Hot weather = lethargy

bluelinenmens shirtnew shirtskirtuntucked

It would seem I’ve been wearing my linen pants a lot lately. That makes sense since it’s been getting oppressively hot out. I’m also getting to the None Fucks Given mode of dressing due to the heat as well. I’m not the only one though. Lots of people are getting much more casual and wearing more tee shirts in the office.

I’ve managed to sell around $100 on Poshmark so far and I’m rather pleased with that. I still don’t like having to spend so much time prepping everything for the listings, but it seems my hard work was worthwhile.

How do you deal with extreme weather lethargy? I can deal with cold weather much better than hot. Hot weather saps my energy entirely and leaves me with zero motivation for doing much more than breathing.

I’ve been on Pinterest a lot lately and I came across niche memes. I’m not sure if I’m just so out of touch that the idea of them seems very trendy, but I can see that trend lasting for a while. I don’t know when or how it started but apparently teens make niche memes for just about everything. Many are sarcastic or snarky while others are meant to be motivational and inspiring to cheer each other on while dealing with the stress of being a teen in general. I’m rather smitten by the uber girly, cutesy ones about what it would be like being a princess (usually Disney) or faeries or mermaids. There’s also ones about being elegant and sharing beauty routines or nighttime ones, etc… Some are tongue-in-cheek and some are more wistful of what the creator aspires to be in the future. The memes are all pink and peach colored with images of flowers and vintage items or pictures of regency/victorian style dresses while others use modern day items to create current versions of princesses/elegance/refinement/etc… Some of the advice in them is laughable from the perspective of an older person, but some of it really struck me for the honesty that comes through.

I love finding little trends like these that I can rabbit-hole into and find personal inspiration from or even reminders of things that maybe I should start doing again.


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