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Last weekend was the flower show in the city. This weekend was the orchid festival at Longwood Gardens. Z and I are lucky to be near-ish to several amazing parks, garden centers, museums and arboretums. Longwood Gardens is well known for their seasonal displays. They always have something going on even though the rest of my family had been there many times, this was my first visit.

But before I post the length of three football fields worth of photos, I noticed I was running out of space on this site. I use and pay for the lowest tier to have more space for photos. I was nearly up on my space and knew I couldn’t post all the photos I want to here of the conservatory tour we took without deleting something from the site. I don’t want to upgrade to the “business” class, which I know I’ll never make full use of because I just need the space for media. I don’t care about SEO for this site or marketing at all. So I decided to delete older posts.

While I love looking back at older posts from bloggers I enjoy reading, I’m very non-committal about my own history. I don’t even know what number this site is in the history of my online presence, which has spanned well over twenty years. I’ve had many sites before and all with difference focuses. Right now, this is who I am and what I write about. I’ve never really looked back – not because I didn’t like what I wrote or posted before (although some of it can be very cringe-worthy), but rather, I know that my time being that person I was then is over and this is who I am now. To put a very eye-roll worthy catch phrase to it: a new chapter. Ok, that really made me mentally vomit because I hate phrases like that.

Anyway, I deleted old outfit posts to make room for the newer ones  – or anything else I want to post – like this onslaught of greenery and flowers. I focused this post on the textures and colors of all the different plants I saw around me. I also bought two to take home, but I’ll save new plant additions for another post. Click images for larger size than what’s on the blog.


2 thoughts on “Ephemeral”

    1. On older blogs it was mostly a mix of photography and every day life stuff. I took a lot of breakfast photos and even made a book on Blurb. I also posted a ton of nature photos from National and state parks I’ve been to.

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