It’s only Tuesday


These photos are a mix of last week and this one. I’ve been so busy that I come home and blink and then find myself at work again. I feel stressed and busy in stupid ways like I was this time last year. I’m seeing a trend now with this company on busy seasons.

The last photo was from today. We had a heatwave. It was 65F outside. I took a couple walks in between putting out fires at work.

One of the younger engineers always has a funny and apt way to describe just what I’m feeling at times. He’s a mousey kid and I want to put him in my pocket because he’s so little and cute, but he is also as he says, “full of piss and vinegar”. Everything that comes out of his mouth – while being true – is also very snarky. One day last week he said he felt like lunch time was the only part of the day where he wasn’t vaguely aware of having been punched in the face (meaning with work/problems/issues/etc..) and I totally understood where he was coming from. Today he said [his coworker/mentor] said the meanest thing to him today that he’s ever heard since he started working there: It’s only Tuesday.

At one point today I was letting the admin know what was going on. She checks on me to make sure I’m ok. She’s been a great support for me emotionally at work and can see when I’m driving myself crazy and tries to “check in” with me. I was telling her about a completely ridiculous situation and I said, “I’ve been dealing with this since….. wait…. today is only Tuesday?”

When I got home Z was already home and washing his car in what tiny bit of light was left outside. The auto-wash place he tried to go to over the weekend had a line of cars and an hour long wait. 60F on a Tuesday in February is quite a luxury for east coasters, so he took advantage of it. He also mentioned how today felt like Thursday when he woke up and was so disappointed to realize it was only Tuesday when he got to work.

I made an appointment with a physical therapist for Friday to deal with my back and leg issues. I then checked in with my boss that it would be ok to work from home on Friday since the appointment is at 11 am. Barring the building not burning down, I should be able to, but considering the fires I was putting out today… TBD.

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