Something Hopeful

Quarterly reflections: Running: March: 22.53 miles. 2.25 average. Run pace 9'22" February: 15.02 miles. 1.50 average. Run pace 9'45"January: 22.62 miles. 1.61 average. Run pace 9'38" My running pace is getting better. I'm also running more miles per outing than January. February is a bit of a wash due to how bad the weather was… Continue reading Something Hopeful

Groundhog March

After a horribly depressing February, March has shown some improvement. And yet right now we are still in lockdown. It feels a little like groundhog day all over again.   Z and I WFH all the time. My boss casually throws out comments about my coming in the office for a day or two and… Continue reading Groundhog March