Scheduling routine


The remote for my camera is currently out of commission so I dragged up the workout mirror from the basement to take this outfit photo. I didn’t realize the mirror was so dirty until much later.

Lately I’ve been wearing jeans a lot, but today I felt like wearing a bunch of neutrals so I mentally put this outfit together in my head last night and I’m glad it worked out just as nicely in reality when I wore it today.  It’ll be much colder tomorrow and rainy all day so I’ll be back in jeans and a sweater and probably my Blundies.

Work is slowly getting better, but I’m still running myself ragged a few days out of the week. However, it came to light that technically certain management could care less about the extra work I’m doing to make sure stuff gets out and improve our delivery dates. Realizing this, plus the wave of people leaving due to said management has given me serious thoughts about dusting off my resume and looking elsewhere. While the immediate people I work with the most are really amazing and make working there much more tolerable, there’s only so much that can keep someone at a job when higher ups flat out don’t give a crap about the hard work being put into it.

My new planner has been keeping me on track much better than I thought. I scheduled out a routine, but realized some days I can’t do a certain activity. Instead of blowing it off like I normally would in the past, I’m now exchanging day activities so I keep the routine going and at a consistency that won’t allow me to give up. For instance, I’ve scheduled my workouts 3 days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri). Since the weather is nice I’ve been running outside more. However, due to all the rain coming in tomorrow I exchanged my facial day for my workout day so I ran today and will use my NuFace device tomorrow. I think this is what I’ve been missing all along when it comes to keeping up my routines. I never tracked them before, but now that I do I’m seeing how I can compromise on days for things that aren’t possible instead of throwing my hands up in the air and couch-potato-ing it.

I’m also tapering off my anti-anxiety medication. I’ve been on it for over a year and while I tried to taper off with the last script I gave up. This time the doctor left a note with the pharmacist to say: this is the last one. Got it. I’m being forced to really do it this time. Granted, I got some not so good news from my mom last weekend, which put me in a severe panic and made me question going off the meds at all knowing what may happen in the next few months, but I’m going to keep steady with tapering off for now. I’ve also already scheduled out dosages in my planner for that as well. I can’t compromise on this because the medication is a beast and being consistent is key. Whenever I start another low dosage taper I get what Z calls “applesauce brain”. He also was on this medication a few years ago and had to taper off it, which he said was brutal. He constantly had headaches. I’ve had more headaches than usual, but the fogginess or sort of bleh, mushy feeling I get is worse, hence the term applesauce-brain.

Winter hardships


This is the time of year when greenery is rare (except indoors) and warmth is fleeting. Since I’m not taking any outfit photos I chose a few I took last March at Longwood Gardens to cheer up this post. They are more or less visual breaks in an otherwise completely random post of thoughts.

I’ve only been wearing one pair of jeans with a regular rotation of 4 or 5 sweaters. Winter = no fuss, uniform wear. I feel the need to purge in winter because the weather forces me to look at only what’s easy and warm. Everything else is extraneous. I know I’ll feel differently when the weather warms up, but I am considering more of a uniform in general for the whole year.


We’ve ordered new cabinet doors and will soon have to paint the main cupboards before the doors arrive. I’m not looking forward to the huge task of prepping the whole kitchen for painting, but I am wanting to have the end result sooner than later.


Getting back into a consistent exercise routine is so extremely hard in winter. It’s hard when I’m near my menstrual cycle. It’s hard after being out drinking with friends. It’s hard after an awful day at work (especially several hard days in a row). It’s hard when I’ve eaten something off and my body doesn’t want to do anything because it’s revolting against me, which seems to be the case more often than not. How did I get to be so sensitive to so many foods? I drag myself on the treadmill at the least. Today I managed to do a few sets of chin-ups as well.

Hits and Misses

Considering I started off 2019 with a shopping ban, I ended up purchasing a lot of items when I broke the ban and let the flood gates open to buying whatever the hell I wanted. Granted, I did have very specific things in mind and ironically those things ended up only being “meh” for the most part. What surprised me were the items I randomly bought that have ended up being staples and complete wardrobe game changers for me.

