Shopping ban update

more stripes

So it’s almost March. How have I been doing with the shopping ban? Excellent, with one exception. On the business trip I was just on, I totally forgot to take my night shirt and didn’t have any sleeping clothes! Major smack to the forehead moment for me when I realized that in the hotel room. Luckily the hotel was connected to an enormous outlet mall. There was a Nordstrom Rack there and nothing really appealed to me. Plus, I didn’t want to spend a lot at all just for something to sleep in on a business trip. Z told me I should get a souvenir shirt, which made sense, but even those I found were very meh because New Orleans loves it’s glitter and rhinestones. I ended up buying a ridiculously ill fitted shirt because I was exhausted from looking for one in several shops on top of it being a travel day and booth set up. I was not in the slightest happy with my purchase, but it suited my needs. FYI – do you have any idea how difficult it is to find full cotton souvenir shirts?! I was flabbergasted by the amount of polyester ones in comparison, especially for women styles. The upside of this is I’m getting money back for it (expense reports) so even though I obtained a very mediocre piece of clothing, it didn’t cost me anything. Maybe I’ll use it as shoe polishing rag because I’ve been needing some.

I did buy a roller carry-on suitcase, which arrived today. That wasn’t too expensive either and it’s possible I might be able to expense that as well because I am using it for business purposes. Does buying stuff that isn’t clothes count? Considering my problem last year was buying too many clothes, I don’t think so. This is also a practical purchase.

The only other item of clothing I may be forced to buy very soon is a blazer to have another dress up option for conferences. I don’t care at all if I wear the same three or four outfits every single conference, but I do think I need to at least have those outfits to begin with and adding a blazer will help. I can pair it with different pant options, which is fine as long as I look the part I’m good. Uniqlo just came out with some new ones that I think will work out. It won’t break the budget, but it also won’t be a throw-away sort of item like the damn New Orleans tee. If I had more time to hunt for a nice blazer I’d of course search for an old Yohji Yamamoto one. It’s frustrating how I used to see them everywhere when I did clothing searches on several sites and now that I need one, I can’t find them at all. I did scour TRR briefly and wasn’t over pleased with the results nor the pricing.

I’m also in love with the new Rosen Medici Suit, but I don’t have time to order that custom sized and arrive in less than two weeks. The Turing Cutaway Suit is also gorgeous and I absolutely love how Rosen’s clothing line is unisex.

Aside from spending little amounts of money on business related things, there was also the vacation I mentioned, which is a huge chunk of change. The next big chunk came as a slap in the face – our taxes. Seriously, fuck the new tax laws. This is the first time we’ve ever owed and it’s 3K! WTF! So yeah…so much for saving money by not buying clothes. It’s all fucking taxes this year!


2 thoughts on “Shopping ban update”

  1. Taxes, ugh. I’m definitely going to owe, probably around $2k. In my case, unfortunately, it isn’t really a surprise. Before the new tax law passed, people had already warned that a lot of NYC attorneys would be paying more due to the changes to the State and Local Tax (“SALT”) deduction. I’m usually super-excited to do my taxes, but this year I’m putting it off as long as possible.

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