Year of the house


This is my new desk. For the time being I’m using an extra dining room table chair since the ottoman I was using before was too short. I actually like the dining room chair since it forces me to correct my posture. I know most computer chairs are ergonomic to help posture in general, but I kinda think that’s the lazy way to go about it when you have something doing the work for you. Granted, I don’t sit at my desk for hours at a time so for now, this simple straight back chair works fine for me. It’s the right height and I feel conscious of my posture and when I get tired I get up, which usually means it’s time to step away from the computer.

So one thing that’s blatantly obvious to me in the photo above is how much we need new flooring (and how I need to better handle the wiring situ behind my desk). It is on the list of Things To Do this year:

  • New countertops (we just got them last Friday. I came home from the bar after seeing a coworker off to a new job and was confused when I noticed our kitchen looked… different. It confused the crap out of me and Z just laughed. He kept it secret that he’d taken the day off work to be home for the installers. I thought we were still a week away from getting it done.)
  • Update and repaint cabinets because the new countertops make them look horribly outdated- we have our first estimate tomorrow after work.
  • Update floors – the carpet paste that’s always existed in my study and the unfinished floor trim have been tolerated long enough. It’s time to get estimates and make things more US now.
  • New front door – because ours is old, warped and the trim was broken by the movers when we bought the house 4 years ago…
  • Bathroom upgrade – most likely will not happen this year due to budget reasons, but I can’t wait to get rid of the salmon and black trim tiling in there and get a glass shower door. I fight with the shower curtain every. single. day. because we leave the door open since we don’t have a proper vent and opening the window doesn’t always help with alleviating the steam. I’m thinking of entirely nixing the tub and just doing a walk-in shower. I never take baths and due to the limited space I’d rather have a larger shower.

Today was ridiculously warm for January. Both Saturday and Sunday were 65+ degrees. While we cleaned we had the windows open throughout the whole house to air it out. It felt very odd to be doing this when normally there would be snow. I did enjoy taking a long walk this afternoon and not having to bundle up so much.

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