Start Date: Shopping Ban


After carefully writing out what I felt was necessary to achieve a shopping ban I felt comfortable with yesterday, plenty of other things came to mind today. Therein lies the problem: at what point do you restrict yourself? I will stick with what I wrote down, but will add a few cautionary items that I should be able to control by observing monthly spending.

The general goal is to not spend any money on clothing or shoes for the rest of the year. That being said, I have given myself some allowances. I created a specific wishlist of sorts and IF I happen to find something that falls in the specific wishlist category, I will allow myself that indulgence. I’m not going to disclose the wishlist here, but it’s very small and consists of a few items I’d been thinking a lot about but haven’t found what I truly want for those items yet. Instead of stressing out that I’ll find them once the ban starts, I’ve made them as exceptions. Other exceptions include an extra pair of exercise shoes and socks – but only if I need them. So far, I’m good on both and should be for several more months. If my exercise routine improves (here’s to hoping I keep up with my habit tracker), then I may need another pair of shoes by autumn. The socks also fall into the exercise category since they are thin, no-show kind and I tend to go through those rather quickly.


Since the ban is predominantly about my wardrobe, I can see where I might slide into binging on other areas, which I should keep track of:

  1. In-game purchases (I need to stop being a slave to this)
  2. Plants and accessories (I can see this becoming a surrogate spending area to replace clothes quite easily)
  3. Journaling accessories (ditto on this one being dangerous for my wallet)

I’m hoping that exercising, habit tracking, journaling, and the new Animal Crossing game that comes out in 19 days will keep me busy enough to not bother with wanting to shop for anything or even bother looking for items on my wishlist like I have been. We’ll see.

Oh and just to geek out a little – I am that person who took off the game day for when I get Animal Crossing New Horizons so I get a three-day weekend to play it.

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