead of using paper, the company he works for allows clients to lease tablets and phones and they lease out the software as well so the clients get results instantly. Z had been working nonstop for nearly two weeks just before elections. I noticed he was coming home later than usual and as soon as he got home, he’d immediately go upstairs, get on his computer and keep working. He’d have his phone next to him at all times and even have to stop during dinner to help a client with something or another. ALL the campaigns were going on at the same time and his clients were begging him for devices to send out for canvasing. They were wiped out completely and spent 5 hours on a Sunday solely fixing broken tablets to get anything and everything they could out to the clients. One client asked the day before elections for anything and Z said nope. He almost sent him a photo of the completely empty shelves in their storage room where all the devices are usually stored.

And now, even though elections are over, he’s still coming home late because all the campaigns for the nation-wide homeless count are starting up. Last year they only had a few locations. This year they are getting 10-15. “Sales people need to chill!” Z lamented one night during dinner because he was tired after having late afternoon calls with west coast clients.

It’ll be nice when this year is over. All the crazy campaigning will be done with, my mom’s sentencing will decide our next steps, and hopefully we can get a break from everything soon.



Knock Knock linen top – Y’s pant – Frye Carly Chukkas

This shirt is very wrinkled. Granted, it’s a linen shirt so keeping it crisp after ironing is nigh impossible. I’ve even worn it several times and put it right back on the hanger in my closet, so it has several office day’s worth of wrinkles on it even before I put it on today.

However, something felt more comforting about this shirt being so wrinkled. It felt softer – probably due to multiple wears – but I wasn’t overly bothered by how wrinkled the shirt looked and am even tempted to not iron it after washing it. Is that office appropriate? Well, considering what I can get away with I’d say yes. It’s a medium weight linen so the wrinkles look softer than if I wore a gauze or lightweight linen. In any case, I felt like I was wearing PJs today at work. The pant is lightweight wool and even though I can iron it, I never do simply because the wrinkles rarely show and mostly because it’s one less thing I get away without ironing and it won’t look bad.



Banana Republic cashmere sweater – Yohji Yamamoto skirt – Frye Carly Chukkas

Rückenfigur: A figure seen from behind used as a compositional device in art.

I was thinking today about how we always show the front of our outfits, but what about the back? Since most details for clothes tend to be on the front facing side of them, the back tends to be plain and unadorned and ignored. I noticed the back of my outfit in the bathroom at work and thought maybe something simple like this looks best.

Still sore, but not going to exercise today. I need to take a break. My legs almost gave out on me a few times in the office today.



Acne Studios sweater – The Row pant – Frye shoes

I may end up living in this sweater this winter. It really is the perfect, comfortable and warm sweater I’ve been wanting for a long time. The sweater is lambswool and the pant is virgin wool. I’m not sure what the difference is, but I was quite toasty. Almost too much so for the weather we had. Also, wearing this much warm wool makes it very difficult for me to want to change into workout clothes, especially running outside.