Things I will not buy (but really want)

In an attempt to prepare myself for my shopping ban I thought I’d get make a list of items that keep rotating in my head that I want/need NOW, but don’t really. It’ll be a post to reflect back on later to see if I still feel the same way.


1. 100% cotton jeans. I’d like a loose fit style like because I’m sick of jeans hugging my hips to the point of annoyance. I want them to fit like my loose pants.

Reason why I will not buy it: I rarely wear jeans nowadays and figured I should just wear out the ones I have now. They function just fine and although they are more fitted of a style than what I prefer now, there’s nothing wrong with them. These jeans are just an example of what I’d like and not the exact item. There are too many jeans to choose from should I break down to get some later. That’s the main point – I can always get them later. Jeans are everywhere in every style now.

linen pant

2. Linen pant from Knock Knock linen: I’d like another linen pant in general. I would not get this color per se though. I’d probably go with more of a darker tan color in heavy-weight linen. This pant has been in their shop for ages so even if I go on a ban for a while, it’s not as if this is going to disappear.

Reason why I will not buy it: Again, I already have a linen pant. I don’t need another right now.

linen shirt

3. Linen shirt:  I already have this shirt from Knock Knock Linen in oatmeal, but I really want the forest green color. I’d also get this in an extra small to be more fitted.

Reason why I will not buy it: I already have one and I’m trying to keep myself from buying two of something. I used to always buy two of everything I really liked, but only ended up wearing one of the two. This shirt has also been in their shop for ages so it’s no big deal to wait.

beige shoes

4. Beige/light colored shoes – preferably laced oxfords of some sort: I tried on these shoes over the summer, but returned them because they were too small. I’ve been obsessed with getting a light colored pair of oxfords since. I particularly like this suede kind from Moma.

Reason why I will not buy it: They don’t have my size (but there will most likely be new styles coming out similar to this that will have my size at a later time). However, I rarely wear light colored shoes. I’m not sure where my obsession is coming from with having a pair of light shoes. I do have the grey Allbirds, but they are my fugly, slip-on shoes.


1 thought on “Things I will not buy (but really want)”

  1. I just bought some loose jeans today because I was suddenly sick of wearing tight jeans.

    I like the ones you found!

    Happy new year! I hope 2019 is a good year for you.


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