Ban fail and cat pee

post work cas

This is a post-work casual look. I’ve been lazy about exercising due to constant back issues. I’m working on improving my posture when I’m sitting and using my standing desk station more at work as well as taking more frequent walk breaks.

I’ve got another new rug for the study, as you can see. Our cat Bento – aka Sir Shitimus, Turd Lord, Asshole, Shithead, Spaz Lord, Demon – protested on the rug once when his litter box was being cleaned and then got into the habit of peeing on it whenever he felt like it. I used an enzyme spray on the pee areas, but then he’d just pee on an area that wasn’t covered in enzyme. It was a losing battle and we had to keep the door to my study shut at all times, which annoyed me. That rug made both Bento and Yuki act very weird from the start. It was a polyester/nylon plush rug and both cats would constantly scratch at it or try to dig around on it. Something about the smell really set them off. This new one is from West Elm and it’s 100% wool with a cotton backing. There’s no funky smell to it at all, so I’m hoping we won’t have any recurring cat pee issues on it – especially not since it was twice as much as the IKEA rug.

Work has been crazy and in a moment of complete weakness I ordered a pair of shoes I’d had my eye on for a while. I know being on a ban means I shouldn’t be looking. That being said, if I look or don’t look at things to buy, the ultimate problem is my will power, right? I’ve not gotten the shoes yet, so I don’t know if I’ll even keep them. I am doing a one-in-one-out though and should the shoes not work out, I’ll still be doing an “out” with my Nisolos. I’m still not entirely happy with them and am not going to deny it anymore. They are in good condition so I may send them off through their reclamation program via Soles4Souls.

Lastly, we’ve been having near winter weather again here. It’s been raining almost nonstop since Sunday and the temperatures dipped into the 50s and 40s with lows being near the 30s at night. It was a fantastic time for our heater to go out on us! It had been acting weird lately but we were using it sporadically since the weather has been so crazy. One day it’ll be 81 and the next 47. Z is really good with fixing little things, but this he couldn’t fix because it was a faulty gas valve. Unfortunately only contractors really have access to the correct kinds of gas valves so we were at the mercy of someone else fixing it even though 75% of his job was already done by Z in figuring out the problem. $600 later and we had heat again the following day.

It’s been an expensive week and it’s only Tuesday.

Here are some photos of our demon.


2 thoughts on “Ban fail and cat pee”

  1. Love the color and pattern on the new rug! Yikes about the problem with the old one… Bento is a very cute cat! As someone who is quite a few years off from even thinking about owning property, I always marvel at how expensive the maintenance and repair costs can be for people who own a home. One somewhat nice thing (maybe one of few nice things haha, given the premium we pay) about renting from a big, corporate landlord is that repairs are their headache, not ours, and they are very quick and efficient about it.


    1. Thanks, Xin. Home maintenance is expensive, especially if you have an older home that hasn’t been regularly taken care of. The previous owners did a lot themselves so we’re very lucky in that regard, but little things like the gas valve (usually cheap parts that can last either ten years or two) or replacing the garage roof due to the neighbor’s tree falling on it can’t be helped.
      It’s nice that your rental has good and quick service. Honestly, that’s a rather rare thing I think. I’ve rented from big property management companies and individuals and found that it’s just as frustrating waiting on them to fix something as it is having to pay out of pocket for it.


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