New old things


This has become my token summer Friday outfit. I tend to always wear this shirt and now these jeans on Fridays. A uniform! Usually I wear my Vans with this outfit and I did today while in the office because the AC was pumping. I left work early and put on the sandals when I got home.

I got the sandals on Monday and have been wearing them on and off around the house, trying to decide if I like them enough to keep them. I used to have sandals like these a long time ago. They were a bit darker and the straps were arranged in the same way but held together differently. I could tug on one strap and move all of them in a way to easily slide my foot in. These are a bit different, but the idea behind getting these was: I wanted those old sandals back. Back then, they were gifted to me and they were a half size too small, but the leather straps were stretched out enough I could make the sandals work. They were extremely comfortable.

I wanted to have that feeling again of an easy sandal that feels comfortable and isn’t a big clunky birk style. Not that I don’t like my fake birks, but sometimes a slim sandal makes an outfit. I can tell that in time, these will also be comfortable. Only the leather around the toes is a bit stiff, but I don’t think I’ll blister much.

We are heading out to Florida tomorrow for the a long holiday weekend. Unfortunately, the linen shirts I ordered won’t arrive until after I leave. I’ve had our mail put on hold so I don’t have packages sitting around while we are away. It’s a little annoying that it’s literally one day too late to receive them.

In other news, I’m able to eat most things again, which is good since Z wants to get crab legs while we are in Florida.

Hope everyone in the US has a good holiday.

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