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Shirt + Pants: Fantasy Linen. Cardigan: Calo Rosa on Yesstyle. Shoes: TOMS.

I did steam these clothes to get out wrinkles last night, but after wearing them in the office throughout the day they ended up still quite wrinkled. But that’s the beauty of linen clothes. This is the big shirt I mentioned a while back I bought in the same order as the pants. The shirt I don’t think was made quite right because the arm holes were so big my elbows would get caught in them, so I sewed in the sides a little with my sewing machine. It’s still huge and it’s meant to be oversized, but I do still like it. I didn’t adjust it well for these photos. This outfit was like wearing the comfortable PJs in the office all day. It didn’t help that I hardly slept last night and had a hard time staying awake. Being this comfortable in an outfit was almost to my detriment.

I got lost down a rabbit hole of eBay finds today. I’d almost forgotten all about a Japanese brand that I fell in love with years ago and would follow all the time – but I never bought anything from them because they are so expensive. 45rpm had the most amazing lookbooks and I coveted most of what they had available, especially their denim and indigo dyed fabrics. Their ad campaigns now are rather generic and no longer show beautiful outdoor scenes with their clothes that I fawned over so much before, but the clothes are still quite beautiful. Anyway, I found some items on eBay through sellers for very reasonable prices. It’s very tempting to go hog-wild.



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Today the hubs and I went for a walk at a nearby preserve. It’s been the first nature walk I’ve taken since January. I forgot how relaxing and calm it feels to be surrounded by greenery and nature in general.

I was unemployed for a couple years during the recession and every day after I’d do my job scouting, I’d go drive out to my favorite park and hike for hours. I have around 40k photos of that park because I always took my camera and documented the change in the trails I took throughout the years. It was the only thing that kept my depression at bay from being unemployed for so long. I think I was at my most happiest during that time.

If you’re feeling stressed, go to the nearest park and take a walk.

Achievement Unlock: Baggy Comfort


Shirt: Calo Rosa on Yesstyle. Pants: Fantasy Linen. House slippers: Muji.

I know I normally don’t post weekend outfits, but I felt like taking photos today.

Why did I ever obsess about wearing skinny jeans? I wore jeans once this week and I just wanted to go home and change. They are the comfortable Grana jeans, but now that I’m starting to embrace loose clothing I feel so much better and rarely want to put on jeans.

This top is fantastic and I love the texture. It’s also much warmer than I thought. Layered with a long sleeve tee or turtleneck underneath would make it perfectly suitable for cooler weather. I could even wear leggings underneath the pants and be fine for autumn.

My mood about my ankle has gotten better. Other than the lump that was created from wearing the Nisolo shoes earlier, I’ve not had any problems. In fact, even when I had the lump I didn’t have any major pain either, so maybe I need to give the tendon a little more time to strengthen.

I’ve been doing my usual weight training and actually started throwing weights on the barbell again. I had 40 lbs on the barbell for squats yesterday and ooof…. I am feeling it today. It’s been so long and that amount is so wimpy compared to where I was before! Baby steps…. I’m also taking regular walks around the neighborhood. After all the exercising, I spend more time now stretching, paying extra attention to my calf for tightness around the tendon.

I mentioned I’ve been craving ramen (not cup noodle, the real bone-broth stuff) and the best place to get it is in the city 40 minutes away. The hubs mentioned going to have some for dinner later today.


This is my perpetual battle in the house. Keeping this chair fur-free. Most of the time I fail because the cats both love this chair. They’ve claimed it as their own and Yuki, seen above, is usually in it 99% of the time. When Bento wants in the chair, he’ll pretend to attack people so they leave and he can get in it, because he’s an asshole that way. He usually only attacks the husband though because he’s a big softie.

Full skirt


Shirt: Everlane. Skirt: Fabric Sense on Yesstyle. Shoes: TOMS. Necklace: Swarovski. Cat: Bento.

I really like this skirt. It’s very soft and fluffy. The fabric is rather thick and I had to lift it up when going up and down stairs due to it being so long. I even rolled the elastic waistband once to shorten it a little. It would be absolutely perfect if it had pockets.


Good mail day


Shirt: Uniqlo. Jeans: Grana. Shoes: Lems. Not shown: teal cardigan from Banana Republic I wore in the morning hours at work.

Today I made a little more effort although I was completely exhausted. I even had two cups of coffee.

I was happy to see two packages waiting for me when I got home. My Decim order arrived with face care items from The Ordinary. I have the retinol 2% and liked that so I ordered the new Vit C in silicone suspension and caffeine solutions to try those out. I’m not sure if I want to get another order of the 2% retinol or try out the 1%, which is more potent.

Also, another order of soft linen and cotton clothes arrived. These items are from sellers on Yesstyle. Most of what is available on Yesstyle isn’t all that nice and usually for teeny tiny asian women who make me look like a giant in comparison. Also, the majority of the sellers there cater to the younger crowd. However, there are a few gems on the site and I only order from them. It does take a while to get the clothes since most of them come from China or South Korea. This time, I got a linen/cotton blend textured shirt and duster and a cotton skirt.

This shirt is incredibly comfortable and has a nice heft to it due to the thick fabric.
paper tag
Sometimes I really wish I could read Asian languages.
frog tie
The traditional Chinese button clasp on the duster is cute.
Simple Chinese tag.
fabric tag
I like the basic tags on these clothes.

The skirt is very full and lightweight. It comes down to my feet. I also just realized this is the only skirt I own! I have been eyeing up another one that’s much more fancy than this one and I might splurge on it because I could wear it to some upcoming weddings I have to attend.

Not quite reality


Shirt: J. Crew. Pants: Fantasy Linen. Shoes: Lems. Hoodie: Target.

I think these photos may be another case of looks-worse-than-it-actually-is outfit because based on the photos – this looks terrible. However, I was extremely comfortable and feel like the lighting or something isn’t doing the pants justice. Or maybe I really need to work on pairing these pants with a top that makes them look a little better. I know the shoes totally throw this off, but I already decided I would wear them today because of the lump I had on my ankle – even while wearing the Allbirds yesterday. I knew these Lems wouldn’t agitate the bump at all so they were going to be part of whatever outfit I threw on this morning. I will admit that I was in a terrible mood yesterday due to how much the Nisolo shoes bothered my ankle on Monday. It’s ridiculously frustrating when I spent so much time being incredibly careful with my ankle just to have all the healing basically destroyed again.