Something Hopeful

Quarterly reflections:


  • March: 22.53 miles. 2.25 average. Run pace 9’22”
  • February: 15.02 miles. 1.50 average. Run pace 9’45”
  • January: 22.62 miles. 1.61 average. Run pace 9’38”

My running pace is getting better. I’m also running more miles per outing than January. February is a bit of a wash due to how bad the weather was and my mental health at the time.


  • January: $137.68 – Mattress topper and cover (worth every cent)
  • February: $17.49 – Stress breakfast due to shitshow that was the entire month
  • March: $48.95 – Breakfast outing and buying plants. I bought two kinds of pansies for the front flower pot and I bought a Stromanthe Trio Star because it’s got pretty pink streaks in it. Then there’s the cost of shipping for a couple of pens I got from Jetpens. I used up the last of my gift card, but had to pay for shipping because I didn’t meet their free shipping requirements.

Food continues to be the main thing I need to be weary of when shopping. I tend to buy more snacks for myself than I realize. If I included the Agape Bakery treats I got at the Asian market two days ago then another $15 should be tacked on to March. I’m ok with food being the problem shopping item. It’s only a quarter (if that) as expensive as clothing. Even though I’ve got a few clothing items I’d like, I’ve not really bothered to put anything on a wishlist. I’ve put more journaling items such as stickers, glue sticks, washi tapes and stencils on my wishlist more than clothing. I’m a complete sucker for little journaling items.

I’ve been mending more clothes. Darning holes in socks and carefully stitching patches in my silk undergarments. Because I ran a lot more during March I noticed pants feeling loose on me. I was more shocked by this because I’d just washed them and usually there’s a snugness to them the first time I wear them after washing and drying. That didn’t happen so then I wondered if I should take the pants in a little further in the waist. I’ve lost 3 lbs and 2 inches off my waist. I have many other clothes I want to fix up.

Grape hyacinths my MIL gave me.

Today Z and I were supposed to clean the house. We started off well by brushing the cats and clipping their claws. They always get that treatment before Z vacuums the house and I clean the bathrooms and kitchen. After the cats – it was our turn. I trimmed Z’s hair in the kitchen. He trimmed the back of mine in the bathroom and I finished the sides/front of my hair. We then went outside and all motivation melted in the sun. We took a long walk in the neighborhood. There’s a light breeze and it’s almost 70F out. It feels wonderful so our fur/hair cluttered home will have to wait until next week weekend to be vacuumed.

PA vaccine requirements were updated and now everyone should be available starting April 19th. It’s heartening seeing the happy faces of some friends after they’ve gotten their first doses already on Facebook. Some counties seem to be much more organized than others. I have my first shot scheduled for April 23rd and Z has his April 24th. We registered our shots inside counties we don’t live in so both of us are nervous they’ll turn us aways although there’s nothing stating we can’t register in another county. Since we’re registered past the Free-For-All date we’re hoping it won’t matter one way or another. Fingers crossed we’ll be fully vaccinated in May. Now we REALLY want to book our trip to Olympic National Park for this summer.

It’s so nice out I may go for a run soon.

Snowdrops on a hiking trail nearby.

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