Foot in mouth


Remember how many months ago when I lamented I was over jeans? For anyone who has read this blog long enough, please commence with the eye-rolling now. Just like any other fickle human, I go back and forth on what I like and don’t like to wear. I’ve now got it in my head that I just didn’t wear the right kind of jeans before, which may be true. Or it may be I’m having a “moment”.

Recently I became rather obsessed with finding a good pair of 100% cotton jeans. I’ve been wearing jeans with “stretch” in them of some sort for so long now I wasn’t certain I’d be able to tolerate wearing full cotton jeans again. Well, I was wrong. In fact, I almost want to burn my stretch jeans now – but I won’t (because who knows when I’ll flop back over to wanting to wear them again).

Above are some medium distressed selvage jeans by Chimala I got on sale. I’ve worn them all day and felt very nostalgic. The swip swip sound of wearing solidly good jeans was something I completely forgot about. I’ve read that these are 13oz, which is a medium weight denim. I also forgot what it was like to feel myself moving my jeans instead of my jeans more or less moving with me. That may sound funny, but I can’t really explain it any other way. It’s been at least 20 years since I’ve worn button-fly jeans and it’s rather nice knowing that I don’t need to do a “fly check” because sometimes with stretch jeans the zipper can fall – or I can forget to zip up the fly in random cases where my mind is in 30 directions and I’m only aware of doing up the top button. There are a couple of negatives I forgot about wearing solid cotton jeans: waist size and sitting. I know jeans stretch over time and even though I bought the size 26, I could’ve easily gotten a 25. I do have more room in the waist and stomach than I thought. However, I am glad I got the size 26 because these jeans sit perfectly on my hips without hugging them in a way that can annoy me with stretch jeans. I realized there’s something else to be glad about with this size and the extra room due to not having stretch – no muffin top at all! I can wear a belt if I really feel I need it, but I went without today and was perfectly fine. I also didn’t feel the need to raise up my jeans like I do with my stretch because the waist and hips with stretch jeans would dig into my sides and hurt a little on my hips. Sitting is a little tight, but with time the jeans will relax and be more comfortable so that’s something I’m willing to wait on. It’s not so bothersome that I’m constantly fidgeting at all.

Lastly, I HAVE REAL POCKETS. When was the last time I had a pair of jeans I could put my hands fully in the front pockets? Stretch jean pockets all felt completely pointless because they are so small to keep the slimming shape. I can put my keys in my pockets and not have them bulge out the side of my hips! I can put my cell phone in my front pocket, which comes in VERY handy when going to the bathroom. Hands up – how many times have you gone to the bathroom with a cell phone in a back pocket to only nearly (or unfortunately) have it fall in the toilet or crash on the floor? And even to that extent, I have much better, bigger back pockets with these jeans.

Yes, the button fly looks scrunchy in photos and it scrunches when I sit and may generally look…. I don’t know… old-ish? But I’m more than happy with these and glad I splurged on them.

I also got new shoes. I used to be a Converse type when I was little (pink high-tops) and I thought about getting them again, but when I saw the color of these Vans I knew I’d found what I wanted. I love the look of gum-shoes.

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