I’ll start with the most mind blowing purchases first…

cocoona skinwearsilk brassilk underwear

Silk underwear by Cocoona Skinwear. The silk reminds me of some Eileen Fisher silk shirts I’ve seen where the fabric is durable but still almost sheer and has a bit of give to it. It is not a size inclusive company by any means because… Japan. Their sizes are literally small and smaller according to US standards, but in Japan these come in “medium” and “large”. I purchased the larger size of all the underwear and while I could’ve gotten away with the medium, I’m perfectly happy with the extra give on the large. The colors are neutral and gorgeous. The material is incredibly soft and feels like it could rip easily in my hands. That being said, this underwear has held up really well. It’s expensive – on par with Victoria’s Secret when not on sale, but after I bought two pairs of bottoms I was immediately hooked and made more purchases of it over a few months to replace all of my old nylon underwear I’d worn for at least 6 years.

I agonized over the purchases because they were pricey, but also because I kept telling myself I can find something like this in the US. There has to be a company that can make this sort of awesomeness here, right? I waited a few months even before purchasing the first items, doing extensive research online. I scoured Etsy and tried looking at all independent and sustainable companies I could find. While doing so I realized something that I greatly dislike about western advertising: it’s all about showing off women. The advertising for the Cocoona items was so simple and straight forward and even prudish it made me feel more comfortable purchasing it – for as odd as that sounds. In the end, I couldn’t find anything even close to Cocoona here or anywhere. To view the pages for the bras and underwear go here and here. There used to be an English translation of the pages on the site, but they’ve since taken it down so I don’t know if they are still selling outside of Japan.

The fit is “granny style” and even bags a tiny bit. However, that’s not a negative. In fact, it made me wonder if I’d been wearing the wrong size underwear for a long time. With some items of clothing there is VPL, but due to how much coverage I get with these, it’s hardly an issue and I’ve given up on trying to hide any VPL anymore. I just want to be comfortable and this underwear is the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. The bras are more like bralettes because due to the fabric. There are no wires and the padding is removable. This is by no means at all a one-fit-for-everyone kind of underwear, but it is perfect for me and I’m glad I found it.

Now that I’ve posted far more than necessary on underwear, here are some other really good purchases I’ve made this year….

cotton silk sweater

Cotton silk sweater from Muji. I bought this over the summer on sale and it’s become one of my go-to sweaters.

cotton waffle sweater

Cotton waffle sweater from Muji – bought the same day as the above sweater during the summer and on sale. I had no intention of buying either of these, but I love them both. The waffle sweater I wear at least twice a week now that the temps have dipped below 40F. Next to my forest green lambswool sweater, this waffle one is the warmest sweater I have and very easy to style.

The beige Uniqlo pant in the above photo is also new and another amazing-but-not-planned purchase. Uniqlo has upped the styling on their e-z ankle pant. I have a navy pair of the older edition and can wear them year round. The beige ones are definitely a step up in styling and will become an easy year-round staple as well.

merino wool turtleneck

Merino wool turtleneck sweater from COS. I fell in love with the color and bought it. It’s not my favorite out of all of these, but I find myself reaching for it more often than not because it’s easy to wear. The long ribbed cuffs are a bit awkward feeling when I first put the sweater on, but I get used to it throughout the day. In general, I’m glad to see more true forest green colors instead the usual army-ish olive-like color that most companies pass off as green.

BTW, the blue pant above are the older Uniqlo e-z pant I’ve had for years.

wool turtleneck

Wool turtleneck sweater from Pas de Calais. I bought this on a massive sale and it’s by far the softest sweater I own. It feels softer than the cashmere sweater my mom bought me a couple years ago. The size is very loose and the wool is so thin it’s a bit sheer so I have to wear a nude bra underneath. Despite being so gauze-like it is extremely warm.

The cardigan over it is the cotton one from Everlane. I generally don’t tie up the sash on it and am thinking of just taking it off entirely. This has also been a good layering piece when the temperature got cooler.

And now for the not so great purchases…

wide leg jeans

The Chimala wide-leg jeans that are not advertised as being wide-leg anywhere at all. In fact, from any listings I’ve seen of these jeans, they don’t have any indicator of “straight” or “wide” or anything. If I’d known, I probably would not have bought them. They are much tighter in the waist than I thought and I’m realizing I’m not a fan at all of high-waist jeans. I don’t think they look good on me and have a hard time styling them. The verdict is out on what I plan to do with this rather expensive blunder item.

pinkish shoes

Pink-ish Moma shoes. I was having a weird moment where I was very tempted by pastels for a while. The shoes weren’t all that expensive since I got them on a major sale, but I’m wondering how much mileage I’ll really get out of them. Maybe I’ll crave them more in the spring? They deliberately look a bit beaten up by design.

