All the neutrals


I wore my linen pants two days in a row. Not that it’s anything revolutionary. I used to wear the same pair of jeans all week long.

I pulled the cotton/linen kimono-cardigan-robe-thingie out of the guest room closet and finally decided to wear it. I don’t think I’ve worn it in over a year and a half. I was rather amazed at how warm it is and I had one of those *face-palm* moments because I could’ve been wearing it a lot more.

The shoes are the new ones I bought and they were definitely worth it. These were the last pair available in the khaki color and size 38.5 EU/8.5 US. I normally wear an 8, but when I bought MOMA shoes before in 38 they were too small and I had to return them. Granted, Officine Creative is not MOMA, but they are both Italian shoe companies with very similar styles. I risked the larger size and it paid off because these shoes fit wonderfully.


I had no idea there was an elastic band in them when I bought them. The shoes did come with laces, which apparently is optional due to the elastic. I wore the shoes without laces and may do so for a while. The elastic is tight, so even though I bought a half size up, they are very snug. I may break in the elastic a bit and just treat the shoes like slip ons and eventually use the laces that came with them. I can tell already the leather soles with break in well and become very soft and even more comfortable with age.

1 thought on “All the neutrals”

  1. Those are great shoes! I really like the color and cut. They will go well with all sort of outfits. I’m going to Italy soon and you’ve inspired me to look for shoes.

    Re your previous post, I have a lot of sympathy for wanting to simplify and be a somewhat uniform dresser. By the time I acknowledge my constraints, biking and exercising a lot, never wearing heels, natural fibers and comfortable cuts, I end up with a lot of similar clothes. Thrift store shopping provides my wildcard items.

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