Everything changes


I’m on a light color and monochrome kick.


A dress! This is the only dress I own right now. I just got it from Knock Knock Linen (after nearly two months). It’s heavy weight linen so it’s got a nice heft to it that makes me feel grounded and safe in it. The pockets are big and the length is flattering. I added a belt to cinch the waist since it would be rather triangular in look otherwise. I’ve worn it a lot lately and tend to wear a belt with it while I’m out and take it off when I’m at home lounging.

yuki distraction

This outfit was a case of: It looked better in my head than in person. The pant are new from Knock Knock and came at the same time as the dress. These are also heavy weight linen and have lots of functional pockets. If I was tall enough to leave the bottoms un-cuffed I would, but I opted out of shortening the length because I wanted to cuff them. They are very fuzzy and chunky due to the look of the raw style heavy linen, but are very comfortable.

I was picking up a camera lens cover I found on the other side of the room as Z took the photo. The culprit is standing next to me and the reason why I find little trinkets and things knocked about the room all the time.

The past two weeks – going on three – have been a blur. The week of Labor Day I was out of the office entirely on a trip to Vegas. It was incredibly hot so I stayed inside Casesar’s Palace where my room and the conference were the entire time. When I had down time I wandered the shops. I met a Saint Laurent sales rep who complimented me on my Yohji pant (from the suit I usually wear on business trips) and we got to talking about Japanese fashion. He was really nice, wished me well and said he was glad to meet a kindred Yohiji fan.

The following week I was busy in the office and had a day trip to Ohio. I was up and out the door at 6 am and returned at 9 pm. It was my first day trip like that and I felt a bit drained on Friday.

During the time of the conference a deal was made and our company was sold. I found out via an email from the CEO while waiting in the LAS airport for my flight home.  Ever since then our doors have been a revolving stream of reps from our new company. HR, benefits managers, CEO and upper management from the main and sub companies have all taken up residence in our conference rooms and main break room so all of our regularly scheduled meetings tend to be in small offices, the middle of hallways or areas of the shop floor that allow for people to congregate.  I had to fill out a new job application and file for new benefits. So far we’ve been told that there won’t be many employee changes, but we all know how that can change over time… I’m not worried about my position at all. I’ve been a one person department for quite a while and even though we’ve got another rep to help lighten the load there’s no need to trim anywhere in our department since we’ve already got well established connections with our customers. The big question is whether or not they will change our pay or not, which usually doesn’t happen, but isn’t entirely out of the reach of possibility.

I’m really surprised at how quickly September is flying by. The weather has also taken a drastic turn for cooler weather, but we are in the transition where one week is gloriously comfortable and the next is back to summer hot temps. My allergies have exploded and I spend more time moving about the office by sneeze-jet propulsion than walking.

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