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Curating or cutting down


Super casual for work, but it’s not as if it’s out of place at all. In fact, I’m wondering to some degree why I dressed up so much before. It’s not that I didn’t like to, but this shopping ban has very much driven the point across that I was trying a little too hard. It was out of my comfort zone and it was an experiment. I know my exhaustion is dictating this post though and people are fickle creatures. So take all words with grains of salt.

This past weekend, aside from buying a lot of plants I also did something I’ve never done before – store away clothes. I still don’t have an enormous wardrobe by any stretch of the imagination, but I started wondering where I draw the line and properly curate now that I’ve limited myself with the ban. All of my clothes for all seasons still fit in one closet – technically it’s half of a closet because I share that closet with Z. So storing some clothes seems silly, but I rather liked seeing some space between the hangers and letting my clothes “breathe”. One thing is for sure – I own way too many socks. When I went through the top dresser drawer I was amazed at how many socks I own. They are all in good condition and I didn’t want to throw any out, so I stored them in boxes along with some clothes from the closet. I now have a lot more hangers as well. I’m also starting to move some clothes in my closet into sections. The left side is the “business” side and then there’s the casual and then there’s short sleeve… It’ll be interesting to see how often I think of some of these items whether they are still hanging in my closet or tucked away in a box.


I moved the ficus to a different area where it would get more light in the living room. I’m terribly afraid for the life of this plant because I’ve never owned one and am not certain how it’ll tolerate the drastic temperature changes of my house.

I took the other plants to work and now one of my window sills is full of plants, which makes me happy. I really need to stop buying them though. Aside from the 6 at work I’ve got 30 now at home. Most of them are small, but it’s still a lot of plants!

2 thoughts on “Curating or cutting down”

  1. I love it when I realize that I can embrace a more casual vibe for the office or other parts of my life. I am, at heart, a very casual dresser, and it’s so nice when I can wear something I really like that is really comfortable.

    I also have WAY. TOO. MANY. PAIRS. OF. SOCKS. I think I congratulate myself on getting rid of four pairs, then accidentally buy six more. Or I go through periods where I only wear no-show socks, and then get excited about covering my ankles again (I like socks with boots and straight/wide pants that cover them; I’m not, at 40 and barely 5’3, feeling the lets-show-funky-socks-with-ankle-pants for myself).

    Good luck with your ficus! I haven’t tried a fiddle-leaf yet, and my only other ficus is artificial (in a low-light corner).


    1. Definitely, the more comfy at work I am the more productive I’ll be.
      I’m in no-show sock season now it’s warming up. I must cover my ankles when it’s cold though. East coast winters are too frigid to be styling the bare-ankle-but-with-heavy-coat look. I need to be covered completely. For that, I have far too many socks in too many lengths and I don’t wear half of them.


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