Writing a better year

orange rose

The single orange rose is from a full bouquet of them I got for Valentine’s Day. Z knows I’m not fond of red roses. In fact, I like any color except red for roses. Coral/orange, light purple and peach ones are my favorite.

I’ve been writing a lot more to help de-stress and as I mentioned in a previous post, even the most seriously depressing stuff can be put into perspective when it’s outside of me – or better yet – adorned with cutesy stickers.

In fact, my home diary writing has affected my work bullet journal as well. I kept going back and forth between wondering if I should be using one journal for home and one for work, but realized I very much need to keep them separated. The professional Moleskine I use at work isn’t really cutting it anymore for organizing myself since I tend to be lazy and spiteful when it comes to certain work things. As a result, I ordered a Hobonichi Techo Weeks planner (April start). I’m forcing myself to trudge through working with my Moleskine until April comes to start  using the Hobonichi. I’m also really curious about the famous Tomoe River paper. If it turns out to be as mind-blowing as every review states, then when I’m done with my Midori MD diary (in photos) I may consider getting the A5 Hobonichi Cousin. Earlier this week I ordered a cover for my Midori, but then cancelled it since I figured it would be best to wait and see which I like better for writing. The Weeks planner I got has the spring Ochitsuke front.


One thing I need to curb – my new found sticker addiction. Z got me a really cute Animal Crossing kids book with 800 stickers inside of it for V-Day as well and that combined to the many I’ve already gotten… it would seem I have a problem. It’s a good thing they are cheap.


I also ordered a couple more pens because my favorite one for work broke. The body of the Pentel Clara Ener-gel couldn’t stand up to always being knocked around in my purse, on desks, etc… and the plastic cracked just below the rubber grip. This made the screw-on part of it useless so one day the ink cartridge went flying out and the whole pen fall apart on the shop floor. I couldn’t find the inner spring so that’s useless now. I did keep the ink cartridge to use with my other Pentel Clara I write with at home (shown in photos).

FYI, watching journaling videos on JetPens and the Hobonichi sites is very soothing (for me). There’s something so lulling about it, especially when muted, that makes me wonder if this is how cat’s feel when they are pet. And I’ll just end this post with that really awkward comment.

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