When his become mine

his pant

Z admits he’s a hoarder. He’s not reality TV show bad, but there have been many times when we’ve been looking for something and come across items that he received as gifts or bought that are still in their original packaging and he goes, “Oh yeah….” We clash quite a bit on whether or not to purge things and he likes to spite me since he knows I prefer to streamline our belongings and use only what we absolutely need. Since he’s an auto-nerd he’s got tons of single-use gadgets and tools for his vehicles. My compromise is – as long as it’s organized and doesn’t look horribly cluttered it’s fine.

The one area where I can get him to give in and purge is clothing – barely. He does keep old jeans and old shoes for yard work, which is fine. I recently went through a purge and when he saw a bag of clothes I had I told him to go through his as well. He was surprisingly compliant about it and ended up with his own bag of clothes that was bigger than mine. Now he’s maintaining a steady weight all of his smaller clothes don’t fit him anymore. He put folded up piles on the bed and I filled the bag. As I did I thought about the size of the smaller clothes and tried on a couple pairs of pants. One was far too faded in the knees, but the above pant in the photo fit me really well. They are a little big, but I hemmed in the waist a little and they do sit comfortably on my hips. So I adopted his old pant. He also gave me a shrunken merino wool sweater I’d bought him many years ago. He really liked that sweater but it went though a warm wash (oops) and shrunk a bit so while it was too small for him, it fit me. It is a bit baggy on me but not anymore so than the above ACNE sweater in the photo, so I decided to keep his old sweater as well.

Oddly enough I’d been looking at brown pants so when I saw the color of his I knew I wouldn’t have to bother with searching anymore if they fit. Hand-me-downs for the win!


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