Thank you...

Thank you…denim shirt

It was the mid 2000s and suddenly a type of button-down shirt made tsunamis across the fashion world: chambray. Chambray is the classic denim looking shirt that's softer and was at the time oh-so-chic. Ever fashion blogger I was following back then fawned over this and that brand's chambray shirts and when they got their… Continue reading Thank you…denim shirt


When his become mine

Z admits he's a hoarder. He's not reality TV show bad, but there have been many times when we've been looking for something and come across items that he received as gifts or bought that are still in their original packaging and he goes, "Oh yeah...." We clash quite a bit on whether or not… Continue reading When his become mine


Saying no – most of the time

It's almost February and I thought I'd do a spending recap for this month. Clothing: $90 - Everlane skinny jeans and Everlane long sleeve tee. Amazon: $54.06 - Jane Iredale lip stain in pink and eye lash extender mascara. Apple: $46.62 - Game app (my unhealthy relationship with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has been affecting… Continue reading Saying no – most of the time


Itching for something different

The end of the year brings tension, excitement and expectations of something "different" about to happen. Resolutions come to mind. Will new goals penned down stick? Lately I've been rewatching some old anime shows and reminding myself of how much I learn from the characters. Honestly, it doesn't matter if it's anime, a tv show… Continue reading Itching for something different