Thank you...

Thank you…straw hat

straw hat

I bought this straw hat from the Ahwanhee Hotel (now called Majestic Yosemite Hotel) gift shop in Yosemite National Park in 2012. It has become a staple for any vacations to sunny places or for wearing in the summer while running errands.


Although the straw part of it may be itchy, the cotton adjustable band inside made wearing the hat easy. I tend to have a hat ring from the band when I take it off – not to mention the common flattened hat head look. I’m generally not a fan of that, but this hat has been quite instrumental in keeping my face shaded from the sun ever since I noticed some sun spots on my jaw line.

hat bowstraw

This hat has been smushed and tramped upon many times in travel. I stuff it in suitcases and it’s been in the pool at my mother’s house many times as well. It’s slightly showing some wear around the edges and the general misshapen top part, but still functions just fine.


I wasn’t looking to buy a hat, but the sun hitting us on our hikes in Yosemite made this a must for me. It was a bit pricey (or so I thought at the time – I think it was around $55), but it’s been worth it.

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