This outfit was inspired by Michelle, who wears many more light colored neutrals than I do. In fact, I’ve been a little surprised at my somewhat lack of black lately since that’s my neutral go-to color. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in a better mood? Or because it’s spring and we may have squeaked by this year without having snow storms up until April? Either way I’m starting to want a few lighter colors.

So of course I went overboard and did a full-on neutral monchrome-ish outfit. I didn’t feel weird in it either. In fact, it felt very comforting. Maybe because the material was all very soft. Z even said I looked very “linen-y”.

I think the nice weather has also made me want to do another purge and cleaning of my closet. Since I’ve been on my shopping ban I’ve really scrutinized my wardrobe and wondered what do I really wear and what is actually necessary? It seems a little ridiculous after all this time to still not entirely know what’s “me”, but I guess that just means I’m always in an ever-changing version of myself. What was ME last year isn’t the ME of this year or even the ME of last season apparently. This does pose problems because it’s not healthy to constantly revamp my wardrobe based on mood swings. I’m still staunchly in the shopping ban camp and will stick to it. Perhaps after a full year I might be able to better assess what I have and myself.


7 thoughts on “Neutral”

  1. The weather certainly had an effect on my shift to lighter colors. That oatmeal flax color looks great on you! I enjoy seeing you switch things up with the stuff you already own. Stay strong w/ the shopping ban!


  2. I love light neutrals! I have been favoring lighter colors with spring’s arrival, too. And I’m also not really interested in a ton of shopping, but feeling really challenged by my closet, my evolving preferences, and the sheer number of items I own right now.


    1. I’m in the same boat. I have a lot more clothes now because I bought so much last year and this shopping ban has really forced me to accept what I’ve bought and analyze it to death. I’m starting to see where I fell for something for the sake of having it versus what it would actually do for my wardrobe in general. Still, it’s challenging now that I have to deal with it and make it work.


    1. Thanks. It was very comfortable. My boss sorta made fun of me for how casually I was dressed. I may do that outfit many more times though due to how easy and comfortable it was. Plus, it’s good for warm weather, which is on the way.


  3. I like this outfit on you a lot!
    I am feeling a similar pull toward lighter colors. My go-to is light gray. Not much of that in my closet, which sends me out shopping. But I am trying to be okay with that because I figure this is going to complement my current mostly black wardrobe very nicely in the long term.


    1. I do think it’s the seasonal change that’s causing me to want to go lighter. I’m still not going to give in and buy anything though since no clothes shopping is my goal this year.


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