Fuzzy thoughts

This morning I got my second vaccine shot. The countdown begins until I feel something - if anything at all. Z had his second shot yesterday morning. By 3 pm he came to me saying, "I have a headache in my scalp and ears and my joints hurt." He woke up this morning with a… Continue reading Fuzzy thoughts

A list of ailments and remedies

For the past year I've not been able to lift my left arm. Last spring my shoulder was "grinding" a lot and seemed off. Then it started hurting. Tendonitis (again!?!)? Rotator cuff tear? Eventually the pain went away but I was left with a very stiff shoulder that not even Z could lift for me… Continue reading A list of ailments and remedies


While I'm not in sweatpants, I am dreading a future in the office again. And again. I WFH from March until July and then was working hybrid Mon/Fri at home with the rest of the week in the office. My office is in a separate building from the main one, but I'd still have to… Continue reading Meep