Outfits – defining business casual

Sometimes I look at what I wear to the office and wonder: Does this really qualify as business casual? Most people wear jeans where I work and some sort of nice shirt (more so for the women – most of the men just throw on company tees and call it a day). The managers generally wear some sort of casual pant with a shirt, but not even the shirts are dress shirts. Apparently wearing anything with the company logo is fine. Since I am associated with the sales department I take my cue more from my boss who always wears the same sort of pants and a dress shirt except Fridays. The kind of pants he wears are clearly the easy wash and go kind that don’t really need to be ironed. The fabric looks to be some sort of tech wear, but shaped in a way to be formal when necessary. They remind me of the pants I see on professional golfers on tv. He and the other directors are the only ones who look truly business casual – in the traditional sense of the word. Pants, dress shirts, sweaters layers over dress shirts and some sort of dress shoes are usually on all of the directors.

So now we are in the age of no-iron easy throw on and off fabrics that can still be dressed up or down, how much of that is considered “business” or “casual”? Or am I overthinking it and should just wear whatever I want?

I was sent to a client location this week, but other than scheduled client visits, I really don’t need to be as dressed up. So I guess the question now is, does it help me to be dressed up more while at work? Granted, I’ve heard a few people say no one could ever find fault with the way I dress because I always look appropriate. So, despite having the ability to dress down more than I do – should I for the sake of keeping up the appearance that I currently have going on and ultimately – is that doing me any favors for my job in general?

This week’s outfits:

half dayspeckledwoolycasual layersblurry

This might be my only post this week. My mom’s sentencing is Wednesday and then we off to Florida Thursday through Christmas. I may not post again until the new year at this point. If so, I hope all of you have a happy and safe holiday season.

2 thoughts on “Outfits – defining business casual”

  1. The standards of business casual are definitely something I think about a lot! Given that I have so few years of experience so far, and am generally always one of the most junior attorneys anywhere I work, I get a little anxious about whether I’m interpreting dress codes correctly, or whether the way I dress (almost always on the more casual side of what’s allowed) may undermine me in some way. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t, that nobody actually cares as long as one is dressed appropriately, but who really knows. (In general, I do like the trend towards easily machine-washed, no-iron, stretchy-waist, more casual fabric items that masquerade as business wear-looking clothes.)

    Hoping for the best possible outcome for the sentencing, and best wishes for the holidays after.


  2. Happy holidays to you too and wishing very hard that the sentencing goes the way you want it.
    As for dressing up or down, I like myself better when I dress up and I like dress up clothes much more than super casual ones, although mixing the two can be fun too. I think you’re lucky you have the option to dress down and you can at this point just please yourself, since it can’t hurt your job one way or another.


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