The linen items I bought that were the initial reason for breaking my shopping ban this year are still in rotation. The heavy linen pant get worn a lot on the weekends. They are warm and easy to throw on for when I want to go out and not look too lazy. The dress is waiting for warmer weather and so is the button-down green shirt. It’s amusing to me that those were the things I looked forward to the most and now they are just… there.

While this doesn’t cover all the things I bought, this highlights what helped me understand what I want in my own styling a lot better. I’m definitely a uniform type of person for winter wear. Other seasons tend to be a mixed bag of mood swings though…

I don’t have any planned purchases. The last purchase I made was over the weekend for a new pair of running shoes. I’ve been a bit more vigilant in exercising regularly – until I got food poisoning a few days ago…. Anyway, I’ve been much better about writing down what exercise goals I have and keeping to them. They are very simple:

  • Run 1 mile
  • Dumbbell squats
  • Overhead press
  • Chin-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Monster walk (this is done using a tied theraband around my ankles)
  • Dumbbell balance (a single leg balance exercise made more difficult with weight)

While that’s not all that I do, that’s just a sample and I only do 4 when I exercise with the mile run always being one of them. I’m not worried about reps or weight amounts right now. I’m just trying to get a regular routine in place first. I put a Bosu ball on my wishlist because I really do need to work on balancing more. The last two trips I took  had a Bosu ball I used in the gyms and realized it’s quite handy. I have terrible balance in general and I’m stubborn enough to keep at it if I have something to work with so an exercise device for that is best for me.

Reading: First Principles by Herbert Spencer. It’s been a long time since I read an older book so putting my Ye-Olde-Speaketh-Much-More-Than-Seemingly-Necessary-to-Reach-Thine-Theoretical-Point-Supposedly hat on reminded me of how rusty I’ve gotten. 18th and 19th century classics were my jam many many years ago, but since I’ve switched to manga I feel as though I’m trying to learn how to breath again. I forgot how amazingly long some sentences can get in these old tomes. Ten years ago Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, William Makepeace Thackeray, Dostoevsky, and Strachey were read religiously. Now – not so much, but it’s made me all the more aware of how we’ve collectively inherited ADD. We’ll see how well I get through this book.

So I guess this is my end-of-year update of sorts. I hope all who read this – especially this far – have very Happy Holidays.

Working out in winter.



Yohji Yamamoto shirt – Girlfriend Collective leggings – Dries Van Noten shoes

We’ve had some really cold weather lately so even though it’s technically not winter – it feels like it. In fact, we’ve already had snow (last week). When it’s cold, it’s always harder to motivate myself to exercise. Most of my work clothes are easily warm and comfortable enough for me to wear into the evening until I take my nightly shower before bed. However, I am trying to keep up my workout routine for my sanity (it really helps on the emotional front) and I developed a “trick” last winter and am doing it again to keep myself in check. On most days I will wear some part of my workout outfit under my work outfit. In today’s case, I literally only had to take off the Yohji shirt (I had the Everlane one on underneath for warmth and I wore my workout bra all day – most of mine are comfortable enough for that) and change my shoes. Like so…


I’ll admit – some days this doesn’t work and even though I’m all geared up I simply can’t muster up the strength to force myself down one flight of stairs to the cold basement to work out. *Insert single, tiny violin solo for First World Problems and emo whining here* Most days it does work though and lately because I know it’s helping me emotionally, I’m all in.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving for those in the US. We are going low-key this year and doing basic get together at the in-laws.

Starting the layering game

warmth layer

Acne Studios sweater – Yohji Yamamoto suit dress – old Nordstrom Rack leggings – Nisolo shoes

I’m starting the how-can-I-create-a-nice-look-and-keep-warm layering game. I have to say I’m rather proud of myself for this one. This dress really is easy to layer. The only thing I’d change are my leggings. These are soft, spongey leggings that are fleece lined and they ended up giving me lots of static so the bottom of the dress stuck to my legs most of the day.

Also, be prepared to see this sweater A LOT.

My exercise routine is getting better. My reps have increased on my chin-ups much faster than anticipated. I remembered reading a while back that while muscle memory fades fairly fast, muscle mass actually stays around for much longer and can take upwards of a year to go away – assuming I stop all exercising for that year and go full-on slug mode. So the muscle mass retention has worked in my favor and now the muscle memory is kicking in because I’m not dying of DOMS as much. I’m also creeping up on my max barbell squat weight fairly quickly, which also makes me happy. I like the feeling of picking up something that weighs ten pounds with one hand and having it feel like it’s a feather.

