4 days, 1 pant

blue shirtblack shirtcardigangreen sweatercasual friday

Wearing the same pant until Friday was surprisingly easy. I was reminded of my old uniforms where I wore a tee and jeans every day. Usually the same jeans with a different tee. Once again I’m questioning do I really need half the clothes I own? Probably not, but feeling the gut wrenching remorse of “why did I do that” after KonMari-ing my wardrobe once cautions me against purging in general. I now make a pile of clothes I no longer like or fit well and let them sit for a while. If I think of any item in that pile at all it means I’m not ready to let it go. I’ve had a pile sitting now for 4 months, glaring at it begrudgingly because it’s taking up space in my office, but knowing I need to have patience if this will truly tell me what I need.

Sweaters and cardigans creep into the wardrobe mix again. Do I need all of them? Again, probably not but I’m glad to have the options. Shockingly, I had a whole pile of clothes sitting and waiting for the ironing board for two weeks but I didn’t feel the pull to wear them. Not that they aren’t nice clothes, but maybe the task of ironing them wore me down so they stayed out of my mind.

Since Z is sick and working all weekend (4 events in one day, poor guy) I’m running errands and doing chores diligently. All of the ironing is done. The basement was thoroughly vacuumed. The bathrooms are scrubbed clean. I bought extra food items at the store he might like: soups and chewy cookies. He putters around the house in his PJs with his phone in his pocket, ready at a moment’s notice to answer it or immediately go to his laptop, which seems to come with him into every room.

Trying to eat less meat means making more stews or large-scale recipes. I found a NYT wild mushroom stew recipe, but can’t mimic it exactly. I don’t have the option of as many fresh mushrooms as the recipe calls for, but Whole Foods seems to carry enough of an array to make do. A large batch on the weekends for my weekday lunch portions over quinoa works best.

My newest challenge: do not snooze on weekdays so I have more time in the mornings to make coffee before work. I have lots of delicious coffee and teas, but they only get used on the weekends. I don’t like drinking the “mediocre” stuff at work. It feels like I’m cheating or degrading myself on the work days. That’s not how I should treat myself. Darker mornings and my notoriously lazy inner self will definitely make this one of the greatest challenges ever. Wish me luck.

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