Excuse the crazy moment


I had a strange moment of insanity today while driving home from work.

What if I sold all of the designer clothes I’ve not really been wearing and only bought a few more pairs of these Uniqlo pants in different colors and some basic button downs and never bought anything again?

I’m not entirely certain where this thought came from, other than recognizing I was so comfortable in this outfit I wondered why I didn’t dress like this all the time. It’s easy and acceptable for the office. It’s casual enough for comfort but just slightly dressed up.

Mind you, I was constantly refreshing the UPS tracking page when I got the notification about my shoes. (It’s still not listed a delivery date after a full day, ugh.) So I’m sure I’m just having a strange “a-ha-but-not-really” moment. Am I frustrated with my wardrobe? Am I frustrated that I’m frustrated about my wardrobe and don’t want to think about it anymore – like I used to? I’m not sure.

So far Bento has stayed off the new rug. In fact, he seems to be avoiding it so I’ll take that as a good sign.

Does  your work week operate in reverse like mine does? What I mean is my Mondays can feel as dead and boring as a quiet Friday before a holiday weekend, but then the work piles up as the week goes on and by Friday I honestly think it’s “a Monday” due to how crazy busy I can be, especially in the afternoons. Friday afternoons tend to be the worst at my job because all of my clients dump everything they’ve been sitting on all week at the last minute and call it a day. And expect answers first thing Monday. WTF?! Today was particularly rough and I kept thinking it was Thursday. It’s only Wednesday! I told my crew I sit with at lunch that instead of beeping this morning I’m pretty sure my alarm clock just starting screaming “bullshit”!

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