Routine… during the hardest time of the year

black and grey

Y’s turtleneck top – The Row pant – Jil Sander shoes

I’ve had lots of mini break downs lately. My mother was here for a couple weeks and although I love her dearly it’s difficult to always be talking about what’s going to happen (or not, which is even worse not knowing…) or about what I need to do with regards to dad’s estate since I’m solely responsible for doing everything now. Having the responsibility doesn’t bother me, but rather I feel like I’ve simply not had time to grieve and work my feelings out from all of it. It seems like everything came crashing down all in the span of one month and now we are sitting in a holding pattern of dread, fear, stress and anxiety until late December (mom’s sentencing) and beyond.

As a result, any patterns I’ve had to keep myself sane have flown out the window. I’m not exercising regularly. I’m not eating as well as I used to and suddenly find myself binging. I also have been having mini minor panic attacks simply from talking about any of this. I’ve also noticed I’m justifying purchasing anything and everything because I just fucking need instant gratification now on something that won’t make me want to punch a wall or scream.

I sorta had one of those “oh wait, I remember when….” moments this past weekend, which stopped me in my tracks. Many years ago when I was unemployed for a ridiculously long time I didn’t buy clothes (granted I bought other little things, but didn’t spend nearly as much money) and I exercised a lot. Oh yeah, remember that time Jen when you went FIVE YEARS without even buying a new pair of underwear or socks? It wasn’t until well after I’d had a job that I even thought about buying clothes and then remembered I kinda needed new underwear because I got tired of it sagging off me. Part of that was due to my underwear being so old and part was due to having lost weight. Remembering that made me realize I honestly don’t need to buy anything at this point in time. Would it be nice to have x, y and z items? Sure, but I really don’t need them and I’ve lived well enough without such things before, so what’s the point of getting it now?

I also remembered every other time I was miserable and tried to think what the hell I did to normalize myself. It ended up being exercise. So today I got out my notebook and nearly cried at the numbers as I put them down. In April I could do 4 reps of chin-ups: 15, 13, 12, 10. That means I did 15 consecutive chin ups in one rep before pausing for a couple minutes and then doing another 13 and so on. God fucking damn my arms were amazing then. Today’s numbers: 4, 4, 3, 3. Pitiful. I don’t even want to think about whether or not I can do a pull-up and those are much harder.

I miss feeling strong. I miss my boring routine. I miss hating exercising – if that makes sense. I’m writing it here to kick myself in the ass and give myself something to focus on again since I’ve been all over the place lately. This will be an enormous challenge as well knowing what’s coming up and knowing the weather is not going to get any warmer now. Also holidays are coming soon and that’s always throws a wrench on any routine at all.

Defining expenses


This was Friday’s outfit. It was a bit warm and this polyester shirt works really well for that in-between weather temperature range. I need a jacket for going outside, but inside I’m fine with just this. It’s another reminder that not all of my fast-fashion buys are bad things as long as I keep using them and this shirt has stood the test of time. I’ve had it for round 7 years I think.

I looked at the purchases I’ve made thus far this month and the amount is shocking. I’m nearly at $300, which is the limit I set for myself per month of discretionary shopping. What have I bought?

  • 1 gift for a friend
  • 3 items from Sephora (replenishment hair pomade, replenishment blush, new eye brow brush/razor – all of these were things I needed to replace/replenish because I use them regularly)
  • 1 affogato
  • another affogato and bag of coffee so I can make some at home
  • 1 Nintendo amiibo (another gift – for Z – not necessary but fun) to use for playing Zelda
  • 2 bags of hot chocolate (these were expensive, but so worth it – it’s like drinking molten dark chocolate bars)
  • haircut
  • Saturday brunch with Z

So here is where I’m starting to get fuzzy with what I need to consider an “expense”.

Do I count the haircut, the gift for my friend, and the Sephora items as discretionary spending? If not, then I’m still well within my range. However, it is extra spending I hadn’t anticipated because it happens infrequently and isn’t budgeted into my monthly expenses. Does that mean I need to up my monthly expenses by another $100 or so to include all these “oh yeah, I forgot I need to get that” sort of spending. It’s stuff I need and use, but not all the time. With beauty products, it’s a total crap shoot because I only buy that sort of stuff maybe every 3 or 6 months (or longer), depending on the item.

