I mentioned a couple posts back that I spent my Yesstyle credit on skincare stuffs. Here is the haul.


I’ve used this Missha toner before and while I don’t think it’s necessary, it’s a nice luxury to have since I had the money “credit” to use for it. In the haul photo up top there is also a sample of the famous SK II, which the Missha Time Revolution is a well-known dupe for. Of course as soon as I get the SKII I see it’s about to expire so while I don’t expect it to be any different, nor do much else than the Missha product, at least I can finally say I’ve tried to see what the fuss is about.

TLDR: It’s all bullshit. Just a nice extra layer of lotion to pamper one’s self with – that goes for both products.


I’ve used the Dr. Jart Ceramidin lotion religiously and recently ran out. Since I knew I’d be getting a lot more stuff I opted to try the cream. It’s thick stuff and great for night time wear in the winter, but I felt greasy with it on during the day. I would definitely get it again just for using in the winter though.

Some By Mi – AHA-BHA-PHA thingie is new to me and I bought it on a whim since it had great reviews. So far it’s a tea-tree smelling version of Paula’s Choice stuff and seems to work in the same way. Granted, Paula probably wouldn’t recommend tea tree oil since it can be an irritant, but who knows if she’s changed her tune. I have noticed a slight tightness in my skin from using this, but it’s not doing any damage so no biggie. The Jart cream more than makes up for any extra moisturizing needed.


This was a free sample face mask and I’ve not tried it yet, but had to share because it amuses me greatly the kinds of products that can be found in Korean/Japanese skincare. I almost succumbed to the snail stuff, but decided against it.


I also received a lot of these samples. The description is of lemons and carbonated water and something about peeling away impurities. You put the goo on your face and make circular motions until the product “pills”. It’s a fancy exfoliator and while I was disappointed that it didn’t smell more like a lemon soda as it touts itself as, the product was so fun and highly amusing to use that I’m ok with it. A++ for being a skincare product that is most likely worthless but made my weekend mornings fun (that’s hard to do with skincare, let’s be honest) and doesn’t irritate my skin at all.

holy grail

My holy grail body moisturizer. When I say body, I mean WHOLE BODY. I’ve used this stuff on my face in winter. It work on elbows, my mild eczema, and heels as well. Apparently this product was made by a Japanese pharmacist in the ’60s and the formula of 5 ingredients hasn’t changed (much) since. It’s all glycerin and vitamin E and smells like old people (eucalyptus/medicinal), but I love it. It’s known as a “medical cream” in Japan. The US marketed version of this, which has been diluted into a lotion pump – that I also have – is called YuBe. I like the pump lotion but the real deal is in the pot of thick cream.

The Face Shop Rice Ceramid lotion in the haul photo is also a repeat. It’s a mix of hyaluronic and ceramid lotion combined and works well as a basic base layer for other thicker lotions. In the summer when I barely need any moisturizer at all I just use that lotion and put make up on over it.

4 thoughts on “Skincare”

  1. The older I get, the simpler and cheaper my skincare gets. I love my Yuskin. I might need a little more for my face during winter, but other than that it’s the best. I love that the smell goes away quickly.

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    1. Yuskin really is the best. I can’t count how many times I’ve tried other products, but always go back to it. Now, I don’t even bother with anything else because I know it’ll be a waste of money.

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  2. I used the Missha First Treatment Essence (“FTE”) for years and have… mixed feelings about it. I really did think it was the one item in what was then an extensive routine (more than ten steps each, morning and night, including face wash, sunscreen in the day, prescription Retin-A Micro at night, etc. – I use a far simpler routine now!) that gave my skin a certain “glow” that no other item did (by process of elimination based on times when I wasn’t using it). Except that the “glow” goes away completely as soon as I stop using it, and it also didn’t seem to have any clinically proven effects like salicylic acid, vitamin c, or what have you. Using other products with the same active ingredient sometimes didn’t work at all (the CosRx galactomyces product). And the Missha FTE is already quite expensive, before even thinking about the SK-II!


    1. Agreed. It’s definitely not a necessity, but it is a nice luxury to have so I splurged on it. The sample of SKII wasn’t too expensive and I don’t think Missha – in the grand scheme of skincare products – isn’t too bad price-wise, but could be a make or break for routines. I do also think that while using it that it does help, but of course the effects are as instantly lost when not in use.


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