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Old self

Uniqlo flannel top - Grana jeans - Coach boots For some reason I've been feeling very raw over the past 48 hours and so bear with this post full of navel gazing and pondering. This is an "old me" outfit. It's probably one I'd wear in some variation every day, seven days a week several… Continue reading Old self


Fall 2017 Anime

Here's what I'm watching this season. Mahou Tsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus' Bride): This show is pure poetry. Hatori Chise, a Slay Vega, sells herself at a magical auction and is bought by Elias Ainsworth, a mage. He makes her his apprentice and also decides to make her his bride. Funny thing is -… Continue reading Fall 2017 Anime


Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul – The show that crapped on on everything good, especially the previous season.

Above is a photo of Azazel from Genesis. He is not amused by the shit that went down in VS. In fact, no one is. Or at least, not people who actually think character development and plot coherency matter in a series. I've read a few other reviews now that the show is over and… Continue reading Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul – The show that crapped on on everything good, especially the previous season.


Re: CREATORS – best show of the season?

I'm shelving my eye rolling anger at Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin Soul for now and reviewing a show that completely shocked me, re:CREATORS. Warning: light spoilers. I tried really hard not to throw many in here. The first episode of this show was a total WHUT? Mostly due to this: That is a long-haired loli-looking… Continue reading Re: CREATORS – best show of the season?


SnB:VS Episode 20 – poor Mugaro

Spoilers ahead. I've kinda given up on SnBVS actually adhering to some sort of plot now. It started out with an end point, but the train derailed and despite its determination to get somewhere, no one on board has any clue where that end point exists.  Weird things keep happening that are very much too-little-too-late… Continue reading SnB:VS Episode 20 – poor Mugaro


Anime: Favorite Male characters

After reading some anime review blogs I was thinking about what makes me like certain characters and not others. I clearly have a "type" and can be biased towards it. So I'm going to spell it out here - literally. I won't do show synopsis but assume most readers have heard of/ seen/ know what… Continue reading Anime: Favorite Male characters