Calm, but not ready to go back to work yet


Z and I returned from Florida today. Tomorrow we go back to work. Neither of us is looking forward to it.

We came home to a musty house, so I’ve gone around doing light cleaning, checking my plants, and lighting soft scented candles.

Even though our trip was short, we did get everything out of it we wanted: see mom’s new puppy (she’s a terror, but an adorable one), swim, eat crab legs, see the Kennedy space center (last minute decision by Z) and generally relax. On Saturday while lounging on the sofa and reading blogs I became acutely aware of how calm I felt. It’s been a long time since I had that feeling of being entirely aware of how good my surroundings are and that they made me feel a sense of ease. I was extremely happy to sit and play Animal Crossing, read, and swim whenever I wanted (in between thunderstorms, of which there are a lot in Florida this time of year).

The blog I was binge reading at the time definitely helped my mood. I’d been missing Archana’s writing and it seemed like she was no longer hanging about online. However, Saturday she posted a link to her new(ish) blog ofacertainvintage and I read all of it. I am nowhere near having a focused wardrobe like she does (I love that she focuses on color and has such personally strict ideals of how her wardrobe should serve her), nor close to being remotely zero-waste, but her words are soothing and inspiring. Her humbleness about how she strives to do better is one of the most endearing qualities of her blog(s) and I find myself going back to them often. Aside from her writing, she links to a lot of incredibly informative and inspiring sites as well.

I may try to do wardrobe audits like she has and be more strict with myself on what I truly like wearing versus what I think I’d like wearing. Last year I experimented a lot with designer clothes – many being avant garde – and realizing I’m much more of a plain vanilla, no-fuss-all-function type of person and I need my wardrobe to do the same. Also, I’m cutting back on a lot of the more formal wear I thought I’d need for work and seeing how “business casual” I can get away with for conferences. I still aspire to somehow have a seasonless wardrobe,  but the winters can be incredibly unpredictable so that may not happen.


5 thoughts on “Calm, but not ready to go back to work yet”

  1. I was also really glad to see her blog back, I really appreciate her perspective and think it’s pretty special. I also spend a fair bit of time on my long weekend reading her new blog. Sounds like you also had a relaxing long weekend!

    I’ve sort of been cutting back on more formal business wear myself (in terms of not acquiring or seeking to acquire new pieces so far this year or in the near future), as much as is possible with my job. Clothes on the more casual side of the business-casual spectrum are so much more comfortable!


    1. I think a lot of us who read her blog regularly jumped on that link she posted, ha!
      I’m really starting to wonder if I even needed to get half the things I bought for my work wardrobe now. It’s a little upsetting, but I think I can resell most of it.


  2. I spent the weekend binge reading her blog, too! For me at least, I come here and to her blog because I’ve grown tired of the lack of authenticity that has become apart of the blog world. I want real.
    Glad you had a relaxing time in Florida. My Mom is there as well (Apalachicola). Florida is a nice place to visit, but I am happy I got to love in March, because Denver weather is heaven this time of year compared to what summers were like there!


    1. In general, the best time to go to Florida is the winter because the temps are warm, but not blistering and the humidity is more tolerable. While I did have a good time there, it was brutally hot and humid.


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