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Crazy plant lady

I have become that person with all the trendy house plants. Guilty as charged.

creeping vine

I repotted the creeping vine from the wee fox planter because it was growing like crazy and I was afraid it would be root bound.

ficus leaves

These two new leaves have grown on my ficus since I bought it. This makes me really happy. I never thought I’d ever have one of these plants in my home.

fox planter

Wee fox planter now has a pilea pup in it because my pilea peperomia plant was growing off shoot pups like crazy.

hanging pilea pup

This is the largest pilea pup that I’m keeping in this cute hanging bottle, for now.

peperomia coin vine

The small peperomia ivy I got a while back and repotted has also been growing like crazy. I’m thinking that by next spring I can put it in a hanging pot.


Snippets of my hanging philodendron plants were in a large beer glass for a few months and I finally replanted them in soil. So far so good.


Pilea peperomia plant has gotten much bigger. I repotted it when I took the pups out and now some of the leaves are unhappy. Boo.

string of pearls

This is the remnants of my string of pearls plant. It’s barely hanging on. I can’t seem to give up on this.

string of turtles

Aside from the planter in the first picture and this owl one, I also bought this teeny tiny string of turtles (peperomia prostrata) when Z and I went to Longwood Gardens again this past weekend. It was the only one in the shop and some of the leaves were wilted. I’m hoping this one will last.

wandering jew

I also repotted my “wandering jew” plant. Is there a better name for this one? I feel like I’m saying/writing something culturally insensitive by calling it by the slang name.

1 thought on “Crazy plant lady”

  1. As soon as I read your title, before I even read your post, I hit the follow button. I’m a crazy plant lady too. Isn’t life grand when you have some interesting plants?


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