I suppose looking at that list and seeing that it all only cost $300 really isn’t that bad, but again adding up all those little things made me realize how quickly I can spend money without thinking about it.

How do you treat those random-but-necessary purchases in your spending? Chalk it up to extra spending that month? Be conscious of that spending so you spend less discretionary? Throw it into your budget and that gives you more of a buffer each month you don’t buy those items? Take the total cost of what you need (roughly) and then divide it out by 12 so you have that amount “counted for” in your monthly budgeting (or however you do it)?

I also got my raise this month, so my budget needs to be re-assessed for figuring out how much more I can save each month.


These were my Valentine Day flowers I found on my desk when I got home. I don’t like red roses so Z has always gotten me ones in the colors I like for roses: orange, lavender or some mix of orange-yellow or pink-white.

I’ve been lusting over these two pairs of pants. Both are expensive. The first is navy wool pants from La Garconne. I don’t need another pair of wool navy pants, but these look so nice and casual-ish. The second pair is linen by Pas de Calais (sold at La Garconne) and they are twice as much as the first pair. I want the linen pair more. I feel like they would be a great alternative (dependent upon weather) to jeans for a regular pair of pants to wear. I’m still kinda considering the ES Clyde work pant as well.

Since the very end of December I’ve been doing much better with keeping my workout routine. I’ve not been perfect, but definitely a lot better. As a result, I’ve started to see quite a bit of muscle development in areas I had no idea I could have such strong muscles. Due to the boot, I’m restricted to mostly upper body and core strength. My arms feel…. meaty now. They are much more muscular than they used to be. Even my forearms are stronger.

As of January 1st I could do 8 chin ups and 3 pull ups. As of Friday, February 16th, I am up to 5 pull ups and 13 chin ups. My bench press weight has gone up by 20 lbs (was 30, now at 50 and stalling bad there) and my overhead press has gone up 10 lbs (stalling badly there too). I can’t seem to get many more in than 4 on overhead press and 5 on bench press, but I can do a few more reps at that amount than I used to. I still hate body rows and haven’t made much improvement there. My push ups have gotten a lot better as well.

It’s very strange for me to have so much upper body strength now. My legs were always the strongest part of my body due to running and strength training. I feel slightly unbalanced now because my legs are so weak and my arms so strong.



Everlane sweater, Rachel Comey Lure pant, gifted scarf (I think it’s from Gap).

The first half of the day I was cold and wore my enormous scarf around my neck. After lunch I finally took it off. I also have on a tee underneath the sweater for added warmth.


Here is the tee I was wearing along with my Girlfriend Collective workout leggings. The tee is from Grand Teton National Park. It’s of a hiking bear that’s waving.

Today was one of those “ugh, I have to work out” days, so I took the camera with me to take photos. Behind the basement door is the only full-length (sort of) mirror we have. I have it hung there so I can check my posture when doing weights.

weight room

This room is always a mess and we have weights thrown about everywhere. Z and I both are too lazy to put them away because we use this room every other day. There’s a treadmill on the left with a barbell (minus weights on it) on the floor in front of it. I think we have 3 barbells, but only use 2 of them. The one on the floor is shorter and we use it for deadlifts. The one on the weight bench is longer and little heavier. I also have a rowing machine in the other room.

Today was quite boring at work. It’s nice to have a relaxing day at the end of the week, but then it makes the day crawl by so painfully slow. I did a lot of screen shopping for shoes. I cannot wait to wear different shoes!!

Anyone have any fun plans this weekend? I think we are going to see Phantom Thread at some point and Z is going to change the oil in my car. So exciting….

Simple and fit


J Crew sweater, Grana jeans.

I’m not sure what the dark smudge is in the upper right part of the photo. I hope it’s not something wrong with the camera.

Today was one of those throw-on-whatever kinds of days. A simple outfit, sweater and jeans.

A coworker stopped me today and after complimenting my sweater said, “You look fit!” This was coming from a teeny tiny woman who is 3 inches shorter than me and weighs as much as I did in middle school. We then swapped weight training stories and I found out she used to have a solid six pack and played 5 sports. Her weight has yo-yo’d over time and she said seeing me motivated her to get back to it. Considering I’ve felt like I’ve been a bit off for the past couple months, this was refreshing to hear. Other than last Friday’s monsoon and coming home really late, I’ve been working out every Mon, Wed, Fri starting just after Christmas. Not being able to run still drives me nuts, but weight training has kept the Crazy under control. I have noticed I’ve gotten a little more fat in some areas I hoped to never see it on again because I’ve works so hard already to lose it, but there’s not much I can do about it now. I’ll have to wait it out with the boot and tendon rehab.

