A different kind of illness

I am still sick. I’ve been sick since last Friday. I don’t have the coronavirus (that I know of), but what I can tell you is this is one of the worst sinus infections I’ve had in many years. It crept up on me very suddenly and that scares me. We had little to no winter at all this year. No snow and the temperature barely stayed below freezing for more than a day or two at a time before jumping up again into the 40s or 50s.

Considering I have acute chronic sinusitis this scares me because I can’t afford to have illnesses this severe as I get older. It’ll take longer to get over them and they weaken my immune system. Right now, I am highly susceptible to getting COVID-19 because of how ill I’ve been this week. Am I worried about getting it? Not really. Other than the morning hours on Tuesday where I holed myself in my office, I’ve hardly been outside at all. I went home midday Tuesday and worked from home yesterday. When I talked to my boss about possibly coming in late today he said, “Don’t come in at all! Stay home!” He said I sounded horrible – I do. He then told me to stay home and don’t come in at all this week. I’ve been banned from the office. I am still getting work done though since I have my laptop with me.

Aside from the super stuffy sinuses, which has made breathing its own sort of game of chance (especially when trying to sleep at night), it’s now in my chest and the congestion is making me cough all time time. My throat is now more sore from coughing than from the post-nasal drip. I still can’t hear all that well due to the pressure in my head. I’ve experienced this all before, but it’s very easy to take for granted that it won’t happen again when I’m feeling better.

I hadn’t been listening to any news, which is what I normally do on my drive in to work each day. When I dragged myself in on Tuesday, I heard that the stock indexes were at their worst the day before. Everyone is worried about recession now. Interest rates on houses have plummeted to the same when Z and I bought our house (we got ours just before the rebound upswing). One of my emails was about the cancellation of the largest orthopedic conference in the world, AAOS. It’s a show we always exhibit at. Last year I was in Vegas at this time and spent nearly a full week there talking with clients, staying up late for business dinners and happy hours. Z told me two of his spring events were postponed to the autumn. Events are being cancelled all over. E3 was cancelled, so there was no news or teasers of games.

It’s strange how a different illness – one of paranoia – has taken over. Z went to the store to get some cough medicine for me and noticed a sign on the door: They are all wiped out of masks, rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer. It seems like we are all in a sort of lock-down of our own free will. But is it?

I’ve read about people prohibiting hand-shaking. My coworker said she heard of business people giving each other “welcome kicks” instead, which I said was a liability in itself. How about we just respectfully bow to each other the way the Japanese do. I would like to see that sort of shift away from the happy-go-lucky, touchy-feely American way going to something a bit more respectful of people’s personal space and unnecessary touching.

To end this dour stream-of-consciousness post, another form of illness I have is definitely addiction. It’s in the form of Animal Crossing because there’s 9 days left until New Horizons is out. Then, I won’t care about being self-quarantined. It’ll be heaven to stay in and hang out on my virtual desert island.



  1. New Horizons cannot come any faster. I am finding the most random things to do around and outside of the house without coming into contact with others. I have to say, it’s great for my OCD reorganization/cleaning/minimizing though! 😀 hope you’re doing well Jen. Miss you!

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    1. We need sanity and cuteness overload, aka ACNH! I’ve been working from home so I am a bit busy. I did request off Friday for the game though. 😌


  2. I hope that you’re feeling better! Just in the past few days, the COVID-19 situation seems to have escalated rapidly. My colleagues and I had to rush back home in the middle of our business trip to Europe, and I came home to find grocery stores and drugstores almost completely devoid of toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels and the like. We’re not doing too badly for supplies, and will be able to work from home and socially distance for at least a week or two (my workplace will reevaluate the work from home policy week-to-week, but I’m hoping they extend it at least another week or two).


  3. Sorry your feeling so terrible. I just came back from the grocery store (tonic and limes; priorities!) and they were sold out of toilet paper, bananas, paper towels and water. It’s insane. I don’t think the city plans to cut our water supply! I certainly understand the concern for those with compromised immune systems…but healthy people hoarding supplies and panicking doesn’t do anyone any good…and this includes Wall Street panic. At any rate, stay in and get healthy and avoid the madness that surrounds us right now!

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    1. After reading this I just asked Z why hoarding toilet paper has become such a thing. He said he didn’t know and I said we do actually need to get some soon because we are running low. I then said I don’t want to resort to Demolition Man methods and he chimed in, “the three shells!” Sorry if that joke is totally lost on you, but in that movie they don’t use TP, which actually now thinking on it, is a rather interesting alternative.


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