When in doubt, duplicate the outfit that worked. Change something about it. A different shirt, a different color, a different shoe suffices. I have the habit of hanging a pair of pants on the back of my bedroom door and then reaching for that pair every single day of the week until they get dirty enough to throw in the wash. Sometimes there will be a couple pairs hanging I’ll rotate through. Changing shoes is my biggest issue. I tend to be a serial shoe wearer and the white Groundies that are in nearly every outfit photo (aside from my Birkenstock wool slippers) are getting pretty dingy now. I need to clean them or demote them to gardening shoes. I probably won’t though because I am lazy and don’t really have any need to buy new shoes anytime soon.

Guess which pair of pants was hanging on the back of the door this week. Oddly enough, I don’t really like this pair of pants too much anymore. They fit, but are snug in the waist and when I sit I’m usually feeling a pinch that I tend to ignore. The pants I like the most are the blue RAB hiking pants. There is a black boot shield on the back ankle of the pants, which makes them look even more like hiking pants than the casual pants I wear them as, but they are so easy to wear I simply don’t care enough to not wear them. If anything, I want another pair of these, but maybe in a lighter color although I don’t think they make them in light shades.

I wore my monotone cream outfit again this week. I had an interview…. through a Zoom call. But it still helped to dress up a little or at least feel like I’m taking it more seriously by dressing nicely. Does that count? The green pants in the last photo I don’t wear too much. They are cotton mens “work” pants from Uniqlo. I like the shape of them and the style is fine, but the cotton is very crinkly so they wrinkle easily and can feel a little weird, like I’m wearing something papery. They also have a few stains on them so I might demote these to gardening pants. I didn’t go out anywhere in them and after seeing the stains today I know I shouldn’t go out in public with them on now.

The weather was warm most of the week so I didn’t have a coat with several pockets and needed a purse instead for going out. The two purses in the photos above are the only ones I own. I’ve never been big on collecting handbags because I don’t like carrying them around much. That’s why they are always cross body bags.


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