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Saving and propagating


My string of pearls nearly died entirely. I don’t know what was going on with it, but I’m trying to save it now. I took what few strands were still good and put them in two little pots and put the pots in different rooms to see if they’d fare better in different areas. One of them clearly is doing better than the other, so I’m sorta figuring it out. Hopefully I can save the one in the photo above since that’s the one that’s doing better.


When we first moved into this house a friend gave me a succulent as a house warming gift. It was technically three succulents in one pot and since then it grew all over the place and looked kinda crazy. After reading a lot about propagating succulents I figured I’d try it out and so far it’s looking really good! I took this photo a couple weeks ago and the little leaflet thingies have gotten much bigger! The leaves are from the old plant and the little nubbins are the new growth. I let the leaves callous for several weeks and saw the roots come out and then I put them on top of the soil and gave it some water. The out of focus top part is from one of the original plants, which I let callous and root out as well before sticking it back in the soil to grow again.

I’m very tempted to do this now with my jade plant as well.

Has anyone propagated succulents before? I’m amazed it takes so long for things to happen like the callousing, but it is rather neat to see that it’s all working. Also, anyone have tips for string of pearls plants?

4 thoughts on “Saving and propagating”

  1. I cut some of my succulents in hopes of propagating them, but the rains came and turned them into mushy messes. It does take a super long time! I sometimes see propagators on my IG explore and their baby succulents are so cute.. I just don’t think it’s for me. Way too impatient 😛


    1. I kept thinking mine were going to die, but over a couple months I started to see the buds of new growth come on the leaves I plucked off my succulent. I water them a little now and they’re getting much bigger.


  2. I have been wanting a string of pearls plant for a long time. I will be watching to see if anyone had good advice about caring for it. I got a string of hearts a year back and it has been doing relatively well. It would have been great if the cat didn’t enjoy pulling at it, as if it’s a toy for his benefit.
    I am super excited that I found a purple shamrock (oxalis triangularis) plant this week, which has been on my wishlist for a long time. Those dark purple leaves look so pretty!


    1. I had to look up the purple shamrock plant. Those are so pretty!
      I’m lucky that my cats don’t really bother with the plants at all. Now I just need to take better care of them myself…


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