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Lots of “new” things have been happening. New higher management at work with new ideas and ideals for the company is causing havoc. Almost every department is getting revamped – so to speak – and lots of employees are being shuffled around and given new titles. A coworker said he felt like the company turned into a gigantic snow globe that’s been shook up and we’re waiting to see where the snow falls inside as to who will end up where and with what new name. Since it’s all the same employees, just being given the shuffle-around it’s more of a reboot to our system to see if this configuration will work.

I ended up with a new title and moving from the main building to the additional rental spaces in a nearby building. My lunchtime crew I always sit with were not happy and I repeatedly had to remind them I was only moving one building over – not moving across the country! I’m also now taking on the largest client account, which is good, but also slightly intimidating. My senior who used to handle the account is now going to a different department.

I’m still thinking of clothes and shoes I want to buy, but then reminding myself that technically, I don’t need them. I WANT them though. It’s been extremely eye-opening for me to do this ban. Many years ago when I was unemployed and didn’t buy anything for five years straight – even after I had a job – I never felt the pull to buy things like I do now. I’m not sure where this desire is coming from, but it’s a little frustrating to say the least. It’s making me re-evaluate everything I’ve bought in the past year and wondered: did I really just buy all of this because I can? It’s a little unsettling to think I’d let myself go like that mentally. It’s an entitlement attitude that I’m not comfortable admitting to myself, but then that in itself is my own ego talking.

1 thought on “Reboot”

  1. Oh my, it sounds like a dramatic reorganization at your workplace! In my industry, it’s somewhat unlikely for company/large law firm leadership to try to dramatically reorganize anything. (And if they tried it, it’s more likely than not that the people underneath them would just… continue doing things the way they always have. People are very set in their ways, and law firms are… very difficult to manage. And there isn’t very much of a formal leadership structure that affects the junior attorneys directly, we really only work with the people on our own teams for specific projects we’re on, and that’s all we deal with most of the time. Hard to explain, haha, because I think it sounds absurd to people from most other industries.)

    I’ve been thinking a lot about my approach to shopping this year. One thing that’s been sobering is that I’ve been trying to freecycle a few clothes (ones that I’ve had, but not worn, for years and that are still in quite good condition and some of which were fairly expensive), and it’s almost impossibly difficult, even when I’m only trying to give them away for free to people who live in the same city. So even if I’d already significantly curbed my shopping in the years since I started blogging, there’s still a lot of potential waste!


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