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More plants and quiet moments

dining room

I’ve replaced buying clothes with buying plants. Luckily, I can buy a lot more plants for cheaper prices than I can the clothes I want.

I still haven’t bought any clothes, but I have a list. It’s very small, but I feel like the fact that these very specific items keep popping into my head mean I feel they would easily mix with everything I have or fill a gap somewhere. I’m not going to buy anything though.

Took a bunch of photos today. Enjoy the eye candy.

booming ugly plant

This rex begonia looks awful. It’s officially my “ugly” plant, but I still love its dark green velvety leaves. It bloomed this year.


My caladium died last year – or so I thought. I took the root tube out and then notched out the “eyes” like I’d read about. Then I planted the root tube again and watered it. After a few weeks, just when I was ready to give up on it – I noticed sprouts. It’s actually growing back! This is such a huge accomplishment for me.


This little peperomia also bloomed, but I knocked it over when watering and the tiny flower that looks like a stem fell off.

bentopetssummer sheets

I also recently changed out the dark grey linen sheets for the natural colored ones for summer. We rarely ever make the bed.

coffee table

The current state of my coffee table – overloaded with little plants.

I went hog wild this weekend buying plants. I bought six, thinking 4 of them I’d take to the office. Now that might only be 3 going. I don’t think the Wandering Jew plant will like so much light in the office window, but the peace lily and other one should be fine.


I caved and bought the trendy indoor tree plant, aka, ficus lyrata. I went to my usual favorite-but-super-expensive fancy nursery and these were very expensive. Then I stopped at Home Depot later in the day and found this one for 1/3 of the price. Since I’ve no idea if I can keep it alive, I figured it was an ok investment. I did splurge on the fancy pot for it though.

gold dust plant

This Gold Dust Dracaena is also going to the office.

I spent a fair amount of time repotting my peace lily, golden pothos and other little plants. I had several cuttings from my hanging philodendron in a beer stein glass and finally potted them. Hopefully that will survive. I’ve heard going from water to soil can be a bit traumatic for some plants.

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