A boring week

Not a whole lot happened this past week. The weather took a turn for the frigid and I ended up inside a lot more than expected.

Outfit 3 was on repeat for several days while indoors. I changed the sweater to my blush cotton one for a day, but when it’s this cold I don’t really bother much, especially when indoors most of the day. The last two outfits were from today. I like the first one without the contrasting coat and it makes me want to get some Birk Boston clogs (or maybe the full back style – the London), but I’m not going to bother with shoe purchases unless I really need them. The last photo was the final outfit, which is what was mostly seen due to being outside most of the time today.

Last year I never wore the Yohji wool coat. It sat in the closet and for a long time I thought maybe I’d sell it. But it’s become a MVP this winter, which has been very mild. It was near 50F today so wool coats like this work perfectly. Maybe it was too cold last year and that’s why I didn’t wear it? My poor wool coat needs some attention though. I’ve been wearing it out a lot but today I actually decided to lint roll it and was shocked by how awful it looked. I did a quick job of it so there’s still a lot of lint to get off it, but it didn’t look as bad. I also noticed a hole in the back of one of the sleeves. It’s not huge, so I may try to get some black felting wool and see if I can felt it in to patch the hole. I do love this coat and am glad I’ve held onto it. It’s got inside and outside pockets, which I prefer. It definitely needs a trip to the dry cleaners after the season.

In No Buy news – I bought clothing. Smartwool was having a sale on their underwear, which is really expensive so I got a few pairs. My cotton ones are getting very stretched out and worn so I knew I’d be needing some this year anyway. Also, last night I tore a hole in my Quince silk night tee. I was really hot and tossing about. The shirt got bunched up underneath me and when I went to adjust it I heard a rrriiip sound. Seriously!? I tore my shirt adjusting it?! I fell back asleep and looked at the shirt this morning. There’s a large hole now at the bottom hem in the back. It’s only going to get worse and I noticed how frayed and thin the silk had gotten. It’s obvious this item would go this year no matter what. I’ve had it for 3 years and I wear it on a very heavy rotation so it gets washed and worn weekly. I think that’s a decent amount of time for a silk tee that I sleep in regularly so I bought a new one to replace it. So do these count against my No Buy? Technically I’m going to say no because I wasn’t intending on buying a new night tee at all and the underwear was simply a matter of time, which I already knew about.

In other shopping news I did get a couple books, which I’ve allowed myself, and a few stationery items. I’ve been quite vigilant with my new journaling routine, but felt something off about certain aspects of it. I always used A5 notebooks in the past, but now I’m looking at my Traveler’s Notebooks and A6 Midori / Apica notebooks and thinking I’d prefer to stick with something smaller. A5 is such a standard size now to me it feels like the old school A4 (aka printer paper size, college notebook size, etc) and it seems… big. Too big. I also tend to get notebook burnout, which sounds weird, but it is a thing. I love Tomoe River paper like every other fountain pen paper fanatic, but dang their notebooks take forever to fill up. The paper is so thin you get over a years’ worth of pages to fill out in one notebook. There’s nothing wrong with that and some see it as a challenge. It’s also economical because one notebook can technically carry someone for an entire year, which is of course highly dependent upon writing style. But now I’ve been using many more notebooks and different kinds of paper, I want to write on lots of different kinds of paper. I was burnt out on Tomoe for a bit and then starting fawning over Apica, but the MD paper is now winning me over. So I bought smaller notebooks from different brands to satisfy my paper variations I like to use with my fountain pens.


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