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Little plan(t)s

Tomorrow I head out for Vegas on a week long conference trip. Hopefully I’m better prepared this time in terms of wardrobe.

Aside from that, I wanted to show the new plants I’ve gotten over the past two weeks. I’m becoming slightly addicted to buying little plants. I’m afraid to buy big ones because I’m still not confident enough in my skills to make sure I can keep all of these alive. So it’s easier for me to start small because the plant is cheaper and a lower investment. That way if I do goof up and end up killing the plant for whatever reason, at least the money put into it was small and not a $100+ huge Ficus or something, which I’ve been very tempted to do in the past.

Anyway, I hope I can learn to get my little plants to grow big and then propagate them myself so I’m not spending any money – other than needs such as fertilizers and soils.

fox planter

Creeping wire vine with moss in a tiny fox container. I went bonkers for this little thing at the flower show. I kept circling the plant stand selling all sorts of plants and came back to this one over and over. I was also tempted by the same fox with tiny peperomia in it, but I already have a peperomia and wanted something different. I was smart enough to ask how to take care of this because there is no drainage hole in the bottom. It’s a very shallow container to boot. The woman told me they give these plants two tablespoons max of water every couple of days and that’s it. I’ve been doing so as well and so far so good.

I’ve been seeing creeping wire vines pop up a lot lately on plant sites in general so I’m guessing this is an up and coming trendy plant.




Calathea Freddie plant: I also bought this plant at the same stand as the little fox one. I’ve seen these plants a lot at various nurseries around me, from independents to Home Depot, so I’m guessing it’s a somewhat common plant and not too hard to take care of. The curled leaves in the center are new growth that’s started to pop up this week. I’m also hopefully I can take care of this one ok. It’s like to be damp, but not soaking.


Trendy plant alert: I drank the kool-aid and fell for this and bought it because I can. It’s the oh-so-hip Pilea peperomioides plant, aka Chinese money plant. I bought this at the garden museum this past weekend. They had a lot of these plants in stock, which surprised me because this is the only place I’ve ever seen them anywhere near me. Not even my go-to nursery 40 minutes away with the large ficus and fig trees I lust over has them and they tend to be aware of that’s popular.

Something makes me think peperomia plants in general are becoming more popular, but I’m not sure. I see them almost everywhere now. We’ll see how well I do with this one. I’m a little worried because this one needs a lot of indirect light and east coast winters are not known for being all that bright. The plant wasn’t cheap – although I think the shop’s prices were jacked up pretty high simply because they know people will pay at such a place. Other plants in the shop, which I’ve got at home, I noticed had eye-popping prices attached to them and I bought mine for 30% less elsewhere.

peperomia hope

Lastly, another peperomia. This tiny one was labeled “Peperomia Coin” although I keep seeing other names for it online when I was looking up care instructions. I’ve also seen Peperomia Hope or even “Trailing Jade”. I now have three plants from the “pepperoni” class as Z calls them.

I’m excited and terrified with new plants. I never know if what I’m doing is right or just dumb luck, so we’ll see.

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