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I used to use Flickr a lot many years ago when I photographed regularly. I had several online “friends” there and we’d always comment on each other’s works. One of those friends took amazing nature photos along with his twin boys, who he called Thing 1 and Thing 2. His nature photos always captivated me because he loved getting the minutia of a single leaf or stem and always against a beautiful backdrop of bokeh (background blurriness). The lighting was also amazing. He tagged these photos as “naturey-shit”, which always cracked me up. The near abstract way in which he took those photos made him come up with the title.

This post is a little more straight forward photo-wise than his, but I still think it’s funny how so many get so much pleasure out of basic (or abstract or other…) photos of plants and nature in general.

Z plant

Z plant – I was in Lowe’s last weekend and browsing plants. I had this one in my hands and a woman walked up saying, “Oh a Z plant!” She told me they were super easy to take care and if I have a tendency to neglect plants then this one will thrive. I wasn’t quite sure how to take the last bit, but smiled anyway. I went home and looked it up. Sure enough, this plant used to be very common in business buildings and shopping malls because it looks plastic and can basically survive without light and water for a very long time.

green philo

Green Philodendron – I also bought this plant last weekend with the Z plant. I wanted to hang a plant in my office. Considering these don’t need too much light and can go without water for a while I won’t have to bother taking it down too much until warmer weather comes back.

pearl and jade

Pearl and Jade ivy – I love the mix of green and white on the leaves. I got this plant a while back and it’s still hanging on. I can’t say as much for my neon pathos though – I think I over watered it. *frowny face*

rex begonia

Rex Begonia (Black Mamba) – I have no idea how I’ve managed to keep this one alive. The dry air has taken a toll on the leaves, which is why it looks scratched. This plant prefers more humid climes but our house gets incredibly dry. I’ve been trying to keep it humid with water bowls, letting the electric kettle run the full half hour, opening the bathroom door during showers, etc… but it’s not enough. We are looking into getting a humidifier now for the house to attach to the HVAAC system. Anyway, I’be been lucky with this plant so far and I’mg and of that because I love the green velvety leaves.

Also, the mask I mentioned getting a few posts back – that’s it next to the plant. My MIL got it for me for Xmas. Whenever I have weird stuff on my Amazon wishlist she will definitely get it. Not necessarily because she thinks it’s funny, but simply because it’s on my list – period. When I opened the bag that had the mask in it, she flat out asked: What is that thing, anyway? She drives me crazy most of the time, but then she does funny and endearing things like this as well.

philo hairy monster mess

Philodendron – I don’ know what variegation this one is, but i know it has one due to the yellow that shows up in the middle of the leaves. I just call this the Philo Monster because it looks like a big hairy mess of a creature.

japanese aralia

Japanese Aralia – This sits below Philo Monster. I love this plant. I want ten more of them to put around the house. It’s super easy to take care of and the big leaves are beautiful. I do go around wiping the leaves of my plants to get dust off them and I like cleaning this one the most.


Pepperomia – There are 4 plants on the coffee table, but the focus is on the pepperomia. I’m really surprised I’ve managed to keep this alive as well. It’s related to succulents and I have a hard time keeping succulents alive. My string of pearls is nearly all dead and the Elephant Bush behind the pepperomia is almost done as well. The other two in the background are a jade plant and Schefflera. I thought for sure the Schefflera would die, but it’s held on pretty well. I think I finally got a handle on how it likes to be watered.

That’s one thing about plants I’ve had the most issues with. Each plant is like a person – it only likes what it likes and you can’t change that or it’ll get unhappy with you. Despite what every professional plant enthusiast says about watering, some plants will always break the mold or have different requirements based on where it is. Even though Jade plants fall in the succulent category, I have to water mine once a week at least, even in winter.

peace lily

Peace Lily – This used to have the white leaves with the little fuzzy flowers inside, but those died off because this room does not get enough light. I’m ok with that though, I like the deep green leaves alone.

golden pothos

Pothos – I don’t know the variegation of this one either – golden maybe? This was one of the first plants I got when I decided I wanted to try keeping plants again and it’s still going strong. I put this plant in the bath tub and use the over head shower (hand held) to rain shower/ water it.

long philo

Green Philodendron – Another Philo because I love the heart shaped leaves and how easy it is to take care of these plants. This one isn’t as deep green as the one I just got for my study, but I love the long tendrils coming off it.

small philo

Green Philodendron – And another one at my bedside. I got this one at the same time as the Pothos and it has grown a lot. I might trim it back to keep it on the small side for the nightstand, or maybe train the ends to drape off the edge. This one also gets a rain shower in the tub. There have been days when I’ll put those two plants in the tub (maybe also the Peace Lily), watered them, and then forgotten about them. I only remember when Z goes into the shower at night and the plants scare the crap out of him because he’s not prepared for seeing things in the tub before he gets in it. He then yells for me to get the plants out. Whoops.

bedroom corner

There are several other little plants I have that haven’t been included in this post. Some are dying and some I’m trying to propagate. Z makes fun of me now for always wanting to look at plants and add more when I can’t take care of what I have currently. I’m still trying to figure out what will best work for the space I have. I’ve realized that some succulents don’t like the extreme temperatures of our house so I’ll have to give up on keeping them. Big, leafy plants tend to do well and I’m fairly good with ivy. I may not have the beautiful plant variety in our house that I’d like to have and say I can take care of, but I’d rather have plants that live than try to keep some for the sake of having that particular popular plant. (Note: This of course will not deter me from trying to keep them – initially. I am Captain Stubborn after all.)


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