Cool weather formula

I've fallen into a safe uniform formula for the cooler weather lately. A lightweight sweater and pant with a cardigan or wool jacket if I need a layer for going outside. The photo with the beer is from today. It's been Hell Week at work, which I knew was going to happen. Why? Because I'm… Continue reading Cool weather formula


4 days, 1 pant

Wearing the same pant until Friday was surprisingly easy. I was reminded of my old uniforms where I wore a tee and jeans every day. Usually the same jeans with a different tee. Once again I'm questioning do I really need half the clothes I own? Probably not, but feeling the gut wrenching remorse of… Continue reading 4 days, 1 pant

Plants & Nature

Plants saying hi

I took these photos nearly a month ago and the status has changed a bit. Also, I excluded some photos because I should just take new ones. The above pilea glauca aquamarine has been a total pain for me. It's constantly dying and I've tried everything I can think of to keep it going, but… Continue reading Plants saying hi