State of the plants

elephant plant

This weekend was supposed to be full of house cleaning and eating at a wonderful tea house and then wandering a beautiful greenhouse with it’s own arboretum and me using my gift card on some hanging pots and a princess philodendron.

None of that is happening because I am horribly ill. Like clockwork my throat got sore the moment I got home from work as if to say: You want a nice weekend? HA! Here’s another dose of shit stress! Be sick!  Between the drastic swinging of the democratic primaries, the COVID-19 freak outs, general work stress and my boss proposing more upcoming trips, the general malaise I feel from tapering off my meds and the generally dour news from mom,  my body decided: NOPE. At first I thought I was getting strep throat again, but I’ve not had a fever so it’s mostly due to weird allergies. We’ve not had much of a winter this year at all so people are getting sick all over the place. The weather ranges from 30F one day to 55F the next so allergies and pollens are all whacked out. It was 34F with rain when I got home on Friday and today it’s 60F and sunny. Ugh.

So instead of being out where I want to be I decided to take photos of my plants again. I’ve added a few more because I have a problem with buying plants and the Flower Show this year had some really interesting kinds I’d not heard/seen before.

serissa flore-plena

Serissa flore-plena – Double Snow Rose: This is a miniature rose plant that’s usually used in bonsai. I didn’t realize that until after I bought it (and a few others) and kinda freaked out because I’ve never had good luck with bonsai. There were two little white roses open when I bought it and many more have opened or are budding and about to open. No idea if I can keep this beauty alive, but for now it’s gorgeous.

serissa mt fuji

Serissa Mt Fuji – Variegated Snow Rose: This is a variegated version of the plant above, but smaller so it’s not grown any buds yet. The white on the leave got me. I’m a bit of a sucker for variegated plants.

pilea microphylla variegated

Pilea microphylla – Variegated Artillery plant: This is a type of miniature pilea that has green, pink and white marbled leaves. It’s ridiculously cute!

The above 3 plants are technically used for bonsai or miniature (fairy) gardens. I’ve not had plants like this before, so we’ll see how well I can keep them going.

plant topkokedamawatering

Kokedama – Japanese moss ball plant: I think the ivy-like plant on top is a hoya but I’m not exactly sure. I’d read about kokedama’s online and thought they were really neat sort of plants. There’s also a display of them at one of the nurseries I like visiting. It’s generally known as a “poor man’s bonsai”. It’s a moss ball with a plant stuck on top of it. To water it, you soak the moss ball in water for a while (online says 10-15 minutes but the guy who sold it to me said I can leave it in water all day at work and take it out when I get home). Then you squeeze the excess water out of the moss ball and let it drain somewhere for a bit before putting it back on whatever display it was on or in a hanging device, which I think is the most common. Mine came in a tiny Japanese pottery bowl. It’s very strange to squeeze the water out because it really feels like a sturdy sponge and I freak a little seeing the moss bits fall off, but apparently that is all normal. I don’t think I can keep this one in the kitchen window sill for much longer because I don’t want the sun to scorch the moss too much.

study junglesatin silver pothos

I moved some plants from the kitchen window sill to my study to make room for the new little plants. Now, my entertainment stand in the study looks a bit jungle-like. I plan on repotting the lemon-lime philodendron and the satin silver pothos in slightly larger hanging pots and put them up in the study. But those plans were dashed away from me this weekend. I’m really happy with how both of them look, especially the satin pothos.

jade stalks

My jade plant is 3-ish years old now and starting to get it’s woody stalks. This makes me incredibly happy. Over Xmas I visited a friend of the family and she has a jade that’s over 70 years old. It’s huge and gorgeous. She said it was gifted to her grandmother and has been passed down. The friend is 70 years old now, which would mean the plant is actually a fair bit older than that, but she’s not sure how old exactly. I find old plants fascinating. There were jade at the Flower Show that were in the 50-70 year old range and bonsai that were 90 years old.

pileabrazil phylo

My pilea coin plant is still hanging on. Sometimes it doesn’t look great and I think I might be killing it, but then it bounces back. I never know with that one.

Shaggy, my huge, messy brazil philodendron is still going strong. I’ve made so many baby plants from this one. The blend of neon and dark green on the leaves is always fun to look at.


Lastly (for this post, I do have many more plants) my baby monstera is still growing. Little ones like these don’t have the holes in their leaves. It’ll probably take a couple more years before they show up.

Next weekend we need to paint the cabinets before our new doors show up. Z said we can go to the nursery then, but I think we’ll be too tired so it may be a while yet before I go get that princess philodendron.

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