The in-between

The weather continues to be really weird this year. We have a week of “cold” weather followed by a week of spring-like weather and then back and forth again – sometimes all in one week. I write “cold” because technically this has been anything but a truly cold winter. We’ve only had a few days where it’s truly been winter weather. Hyacinths are already blooming and the tulips are taking their time, but end up ransacked by the squirrels.

My supposed tonal wardrobe experiment has really fallen apart from its original intent. Apparently I’m more prone to wearing darker colors in winter simply due to the “cozy” factor. Also, most of my favorite pants and sweaters are in darker colors. However, I have a lot of in-between weather clothing that I’m trying to make work lately. For some reason I’m either too cold when indoors because I’m not moving around enough and too warm when I go out because I move around too much. Technically, one would think it would be the other way around: too warm indoors and too cold outdoors. However, whenever I’m outside I usually am walking briskly or hiking or carrying groceries and moving about a lot.

The first three photos were clearly when the weather was a little warmer. I went hiking several days that week. The middle photo was for an in-person interview. I passed down the job b/c it paid too little and I was severely overqualified for it. I knew that going in to the interview so I wasn’t overly bothered by how casual I looked, but I was still overdressed compared to all the people I interviewed with. The sweater in photo 6 is one I have a love/hate relationship with. It’s woven supima cotton, which is extremely soft. It feels like it could break or snag on anything and is as light as a feather. The delicacy of the top is mesmerizing but also frustrating because I never know what to wear it with or when. Despite how thin and light it is, it is extremely warm and I find myself getting overheated in it. The top doesn’t hold its shape all that well so I usually push up the sleeves so they don’t look too frumpy at the sleeve hems (as shown above) and usually tuck it in pants because the bottom hem doesn’t drape well. Due to all these complaints why do I keep it? I don’t know but I still like it. It worked well with my cords and looks nice tucked in so I think I need to work with it more. Photo 7 makes me warm just remembering how much I was sweating in that outfit although it was cold outside. I didn’t need to wear the turtleneck. Photo 8 makes me angry because I should’ve taken another photo with the wool coat on over it. We went to the flower show in the city that day and I was really happy with how comfortable I was in this outfit, even with the coat on. The city is usually more chilly and windy and I somehow managed to make a perfectly comfortable outfit temperature-wise for walking around a convention center as well as outside. I really like that I dug out my old Yohji pants twice recently. I’m also becoming more a fan of the nice pants w/ sneakers look. It seems weird, but it is growing on me. I’ve never done that before and the flower show outfit was my attempt at it. I don’t think the pant proportions do it justice because that look usually involves wide-leg pants, but I’m just working with what I have.

Next week going into the following week will be an interesting capsule experiment. I’m going to the city to stay with my mom, who bought a house. She also has a broken foot and uses crutches/ wheel chair so I’m needed for when she settles on the house and has to deal with moving in. I may possibly by living with her for upwards of 2 weeks, depending on when she can start putting weight on her booted foot. It’ll be a nice shake-up to the current routine around here, but I know I’ll be extremely busy helping out as well.


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