Outfit army


This week has been rough and it’s only Tuesday. It all started Sunday night when my stomach decided it didn’t like food anymore. For the past 48 hours I’ve lived off saltines, plain oatmeal and water. Any time I’ve tried eating anything else my stomach started flipping tables: NOPE! Yesterday I was so drained I called out sick and alternated taking cat naps and being in the bathroom. Today I attempted to go to the office. Two sips of plain green tea and my stomach revolted again. I only lasted 45 minutes before coming back home.

I still haven’t entirely figured out what started this. We went out for dinner Sunday night with Z’s family, but I don’t think it was that because my stomach wasn’t doing great earlier in the day. I’m tempted to think it was the sour cherries I got at the local orchard. I noticed that eating the sour cherries raw kinda made my stomach upset, so I didn’t think much about eating them cooked when I made cobbler and when Z made syrup for pancakes this weekend. I’m ok with sweet cherries, but maybe something about the sour ones sets me off? I’ve had a similar experience with polenta. Any time I’ve tried it my body went into revolt so now I avoid it at all costs. Oddly enough I’m perfectly fine with all other cornmeal.

Luckily it’s been a little slow lately at work. Being able to sleep and relax a bit more has been therapeutic.

While lounging about listening to my bog of a stomach I visited old blogs I used to read, wondering if anything about them had changed enough for me to want to read them regularly again. Most are still doing the same sort of posts that I really am not a fan of (too many lists and how-to’s, posting 30 photos of one outfit when five would suffice). It seems capsule wardrobes are still huge with 10x10s being the more popular now.

I’ve always wondered about these blogs that do capsule wardrobes: how big are their wardrobes, really? Then that had me wondering if I could do the same wardrobe audit that Archana did last year. Can any of these blogs do that kind of audit? I really liked that post and I may use it as a personal litmus test for my own wardrobe in the future. This idea then led me to thinking I should do a proper shopping ban. When I tried to at the beginning of this year, I had no plan at all and no guidelines for myself. That combined with the stress of work and personal issues proved it to be an utter failure. However, I’m starting to think about doing it right this time and setting up some rules for myself.

All of these thoughts popped into my head after a nap this afternoon and I thought: I only like wearing certain tops with certain bottoms, like uniforms. It’s ok to have a uniform and I think most of us tend to wear the same combinations repeatedly because we know it looks good or it feels good or both. What if people only wore tops with specifically designated bottoms all the time, irregardless of what other options are in the wardrobe? What if the wardrobe was just a little army of preset uniforms that no matter what worked and would always work? How many of us do this already?

Here is a photo of pancakes we had this weekend with the suspect sour cherry sauce.


2 thoughts on “Outfit army”

  1. I hope you’re feeling better! The sour cherry sauce looks delicious, but ack that it’s caused problems, even when cooked.

    I was also very impressed by Archana’s audit post. I definitely wouldn’t be able to do the same thing for my own wardrobe. I’d have some categories down pat, with very few items that I also use frequently in them, but with quite a few other categories (tops, dresses) I don’t really have a good grasp of how much I have. And with the point about actual uniforms/items that are worn in the exact same combination almost every time, I actually do that whenever I need to wear a suit these days: there are certain tops I like with each color of suit, and every other combination I’ve tried (there are a large number of others I could put together if I really wanted) has some annoying detail about it, so I just end up in the exact same 3-4 combinations all the time.


    1. I think in some way a lot of people have some outfit uniforms. I really admire that and wonder if I can do similar, but I’d have to take seasonal outfit uniforms into consideration.


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