Long weekend, one outfit


Acne Studios sweater – Grana jeans – Adidas shoes

I have worn this outfit in some manner for three of the four days I’ve had off over the long holiday weekend. I had on my Allbirds shoes with the sweater and jeans for Thanksgiving when I was at the in-laws house. I wore the same again on Friday for going to see Thom Yorke in concert in the city. Saturday I wore an old Everlane sweatshirt because we did house cleaning, but the sweater came out again on Sunday for a walk in the park. Z asked if I’m going to live in this sweater all winter. I think this is proof that’s a given.

Thursday and Friday I did exercise so I only wore the outfit half the day. Sleep in, breakfast, lounge and then change into workout gear and drag myself to the basement. Afterwards a shower and throw on the outfit for whatever I had going on.  Fun fact: Z can wear this sweater too. I had him try it on and it fits him perfectly.

Saturday night we had severe heavy rain for six solid hours. If it was colder it would’ve been one hell of a snow storm. The temperature warmed up a bit due to the rains and Sunday everyone had the same idea we did – get outside while we still can enjoy it. The weather was in the mid 50s. The park we went to has part of a river that runs through it but due to the rains the park was split in half by the overflow that prevented people from taking the upper hill trails. There were only two trails that weren’t under water or cut off from the bridge flooding so the walkways were packed. Surprisingly, lots of people were out playing disc golf. The fairways for those were soupy with mud.

trailfieldgreen sweater

There were plenty of other things I wanted to get done during the long weekend, but I’m not complaining nor bothered by not having completed them. Sometimes taking a proper break is necessary and not doing anything is a good thing.

I did buy a couple things online on Black Friday, but most of them were things I generally would’ve bought regardless of what day it was. I just happened to get them for a little cheaper this time.





Acne Studios sweater – Yohji Yamamoto suit pant – Frye Carly Chukkas

I am so glad I waterproofed these suede shoes. Granted, they aren’t the warmest, but waterproofing them has helped immensely. While walking in to work, post snow storm with lots of snowy, slushy puddles everywhere  – I thought I stepped on a solid spot only to see my shoe be nearly submerged halfway up my foot. However, because of the waterproof spray I put on them, the water bounced right off and I stepped indoors puddle-foot-free and dry. Yay!

I plan on waterproofing the rest of my leather shoes this weekend. I have spray-on and cream style. It’s been a while since I cleaned a few of my leather shoes anyway so maintenance is necessary.

I really love this sweater. I know, Totally Random Comment, but it’s true. Z and I went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant (where we were married) and Z joked that even he could wear this sweater. And he totally could and his more form-fitted sweater might fit me better than this one, but damnit I love this big, fluffy, slightly itchy lambswool sweater, which also repels water rather well.

Starting the layering game

warmth layer

Acne Studios sweater – Yohji Yamamoto suit dress – old Nordstrom Rack leggings – Nisolo shoes

I’m starting the how-can-I-create-a-nice-look-and-keep-warm layering game. I have to say I’m rather proud of myself for this one. This dress really is easy to layer. The only thing I’d change are my leggings. These are soft, spongey leggings that are fleece lined and they ended up giving me lots of static so the bottom of the dress stuck to my legs most of the day.

Also, be prepared to see this sweater A LOT.

My exercise routine is getting better. My reps have increased on my chin-ups much faster than anticipated. I remembered reading a while back that while muscle memory fades fairly fast, muscle mass actually stays around for much longer and can take upwards of a year to go away – assuming I stop all exercising for that year and go full-on slug mode. So the muscle mass retention has worked in my favor and now the muscle memory is kicking in because I’m not dying of DOMS as much. I’m also creeping up on my max barbell squat weight fairly quickly, which also makes me happy. I like the feeling of picking up something that weighs ten pounds with one hand and having it feel like it’s a feather.

Comfy mode


Acne Studios sweater – Rachel Comey Lure Pant – Allbirds shoes

Casual Friday and I was extremely comfortable – almost too comfortable in fact for work. When I’m at work I almost feel like I need some sort of rigidity to my outfits to keep me in check so I don’t get too lazy or forget to do something. I felt like I was wearing PJs with this outfit – not that it’s a bad thing, but maybe not for me while working.



Acne Studios sweater – The Row pant – Frye shoes

I may end up living in this sweater this winter. It really is the perfect, comfortable and warm sweater I’ve been wanting for a long time. The sweater is lambswool and the pant is virgin wool. I’m not sure what the difference is, but I was quite toasty. Almost too much so for the weather we had. Also, wearing this much warm wool makes it very difficult for me to want to change into workout clothes, especially running outside.

Ren Faire attire

green and black

Acne Studios sweater – Vince turtleneck – Yohji Yamamoto skirt – Lems boots

I thought I would be warm enough for Ren Faire in this outfit, but I clearly underestimated the weather and the fact that I’m getting older. Luckily, a friend of mine had one of those huge velvet capes she didn’t want to wear because she was overheating in it and I ended up wearing that cape the entire time. I even had the hood up on it.


I am so incredibly thankful for my friend who showed up and didn’t need this. I would’ve been miserable and cold the whole time without it. And of course, I fit right in with all the other caped people wandering the Faire.

But getting back to my original outfit – I’ve clearly got a thing for black and green now. I want ALL THE GREEN (but only in that specific shade of green) to wear with all of my black and as regular readers know – I love my black clothes and have many. The YY skirt is the latest edition I just received the day before the Faire. It’s all wool except for two patches of velvet and it’s got panels so when I swing around it’s very full. It’s heavy and warm and I love it and I don’t care that no one really wears full skirts like this anymore. This skirt will be a winter staple.

I’m also patting myself on the back for wearing my Lems boots that I don’t care if they get muddy or beat to shit because while most of the Faire was paved, some areas were a bit muddy due to all the rain we’ve had lately.

The right green


Acne Studios sweater – Yohji Yamamoto skirt/pant – Frye Carly Chukkas

This is not a great photo for showing off this sweater, which irks me a bit because I LOVE THIS SWEATER. I got home late and had to up the brightness for taking this photo, which makes the colors look all weird. Ugh, soon daylight savings starts and I’ll be back to taking photos with shit for lighting.

Anyway – this sweater was expensive and an impulse purchase and worth every penny. I gave in to my need for emotional instant gratification, damned be the cost (it’s up there – with the PdC linen pants I’d bought over the summer), but I know I will be wearing it to death.

I’d been looking at sweaters because most of mine are lightweight cotton ones and I wanted something with some oomph to it in the warmth department. Also, I wanted a green sweater, but not just any green sweater – I wanted MY green sweater. Most green clothing items are olive, which is nice, but I’m fucking sick of it. Olive is not GREEN. Olive is olive and muted and a combination of green and grey and it’s NOT GREEN. 90% of fashion clothes that come out in “green” are really olive. That’s not a statistic, it’s just me exerting my completely non-expert and completely devoid of any substantial facts opinion. The other side of the green fashion spectrum is Evergreen, which while it does look more green – it’s still just dark teal in disguise. Then you have Forest Green, which tends to be so dark that most people just assume it’s black. This is an actual Green sweater, but the lighting doesn’t do it justice. It’s called Pine Green and I like it.

And to bitch more about how bad the lighting is, the skirt/pant item, which totally falls into yesterday’s fashion category of me wearing weird things, looks horrible in this photo. That white bit? It’s the sheen of the velvet from the window light.