A Sunday

Bento feetRandom thoughts interspersed with random photos I’ve taken.

Yesterday Z and I went to a friend’s pool party. She has it every year – going for 5 years now. It’s a birthday pool party for her (she and Z were born on the same day so she’ll say happy birthday to him when everyone else is singing to her). I spent 3 hours in the pool talking to a friend. I only talk to him at the pool party each year and we always catch up on what we’ve done over the year. He’s a shrink (for children with disabilities/ trauma) and I told him what’s happened in my family. His compassion and wit have always been welcome so I felt fine talking to him about everything and it is why we always go back to talking to each other each year. I asked if he’d gotten a new watch because he’s got an obsession with buying watches. He showed me the latest one and then told me about his current death metal craze where he’s screaming  lyrics in a closet with a guitar and a dirty litter box and his wife dancing all happy around him just to annoy him. I laughed almost the whole three hours while getting prune-like in the pool.


I took two pairs of shoes to a local cobbler. One pair needed the soles replaced entirely. While the sole part was well done I wasn’t overly thrilled with how he handled cleaning my shoes from the salt and water spots. I kinda feel like he made them more obvious. The other pair of shoes needed to be glued back together with a good polishing and those look ok. He put a couple stitches in the bottom of the heel so if the glue comes apart again they will still stay together. I just hope the stitching doesn’t cause the shoes to get leaks in the bottom now if I’m out in rainy weather. If I need to go to a cobbler again sometime soon I might try out a different one.


I’ve recently replaced all of my old nylon underwear with silk. It was expensive but considering how long underwear lasts me I wasn’t too bothered by the price. The old nylon underwear was from Target and I’d bought it probably 6 or 7 years ago at least. There were pills all over them, elastic strings sticking out of them and some of the stretch was gone. The old bras were getting dimpled in the padded cup area and generally looked very sad. The new silk bras have removable padding and they have a triangle shape instead of cups, which looks more natural and are much more comfortable in general. The silk panties do feel a little like baggy granny style, but I’m really enjoying them because I’m tired of the lower rise underwear I’ve worn for so long. Also, this is the first time in 30 years I’ve had matching underwear; colors are taupe, medium grey and black.


I’ve been having a pinkish moment. I still don’t like straight up pink, but I’m leaning more towards mauve and taupe, which have pink accents. The cotton-linen cardigan I wore this week was labeled “pink beige” from the site I bought it from (same site as the underwear). I just consider it mauve. Also, I recently bought some shoes that said they were “light grey” in the description, but they actually look like they have a pinkish tone to them. At first this startled me, but I’m liking them a lot as an accent to darker outfits.


I am by no means a minimalist nor very good at being sustainable. I am taken too much by whimsy and influenced easily. That being said I am trying to take little steps. I bought cleaning cloths for cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen. Each room has different colored cloths and some have little more texture on them for scrubbing than others. I’m using these now instead of paper towels to clean. I’m also getting away from standard detergents and using more natural based cleaners. I’m nowhere near a vinegar and baking soda natural standard but again – little steps. My mom always used the same wash cloths she’d clean her face with for cleaning the bathroom and wiping down the shower with her bath towel and throwing it all in the laundry at the end of the week. I was doing that, but realized I felt something dirty about doing that. I like items to have specific uses so no, I’m not going to use my facial wash cloth to also scrub the grime in the bottom of the tub. That is a different cloth with a different purpose.

Lastly, I just tried replanting my spiderwort plant and I might’ve destroyed it! It hadn’t been watered so the plant starting tearing up from the roots. I’m terrified now so I left the plant in the same pot and gave it water and am keeping all limbs and fingers crossed it survives.

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  1. I have a two sets of small towels, one for face, the other for cleaning surfaces. The cleaning towels do accumulate residue and cleaning products even after washing, so I agree that it’s a good idea to keep em separated.

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