Tonight Z and I are going to watch Mary and the Witch’s Flower, which is the premiere film from the newly formed Studio Ponoc. It’s an animation studio and several animators there used to work at the world famous Studio Ghibli. Ghibli is where the two grandfathers of anime (Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata) work so animators splitting off from the main company and building their own little empire is really exciting in the animation world right now. The director for Mary also did The Secret World of Arrietty and based on the trailer, it looks and generally feels very much like a Ghibli film. I’m really excited to see it though because unlike Ghibli films, this one seems much more action centered. I love Ghibli films and own almost everything by Miyazaki-san, but they can be a bit heavy with the feels. That is part of what makes these films so good, but sometimes an action-packed ride is just as good and easier to take in on one viewing. There are two showings tonight and I’ve opted for the Japanese sub at the earlier time. The English dub has Cate Winslet and Jim Broadbent as part of the cast, so in time I’ll definitely watch the dub as well. I think the movie is only showing for a short run at limited theaters. I know that after tonight, only the dub version will be airing.


Snow day

The alarm went off and instead of snoozing I knew I’d either have to scrape a little snow off my car (might as well get up now so I have time to do it) or I’d get to go back to sleep. I walked downstairs to get a street view. Nope. Not happening. It was so dark out with so much snow blowing it looked like it was still 3 am out there. I crawled back into bed with my phone and no sooner than I pulled up my boss’s contact info, I got a text from him not to bother coming in today. Back to sleep for another two hours. Bliss.

Got up again. Z was already awake and fed the cats. He’s working from home today and able to catch up on a lot of work. He said today would be a good day to play Zelda, but he’s better off doing what work he can at home. His new job inundates him every single day and he needs help getting it all done. Peace and quiet at home for him to get things organized will greatly help. I make a hot breakfast and play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

snow day

Candles lit, heat blasting, mugs of hot tea, my wool blanket and video games. That is the extent of today’s agenda. I’ve heard the plows go by 5 times already. The wind is so strong now it blows all the snow back onto the the street in minutes. We were only supposed to get 4 or 5 inches of snow max, but it seems like we may get more. Note to self: double layer clothing tomorrow – it’ll be annoyingly cold.


Tuesday: Everlane black long sleeve, Limi Feu sweater (gift from Z for xmas), Yohji pants. I put up different curtains before the holidays and while they’ve given the living room a nice color lift, they’re not doing my outfit photos any favors. I may have to find a different area of the house to do them until the daylight savings changes and I get more natural light again. wednesday

Wednesday: Banana Republic button down and grey cashmere sweater (gift from mom for xmas), Rachel Comey Lure Pant.

The Limi Feu sweater, BR sweater and RC pants are all new and (aside from one item currently on it’s way) the last items I bought in 2017. I don’t plan on buying any clothes for quite a while. I don’t really plan on buying much of anything for a long time.

I was shocked when I got the Limi Feu sweater, considering how expensive it was. I have some used designer clothes on my Amazon wishlist – I found through Japanese discounters – they aren’t on Amazon. I put them there for my reference more than anything else. The sweater is wool and linen and kept me quite warm on Tuesday when I was back in a freezing cold office. The heat was off over the holidays. The BR sweater is also very warm, but the V on it is so low my neck and chest were getting cold! The RC Lure Pant was a gift to myself. They went on sale, twice, and I jumped at the second time the price lowered. They are very high waisted (almost at my bra when I sit down) and low crotched and baggy and extremely comfortable. They look like worker pants in a way and I want to pair them now with my 45rpm clothes. They are very long as well, but I prefer the dorky look of cuffing them up high versus getting them hemmed. I’ll be wearing them a lot this winter along with the Sacai pants.

Upping my workout routine and tracking my reps again with what few exercises I can do while in the boot. My pull-ups are atrocious so I’m focusing on doing more of those. Started on December 30th and when January 1st rolled around my arms were cursing me, but I forced myself to work out. Now my core muscles are cranky with me. I need to look up some more stretching exercises to do post work out.